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Fekkai Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip 6oz

Full Blown Volume Styling Whip view larger Experience a new height of styling with Full Blown Volume Styling Whip. Its formula effortlessly lifts hair from root to tip. Fine and limp hair is invigorated with volume Infused with citrus extract and ginseng Scented by mint and fruits The Full Blown Volume collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Lightweight Foam Conditioner, and Styling Whip. Tip from the Frédéric Fekkai Salon For extreme lift, part hair and apply product to the roots only. Do not apply through hair. Use after Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Full Blown Volume Conditioner of your choice for extreme volumizing effects. Full Blown Volume Collection view larger Full Blown Volume Collection Because lift can never be too lush, there is the Fekkai Full Blown Volume Collection. Full Blown Volume Shampoo, Full Blown Volume Conditioner, Full Blown Volume Lightweight Foam Conditioner, and Full Blown Volume Styling Whip fulfill every strand with volume. Each formula is masterfully crafted specifically for the unique needs of fine, limp hair. view larger Fekkai Hair Care The hair collection from Fekkai is an offering of absolute indulgences that are utterly addicting. Masterfully crafted by brand founder Frédéric Fekkai, who has been styling the world’s most famous hair for over two decades. Through the 5F Principle: Form, Feel, Function, Fragrance and Finish, decadent textures, lush scents and exquisite ingredients unite to deliver an extraordinary hair experience. Fekkai, the most privileged hair in the world. Fekkai Formulas At a Glance view larger view larger view larger view larger Brilliant Glossing Because shine can never be too brilliant Nurture dull hair to lustrous radiance. Infused with olive oil. Technician Color Care Because color can never be too captivating Awaken color treated hair’s radiance and shine. Infused with the oil of pure grapeseed. Full Blown Volume Because lift can never be too lush Fulfill fine, limp hair with luxurious body. Infused with citrus extract and ginseng. PrX Reparatives Because strength can never be too glorious Fortify weakened hair to resist future damage. Infused with argan oil extract. view larger view larger view larger Essential Shea Because hair can never be too rich Smooth coarse, dry hair to fluidity. Infused with pure shea butter. Apple Cider Because clean can never be too pristine Deeply cleans overworked hair for a new beginning. Infused with apple cider. Styling Because effortless style can’t exist without flawless expertise Masterful formulas for a luxurious, modern look. Scented by petals and florals.

Key features

  • Infused with Citrus extract and Ginseng.
  • Scented by mint and fruits.
  • Boost volume effortlessly from root to tip.
  • Luxurious body that lasts all day.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: For extreme volume, focus styling whip to the root area only.
  • Experience a new height of styling with Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip. An air foam souffle that effortlessly lifts hair from root to tip.
  • Fine, limp hair is invigorated with volume.

Honest reviews


Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip

After washing my hair tis week I used the most amazing styling whip I have ever used…of course I don’t recall using a ‘whip’ before but that is what this one is called…it has a clean healthy fragrance and works right into the hair strands. No more frizzes in this hot humid weather at the lake. My hair looks finished and refined without heating combs or brushes…I will be using this many times for sure and recommending to others also. My ‘whip’ came from amazon and you can get yours there…order right away so you won’t have frizzes this summer.

Caitlin Mossy Head, FL

Great product

This is a great styling whip. It’s just firm enough, and works great. Delivers good volume without weighing hair down. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Florine Perkiomenville, PA

Soft & Smooth

I’ve tried one other Fekkai hair product. Frankly I don’t see why the extra cost of this hair care line, especially since it’s distributed by Procter & Gamble and made in the USA, who make many household products, including hair care products, most are about half the cost of this Fekkai line. I don’t see that this line leaves my hair feeling or looking any better than their more mainstream hair care products that work just as well.This Fekkai Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip, they suggest just applying it at the roots if you need volume, which I don’t.I did as they suggested and shook well, and dispensed a palm size amount and worked it through my damp hair, but I avoided the roots. I just shampooed my hair, then applied this styling whip. It got rid of most of the tangles, but it does leave a sticky/tacky feeling on your hands. The scent is kind of citrusy/ mint, but it’s ginseng.I could see charging more money if this hair care line was imported, but it’s made in the USA.I already have a lot of hair, so I didn’t need to use this for volume, especially when I first wash my hair, I really have plenty of volume!

Melody Topping, VA

Good light airy foam, wonderful smell and keeps a lift even in heat.

Very nice, has a wonderful scent. Light airy foam that applies easily and as the directions on the bottle state, if you apply directly to the root of the hair you get a better lift. I tried this and it is much better than applying the product directly to hair.It give a good boost with out a stiff feeling. Easy to style and keeps a good lift though the day and heat that we have here in the dep south.A big plus! I like this product will for certain get another after this is used up.

Robyn Huron, CA

It’s a foam that adds volume and body

I followed the directions and sprayed a palm sized glob into my hand and worked it into my damp hair before blow drying. While my hair did not have a dramatic increase in volume, it was a little more full and had a bit of extra hold. It felt dry also so as usual I applied some Argan Oil to my hair also. The results were pretty nice.This is simply a mousse and not the best one I’ve ever used nor the worst. There are better ones out there for hold. The amount of volume is noticeable this adds but it’s not as full as other volume mousses I’ve tried. This has a pleasant herbal scent when it first comes out of the can which immediately fades away.I do like this a lot for the bit of volume and bit of hold this gives and it’s really all my hair needs. It’s not for super thin or fine hair as it doesn’t increase volume that much but for my medium thick hair it’s excellent.

Lois Fordyce, AR

Southern Girl Gets Her Big Hair On

I have long straight fine hair. Usually don’t do much with it, but now and then I need to glam up. So I get out the big big velcro rollers and up she goes. No curl, just a lot of body and that big hair look. Since it’s such a bother I was thinking about getting a styling gel to help the hold last longer. So I tried out the new styling mousse by Fekkai.It is a light non sticky mousse and it is easy to pump a small amount out of the can so you don’t waste any. The fragrance is a light fruity mint, the scent will not last on your hair, but it is pleasant while you are applying it. I applied just a bit evenly to the crown of my hair where I wanted the volume. Went out to the garden to pick beans and it was dry in no time.To make sure my hair wasn’t weighed down with product, I skipped conditioner after shampooing and used a light spray of de-tangler instead. Combed out hair and when slightly damp applied the mousse.Worked very well. Next morning still looking good. You’re not going to get a stiff hold here, but a soft natural volume which was just what I wanted.I think this would work even better for short layered cuts. Very nice product.

Maritza Northeast Harbor, ME

So disappointed b/c I adore Fekkai products

First time giving anything by Fekkai a bad review and I cannot believe that I am actually. This Aerosol Styling Whip from Fekkai should be light and airy and it is when in your hand. The moment you put it in your hair and then blow dry it, it weighs down your hair. I cannot believe it since I love Fekkai shampoo. Both my daughter and I have brownish thick wavy hair and a little product goes a long way. So when I saw this styling whip (which means it is suppose to be extra light on my scalp of thick hair) … I was so excited to try it. Such a disappointment. I tried different amounts thinking maybe I was using too much, but followed the directions on the back of the can before experimenting myself with it. Nothing has worked so far.

Melva Jolo, WV

… the tiniest amount of mousse to boost up my fine hair around the hairline and bangs

I use the tiniest amount of mousse to boost up my fine hair around the hairline and bangs.This is a great mousse for the above issues. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the strange (and common) scent that has nothing to do with what it’s TRYING to smell like. For some reason, aerosol based products have a weird "after-scent" that just, well, smells like the container.A little goes a long way, as I’ve found with other Fekkai hair products so use sparingly, unless you’re going to an 80s themed party.

Nichole Elgin, MN

Just love Fekkai Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip

This item was given to me for my review.Just love Fekkai Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip. It’s one of the few mousses that works on my fine hair giving me both volume and shine. I find most styling products like this have a tendency to dry my hair out, but not this one, so far. It has a light lemon/citrus/ginseng scent, that is not overwhelming. This is not a product or line of products I am real familiar with, but this particular product is very nice.

Gloria Peck, MI

Fekkai’s Styling Whip smells amazing, a unique salon scent of citrus and mint

Fekkai’s Styling Whip smells amazing, a unique salon scent of citrus and mint. That’s pretty much where it differs from a product that costs $13.00 less. I used it a few times and got a decent style but nothing to write home, or to you, about. It’s light and doesn’t weigh hair down and will give you some lift if you apply it to the roots. It loses a star for the ridiculous price. This is not a miracle worker, at all.

Madelyn Marshall, OK

I Really Wanted To Like This

HAIR TYPE: Medium long layered baby fine hair.I have been using Fekkai Hair Spray for quite a few years and have been increasingly disappointed in the way that it has decreased in effectiveness. I was about ready to give up when I found that it has actually improved in my most recent can again which I was asked to test and review. That was a pleasant surprise for me!With this improvement in the hair spray, I thought perhaps that the Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip would work well hand in hand with it.My first trial runs with it were with the Fekkai hair spray. Together, they worked well. My hair gained a lot of volume and I was able to go for three or even four days without washing and only wetting to re-form my hair.When used alone, however, I found that it did almost nothing to hold my hair up. I used it in a variety of ways. I used at roots only. I used through my hair. I used a little. I used a lot. I scrunched. I fluffed. I styled in a variety of ways.I really did not see good performance out of this mousse like I expected on its own. My style pretty much fell apart within an hour or two of using it.The fragrances is lovely, however, and together with the hair spray, it does seem to work well.I have found after testing this Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip that I still prefer the TIGI Foxy Curls Mousse hands down. It seems to support wave, curl, volume and style better, even when used with the hair spray or alone.I am giving this three stars because I do get good performance out of it with the Fekkai hair spray. Alone, however, I would have to say two stars max. For the price, I expected a bit better performance out of it on its own.

Lauren Malmo, NE

Makes My Hair Look Full and Sexy

I have been using this product for three days. My hair is straight and relatively plentiful, but the real issue is that I normally don’t get much lift or volume with my current product unless I also use a paste product.Despite my skepticism about products that promise a lot, this ‘whip’ has delivered when it comes to my hair. I applied this as suggested by parting my hair at the roots and distributing the product at the roots only. My hair (came out after blow drying at the lowest temperature possible) looking very full and thick. This whip has a nice scent and is not sticky when used judiciously. I definitely plan to buy this.

Reba Newburg, PA

I really liked it!

I like this styling whip. I really thought it was mousse. I tried it out by only applying to my bangs. I straightened them with the flat iron. I have curly hair which tends to get frizzy in humid weather. My bangs were the only part of my hair that didn’t frizz up! It really worked well. I’m not sure about using it all over because of the smell. I am allergic to fragrances and this definitely has one. I’m afraid it would bother my scalp if I used it all over. But, it had no affect on me just using it on my bangs. It performs very well in humidity. I love it!

Bobbie Bicknell, UT

Smells Divine, But You Need to Blow Dry Your Hair (or Style it In Some Way)

This is a great product for those who will blow dry their hair after application–it smells divine and is very light. But it’s a styling whip–if you’re not going to style, what’s the point? It adds volume, doesn’t leave a trace of stickiness in your hair, and is a wonderful product if you use it for its divine purpose.Of course, you also need to wash your hands after using it, as it does leave some stickiness on your palms. But what styling whip wouldn’t?

Lenora Kirksey, KY

I’m Impressed!

I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine and tends to wilt. I’ve used a Paul Mitchell mousse for years with good results, then for the past year have bumped it up to a gel with great results. But a gel can feel like a lot of “product,” so I was interested to see if this volumizing mousse would get me back to a lighter effect.It comes out of the canister as luxuriantly creamy foam, then collapses instantly between my hands to a film that initially seemed to make no difference in the texture of my wet hair. But as I blew it dry, it developed noticeable body. It felt soft and luxurious when I took sections to use with a curling iron. When I brushed it to smooth it into a style, there was a slight drag that felt like ultra-thick hair. Wow! And there’s zero flaking. I was so impressed that I bought a little 2-oz travel size of the volumizing shampoo to pair with the mousse, and the two together seemed somehow to lift my hair and make it dry faster.This is the best mousse I’ve ever used. My only waver is that it *is* a mousse, and doesn’t have the staying power of a gel, especially in heat and humidity. But I’m very impressed, and even if I use a gel this summer, I’ll look forward to this product again in the fall.

Jennie Dana, IN

Not Giving Up My Regular Mousse

My hair is fairly short, primarily grey, thin and fine, mostly straight, and limp. I do not like to spend a lot of time on my hair, nor do I expect miracles from hair products, only some slight improvement. For two weeks, I used three Fekkai full blown volume products together, the shampoo, conditioner, and aerosol styling whip, and no other products. I have no allegiances to shampoo or conditioner, but I have used the Paul Mitchell extra-body sculpting foam for over 15 years.I used about a half of a palm sized amount of mousse because my hair is pretty short. For me personally, the smell of the Fekkai foam is a little too light, and my hair seems to stay wet longer. Fekkai’s lighter touch does give my hair more softness and shine than the Paul Mitchell sculpting foam does. Another point in Fekkai’s favor is that my hair does not get oily as quickly as it does with the Paul Mitchell. However, I still prefer the Paul Mitchell mousse because there is much more body and fullness and less frizz in my hair versus the Fekkai. Then there is the price. Even on sale for 6 ounces at $13.67, the Fekkai foam is still more expensive than Paul Mitchell at $10.99 for 6.7 ounces without providing what I personally am looking for in a foam mousse.

Patrica Flinton, PA

Nice fresh scent –

hair length: below shoulderstype: baby fineI like the light fresh scent of this product the most – and it did leave my hair feeling/looking a bit fuller. It didn’t make my hair frizzy or frazzled as some products can for my baby fine hair, but left it nice and soft. The cost of the product is a little high, but when compared to some other products I use, it’s not out of line (and Fekkai does tend to be a little more pricey than the run-of-the-mill drugstore brands). I don’t mind spending more to get more, however.After shampooing my hair, I put a golf-ball sized amount in my palm and worked it through at the roots – it specifically advises not to pull it through all the hair, which the first couple of times, I did. When I used it as the directions stated, I achieved better results. My hair was shiny, soft, with a little more fullness, and it smelled great.I’d consider this product again.

Doris Herron, MI

Not for fine hair

This didn’t work so well in my hair. The product smells amazing and it is lightweight. It made my hair sticky. Not the good kind of sticky but the kind of sticky that looks greasy. I didn’t get volume either. I even use a blow dryer and followed all instructions. Might try it again, but not a big fan. I was hoping it would work as well as foamoliant.

Gretchen Rodeo, NM

Lightweight mousse gives subtle volume and control

This styling mousse adds a touch of volume and control to my fine, color-treated hair. I’d recommend applying about a golf-ball size amount to the root area only before blow drying. When you first dispense the product there’s a strong grapefruit scent, but that dissipates once your hair is dry.The volumizing effect of this mousse is subtle, so if you’re looking for mega-body this might not be the product for you. I like the fact that it’s lightweight and does not leave my hair with a sticky feeling, and as an added bonus it seems to help keep the frizzies under control on humid days. Recommended.

Ashley Clam Gulch, AK

Leaves my 2C waves soft and frizz-free

I have fine, 2C wavy hair that reaches to about my waist when stretched out, and I love mousses for their volumizing properties. I’ve also been losing some hair lately due to stress, and so am always on the lookout for products that help create more “oomph.” This definitely fits the bill!I used this for the first time yesterday, and it created soft, voluminous waves that weren’t crunchy or sticky in any way. I applied it in the shower to soaking wet hair (it took about four palmfuls to cover my hair), and then scrunched it in. I clipped up my roots and let my hair air dry for two hours before I diffused it a bit. It created excellent volume and soft spirals — with no frizz.Mousse can sometimes make your hair stringy the second day, but when I woke up this morning, I had the same definition and volume. I spritzed my hair with a little water to revive the waves, and was impressed at how full it still looked.Since mousse can be drying, I did use a leave-in conditioner underneath this, and would recommend not using it more than once or twice a week. That being said, this seems more moisturizing than other mousses I use (such as Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock and Sauve Captivating Curls). It also has a nice fragrance that doesn’t linger too long.It’s an expensive product (hence the reason for four stars instead of five), but it’s a nice product that will leave your hair nice and full.

Eunice Lockport, KY

Gives my short, fine hair lots of volume

The Fekkai Aerosol Styling Whip is applied similar to styling mousse. I used a small amount, about the size of a golf ball, and worked it evenly through my hair. I then dried it with the blow drier and finished off any unruly ends with a flatiron.I have been using this for a few weeks and am pleased with the results. It is much better than using a leave-in conditioner, and works as well as the similarly priced mousse I had been using. My short, fine hair has more volume without being sticky or greasy and it still looks good the next day. Plus, it has a nice scent.

Margarita Mystic, CT

Great voluminizer!

The Fekkai Full Blown Volume Aerosol Styling Whip has the same smell as the other products – which is AMAZING. A subtle mint and soft citrus make for a gentle smell that doesn’t overwhelm you or smell like chemicals.I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the whip after I dispensed it in my hand. This doesn’t break apart like other mousse type products. It maintains it’s texture and so a little bit goes a long way!I have used this on wet hair and left it to air dry for a natural wave. It wasn’t crunchy and it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy (even the next morning!). I’ve also used this product and blow dried my hair. There was no residue and it clearly made a difference in the volume of my hair.

Jane Rough And Ready, CA

Does Not Do Much For Me

Smells as nice as the Full Blown Shampoo but when I used this with the shampoo, I expected to see some results and I didn’t. There was no extra volume. My hair just smelled nice. My hair was NOT easier to style/work with. Not at all. Quite the opposite, actually. I’m not sure I’ll use this again. I also had some flakes/irritation.

Letha Boulder Junction, WI

amazing stuff

I have tried several combinations of shampoo and conditions, always trying to replicate what my hairdresser does. I was up to 5 products to get my hair to look decent. I have been using the Fekkai shampoo, condition and mousse now for a week and love that it does everything in very few steps. I get a salon quality finish with a wonderful scent. The mousse comes out through a nozzle and a little can go a long way. My biggest issue is that the mousse comes out rapidly with just a quick touch. You only need a palm size pouf (even less would work) for my shoulder length hair. I have highlighted / low lighted hair and have found no downgrade to my color.

Gabrielle Suitland, MD

Love this styling whip

I have always been a fan of Fekkai products and this styling whip just reconfirms my opinion. This mousse gives great body. I have medium length hair and noticed how much more volume I had at the roots. This has a wonderful smell and I could really tell the difference between this and another mousse I was using for volume. This wins hands down.

Selena Judson, TX

Love,love, love this lightweight, non-sticky Styling Whip…..would give it 10 stars

I have waited a loooong time for this product. I love this lightweight volume styling whip and would give it 10 stars if not for the price. It does it’s job beautifully, lots of volume without any nasty residue. It has a pleasant light citrus scent and does not interfere with your perfume.

Patrice Fremont Center, NY

I have very fine hair, and in particular a cowlick that makes …

This was just OK for me, especially factoring in the price point on the Amazon page. I have very fine hair, and in particular a cowlick that makes my bangs want to part where I don’t want them to part. They are very tricky to get right, and need a good mousse and some judicious blow-drying to get them to do what I want them to do. Usually I buy the cheaper drug-store brands with good success, so I was surprised that this product didn’t stand up to them (or my bangs) as well as I would expect for a higher priced product. I did like the scent, not too strong and it didn’t linger.

Susanna Coldwater, KS

Great for thin fine hair

This is what we used to call mousse back in the 80’s. It is a foam that you work into wet hair to add body. It is light and does not weigh hair down. This would be the perfect product for fine or thin hair to give it more body and manageability. It does not have any strong scent and does not leave any residue, so you don’t feel like you have any product in your hair, other than it holds the style better and has more fluff. I don’t think it is strong enough for thick or frizzy hair. My hair is wavy and it tends to get frizzy and this product was a bit too light for me. I like a thicker product like a gel. I let my friend who has straight, fine hair try it and it worked well for her, since that type of hair often can’t handle a heavier product. If you have fine limp hair, I bet you will like this product. Give it a try!

Nettie Hanna City, IL

Product smelled great – Performance was average at best

The smell is amazing, very fresh, light with a hint of citrus.I liked the product overall. It did not leave my hair heavy and It did add some volume to my hair.I thought I had to really do a full blowout to get it light and fluffy. Simply doing a basic blow-dry with no round brush, I did not see any volume in my hair after applying solely to my roots as instructed.Application: Part hair and then draw a line with the product on my root-line and gently rub in. I had to really work my round barrel brush in and blow-dry in an upwards fashion. I did help give me the lift I wanted and did stay in for a good amount of the day.But it wasn’t amazing…For the price I could go with a drugstore brand and get the same experience. I would repurchase this only for the smell…

Inez Mabscott, WV

Great mousse, a little pricey

This mousse is amazing. It’s extremely easy to use–I usually work a bit into my hair after showering and then blow dry it to start styling. It definitely gives my hair a lot of volume and smells delicious! But would I pay they $20 retail for it again? Probably not.

Letha Mouth Of Wilson, VA