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Fekkai Essential Shea Butter Pot De Creme 5.2 oz Tame & Style Cream

Essential Shea Pot de Crème. Shea Butter. Shea Hair Cream. Tame and Style.

Key features

  • Infused with pure Shea Butter.
  • Shea hair cream scented by jasmine and exotic florals.
  • This moisturizing styling crème tames and softens with rich lushness and flexible hold.
  • Shea hair cream smoothes coarse hair to stunning fluidity.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: Add a touch of Pot de Crème to your hair throughout the day to hydrate your curly or straight style.

Honest reviews


Fast and easy solution to get the look you want

Using Fekkai’s Essential Shea after showering has been very beneficial to me. Massaging the Shea into my hair and scalp has been helpful controlling dryness while making it very easy to style.One of the reasons I trued Fekkai is because it works with curly hair. I have found it to be fast and easy to apply the Shea, untangle a bit and then let air dry. Fekkai locks in the look I want all day long – for the office and after hours. Perfect!I highly recommend Fekkai’s Essential Shea to everyone.

Briana Dover, NC

Wife loves it!

I admit to not putting much of this “Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Crème” in my own hair. It’s a little too fancy for me. By my wife, with her long flowing Asian hair that hangs down her back, loves this. A lot.Her hair is thick and strong, and we live in a high humidity area, but she loves how this crème keeps her hair silky and smooth. I like it too. It really is noticeable, in the shine of her hair. It has a nice, subtle scent. Nothing brilliant but not too bad either. Even with her extremely long hair she says she doesn’t need to use too much of this to get the desired effect.And she has already told me that we are buying some more when this one runs out. Can’t ask for a better endorsement than that!

Amelia Ridgedale, MO

Completes the collection

My long straight fine hair has plenty of frizz in this Florida humidity. I used this after using the Fekkai essential shea shampoo and conditioner. After applying a tiny amount after the shower and letting it air dry, it was even more soft and I didn’t think that was possible. It did very well taming the frizz and helped make brushing a lot easier. I also blow dried my hair after using and it was so much better than not using it. It’s very thick and creamy and although I’m not crazy about the scent it’s not too strong and it didn’t weigh my hair down. Although it’s very thick it does absorb very quickly. A tiny amount is key.

Dina Conway, PA


I have a hair product fetish. If its new, I must try!I have used a lot of Fekkai products and this one is in my top three. Shea Pot De Creme smells like jasmine and creme. A nickel sized dollop was all I needed, rub through my hair (which is very thin) and then style. It holds the style so well! It does feel like you do have product in though, and if you leave it in and let hair air dry? its not pretty.I would say that you could use this if you are blow drying your hair out, and need some volume.

Jeannine Pine Grove, CA

wonderful smell and works like a dream

I use this is my daughters hair and it has such a pleasant smell and smooths her hair out. Her hair is naturally wavy and she wants it straight, this does a nice job of making her hair more like she wants. Straight. Without using a flat iron.

Robbie Weaverville, NC

More fit for a tube than a jar! Lovely smell, nice shine!

Firstly, I have to say that I love this Essential Shea creme but I hate the jar and having to deal with such a loss of product due to packaging.The product either needs to be slightly thicker and less runny or it needs to be placed in a squeeze bottle or tube (the latter seems like a great option).I have a short style and I used this on wet hair. I spend time in the sun and I felt like the Essential Shea brought a little moisture back to my hair. The lovely jasmine smell is clean, fresh and not at all overpowering. The product goes into hair easily. At first, it can feel a little sticky but that is easy to get past … a couple of minutes and it feels just great. Adds shine and softness to hair. Looking forward to experimenting more.

Deirdre Santaquin, UT

Spa feel!

My hair is extremely curly and dry, and tends to look like steel wool – particularly when humidity is high. I found this product quite effective in removing the knots and tangles, and it worked for the entire day (which may seem an odd statement – but those with many curls will take my meaning.) It is not the best product for ‘scrunching’ – I would have preferred more fullness. One must experiment to get the precise amount to use – enough to remove tangles, but not enough to weigh down the hair. The fragrance and packaging is very attractive, and gives a luxurious sense that is delightful.Though it is too expensive for daily use, and may not be sufficient for both conditioning and styling, it is very worthwhile.

Mable Lawrenceburg, IN

Heavy, and so far, Effective

I used this for the first time today, and so far I am pleased. First, let me say that I (1) have thick coarse, wavy short hair; (2) live in the South where the humidity works against #1 point. I did my usual shampoo/conditioner (with another product), then followed directions on the little tab that came with Essential Shea…."rub a generous amount…." The consistency of this product is very heavy. I used a quarter size amount, rubbed my hands together then worked it through my hair, and styled as usual. I blow out my hair, then "scrunch" it into waves so I don’t look like a helmet head. I was outside for an hour or so and there were no frizzies. It left my hair soft and manageable. My only suggestion would be that the directions tell me what amount. A quarter size for my short thick hair may not be appropriate for longer, finer hair. It is a very thick, heavy product.

Sandra Ossineke, MI

This hair cream softens hair with a silky texture. …

This hair cream softens hair with a silky texture.It doesn’t hold a style well in humid weather. Also, it can tend to feel sticky and leave hair feeling coated or filmy.It does have a fresh scent that is light and not overpowering, but in my opinion its holding power really isn’t strong enough, though I’m sure your personal hair texture has a lot to do with it.

Kristie Sandgap, KY

Fekkai has a winner with this fantastic product! LOVE it

Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Creme! Wow!Fekkai is the best health/beauty haircare line Amazon carries, in my opinion..I don’t have to say this.I mean it!I have been trying every Fekkai product Amazon offers,so that I can become thoroughly informed concerning Amazon’s Fekkai lineup. I have not found a bad apple yet.This company does it all for you..Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Creme is the first product you might consider trying,Once you get it you will understand why.You can’t make a mistake with this hair conditioner.My hair has never looked or felt better.I am so happy to recommend Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Creme that I jumped over four products I plan to reviewin order to let readers know that the outlay of money for this conditioner is very small considering the immediate results you get.You barely use any so the pot will last and last. That saves money and precious time, because you don’t have to go anywhere to look your best, and you don’t have to keep buying some hair product over and over for special occasions. You have the tool right at home to make every day a special occasion effortlessly.Thank you!jean

Francine Adams Run, SC

Not the best value.

Review as per the queen of the household: I have a lot of hair and I had to use a ton. After working it in, my hair didn’t feel "masked" and I wasn’t impressed. It’s fine, but I’ve had better success (didn’t need to use as much and work it as much) with less expensive alternatives. It does smell nice.

Marci Gause, TX

Smells Great, Helps Dry Hair

We have soft water and it dries out my hair and takes away the shine. This helped to put it back in and keep some of the frizz down. It has a great smell and goes on easy. It takes a little trial and error to figure out the right amount to use for your own hair.

Natasha West Blocton, AL

Taming of the Frizzies

I have naturally curly, course red hair that tends to frizz in the summer. That darn humidity and my Irish hair make it tough to have a good hair day in the summer until now. Normally, I wear my hair up in a bun or braided all summer but this stuff works really well. I used it in my hair while wet then dried and styled as usual and then worked another dab of it in while dry and it really does help eliminate the frizz. It’s not an all day solution but it does help and you can reapply while dry. Just a heads up for those that are bothered by this, it does have a bit of a perfume-like smell but it smells nice and not too overpowering.I recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra help with their hair during the humid months or just wants to moisturize. It’s rather pricey, but it’s about the same as what you would pay in a Salon and works just as well, if not better in my opinion.

Tina Bearcreek, MT


This surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the results I got.My hair is very difficult, and I live in a high humidity area. This product is so lush and feels silky going on, but it’s not heavy and oily. I didn’t think it would be strong enough to tame my curls, but was pleasantly surprised at its strong control and light touch. My hair is soft and shiny, yet the curls are holding remarkably well.There is a delicate fragrance that I like, and I am just very pleased with this high-end product.

Juanita Stanley, VA

If I had more hair . . .

This product has a luxurious feel, scent and look to it, and I can see a difference when I use it. My hair is tamer, shinier and easier managed, but I feel it is a bit too heavy for my fine, short hair. It makes me feel I should wash it out like an after shampoo condition I think if your hair is thicker, longer and more coarse than mine, it would be a perfect product. Again – it is a luxurious product – even the jar is very pretty.

Cleo Valles Mines, MO

Magical awesomeness!

I just came home from two weeks of beachy goodness – which unfortunately gave my hair a workout. It’s a dry, frizzy mess! I seriously thought iI was going to have to do a big chop to get it looking decent again. I was also worried this leave-in would weigh my hair firm or worse, make it look greasy like I hadn’t washed the conditioner out of my hair like so many others do.At first, it felt kinda gross – sticky and nasty (I tried it on clean but dry hair) but after a minute or so, it made my hair SUPER bouncy, thick and shiny looking. I’m sold on this stuff. The scent is a bonus -fresh, clean, yummy. And the pot size is a good value. Totally worth it for how great my hair looks now.

Shelly Johnstown, NY

Smells SOOOOO good.

I have very long, wavy, thick hair. It is course from lots of coloring and styling. Now that Summer is here it has become very dry especially at the ends if I don’t straighten it but I am trying to stay away from that for these months and love Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Crme because it makes my hair smell great and softens it up.Usually in the summer I just make a long braid or wear it out and crazy. Lately I have been applying Fekkai when it is completely dry. I work a finger tip full amount through four sections of hair from midway from root to the ends. Then I work my hair into a thick braid.The crme goes on without any fuss. You would think because it is so thick it would take a while to work it in but it doesn’t. Maybe that is because my hair is super course. It does make my hair very smooth and the smell is incredible.While it is pricy for every day use, I think it would take a while for me to work through the jar. I plan on purchasing for myself when I run out of this jar.It does not leave your hair greasy and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Marisol Cottonwood, ID

Stylish & Fragrant

While most of the reviews stated that the creme helped the most with coarse hair, I found that it was extremely beneficial to me as well and most would describe my hair as thick and flowing. The creme smells amazing and the scent is relatively long lasting, staying with you well into your afternoon. After using, I feel that my hair is much more manageable and easier to style. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for something new to try out to make their hair smell nicer while also making it easier to manage.

Imelda West Long Branch, NJ

Nice extra conditioning but not a lot of hold

This product works much better as a leave in conditioner instead of a styling product. I have naturally curly hair that’s rather fine, and this didn’t provide a whole lot of hold or control for wearing my hair natural. However, if I used a small amount of this product with a curl cream like Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves, it works pretty well. It smells really nice and leaves my hair soft. The instructions say to use a generous amount, and the first time I used it, I used about a walnut-sized amount. I was afraid that would be way too much, but surprisingly my hair didn’t feel greasy or particularly weighed down. However, I cut back on the amount quite a bit, and I still get the same benefits.

Olga Chimney Rock, NC

Lightweight and smoothes my long hair

I have long hair down to my waist and its fine and frizzy. I don’t like to use a lot of product in my hair. I only use leave in conditioner and hairspray. This Fekkai leave in conditioner is light and leaves my hair fresh smelling and smoothes out the frizziness. I only condition the ends because I don’t like my hair weighted down.

Faith Great Falls, SC

Great Product Line

I use most of the Fekkai shea butter products, and have done so for many years. They are great. The Pot De Crme is an excellent styling product that leaves hair silky, but not greasy, and has a wonderful fragrance. All of the shea butter products are effective, but light, and this one is no exception.I’ve tried many other shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, etc., including very high-end products (even more expensive than Fekkai!), but keep coming back to the Fekkai shea butter line. It’s a keeper.

Ofelia Altamahaw, NC

Works like a miracle

So I recently had a wild hair to do highlights. My hair is very thick, very coarse, with a strong tendency to dryness. When I say dryness, I mean straw-like. I have had really good luck recently with Keratin infused products, and was resting on my laurels, thinking all would be fine. Ladies, you know where I am going with this…*sigh* Let’s just say there is not enough Keratin in the world to undo the damage inflicted by my highlights escapade.I have been searching for a product to help undo the damage I have inflicted upon myself, or at least allow me to comb my wet hair without using half a bottle of leave in conditioner. I tried this Fekkai Shea Crème, hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Well…it is simply wonderful. My hair felt like hair again. Soft, silky hair. No pieces sticking up willy nilly, no burned to a crisp pieces near my hairline.I left the product on my hair for about 5 minutes, using about 2 quarter size scoops. The treatment lasted for about 3-4 shampoos. If your hair isn’t fried to a crisp, I would think you could do a treatment weekly and get great results. The Shea did not weigh my hair down, or leave my hair looking like a grease ball.Bottom line – if you have damaged hair, you owe it to yourself to try this miracle product. Highly recommend.

Gracie Thackerville, OK

4 1/2 stars

I first tried this on my already dry, but freshly washed long (and dry) hair. I already had used a nice shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. But my hair still felt dry. So I applied a little of this to my hair. I was afraid it would feel too greasy or heavy. Maybe a little at first, but it ended up leaving my hair feeling very soft and glossy. (I have fine hair, not coarse.) And I only wash my hair about every 3 days, but it didn’t make it feel dirtier sooner. The smell is too sweet for me, but I can put up with that.

Juana Allston, MA

Review by a male user — Fekkai hits the mark again

I’m a going on 60 male, longish hair, graying and lightly colored. Helmetless motorcycle riding leaves my hair a real wreck. Tangled, dry, frizzy. I am a huge fan of the Fekkai line of hair products, and regularly use their shampoos, conditioners and glossing creme. So . . . I tried this Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Crème.These Fekkai "Essential Shea" line of hair products do not have that heavenly herbal scent that I love in the original Fekkai line. The scent here is more feminine and floral, but it’s very muted and the product remains suitable for a man to use. In my case, I worked a dab of this light crème into my clean damp hair. Directions call for a "generous", but with my male length hair, a full index finger dab seemed about right. My hair dried with a very light stiffness, although not at all a hard stiffness like a gel or hairspray. I decided to comb through it and loosen it up (leaving it alone probably would have left in more hold control). Final result?? . . . .Superb! Smooth, straight. silky, shiny with light control. I’ll add that the product does not seem to promote a lot of "fullness". However, it delivers clean, silky feeling hair in spades with NO oily feel and, again, a light styling control.Another Fekkai success. Easy to recommend.

Marisa Snyder, NE

Great for my color treated hair

Very nice! A little goes a long way – if you use too much, your hair will look very greasy.I use this after using my cleansing conditioner, and just a dab on the ends of my hair makes it very soft and manageable. The fragrance is pleasant and subtle. I love it!

Tasha Wolfeboro, NH

Expert Conditioning That Stood Up to the Weather

I have to admit, the only issue, and it’s not much of one, is the smell of Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Creme. I expected a floral scent based on the product description and instead it smells like Smarties (not the British M&M-type; candies but the fruity Smarties in the clear cellphone wrap). I thought it was just me until my husband told me my hair smelled like Smarties.Scent alone isn’t really a deterrent, however. I wanted this product to work well, especially in the heat and humidity Vermont was dealing with last week. Hands down, the conditioning cream worked amazingly well. My hair never frizzed out, didn’t feel greasy, and the softness and anti-frizz quality lasted all day. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. I even tested it on hair that only shampooed and then hair that I shampooed and conditioned. Both times, the results were flawless.

Marian Nickerson, KS