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Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo, 8 Fl Oz

Apple Cider Shampoo. Apple Cider. Clarifies and Renews.

Key features

  • Infused with Apple Cider.
  • Scented by fresh apple and pear.
  • Silicone-free purifying cleanser clarifies and removes buildup.
  • Overworked hair is deeply cleaned for a new beginning.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: Use as a ‘Weekend Purifier’ to help rid hair of the week’s hair stress.

Honest reviews


Nice, Light Scent. Does Have Sodium Laureth Sulfate in it.

This apple cider scented shampoo works well, though not in any special way. The scent is fresh and light, which I like and my hair was clean and soft after I used it. It does have sodium laureth sulfate in it, something that I prefer not to have in my shampoos.

Alyson Absecon, NJ


I’ve used several shampoos by Fekkai in the past and have been well pleased – the same is true of this Apple Cider Shampoo.It’s the perfect shampoo for summer because not only does it leave your hair squeaky clean but also with a fresh scent. Found it very effective in removing all traces of spray (which many of us tend to use more of in the summer).It lathers nicely and with short hair I need only a small amount of shampoo so this 8 oz. bottle will go far.

Carole Fayette, MS

Feels clean

I love the scent of Green Apple which is not overpowering. It’s pleasant and washes off when you rinse your hair.It feels very clean after wash, but my hair feels a bit drier than usual maybe because I have aging dry hair. I might have liked it better if I was younger.

Lupe West Townsend, MA

This is a great scented clarifying shampoo that leaves my hair in great …

This is a great scented clarifying shampoo that leaves my hair in great frizz free condition. I love the herbal/floral scent which is mild and fades out quickly. This lathers a lot and gets all the buildup of products out of my hair without stripping it. I also use this after swimming, since it gets all the saltwater and chlorine out of my hair.I alternate this with other shampoos during the week since I don’t need to use a clarifying shampoo more than once a week or twice if I’ve been swimming. This should last a long time. The bottle does not look like the picture. Mine is a clear greenish bottle.

Erin Ophir, CO

Smells *Great* But *High* Price

I like the FEKKAI APPLE CIDER SHAMPOO. It lathers nicely, smells good — not overpowering or overly perfumey) and rinses cleanly away.My hair and scalp feel clean, but I still use a conditioner after it.The one drawback that some people won’t like is that it contains Sodium Laureth, a chemical that makes the suds, and it might irritate sensitive scalps and skin.Also the price is a bit high for shampoo, but in its defense, I have tried the Fredrick Fekkai Color Technician Glaze Color Protector and it did help keep my dyed hair from fading out.

Elsie Wittman, MD

The weekly care for your hair!

LOVE how my hair is SQUEAKY clean after I use this shampoo and seriously FLAT- all the product buildup is removed and the hair feels and looks healthy! Even my 7 yr old adores the smell and I’ve got her hooked on it now too! Highly recommend using it at least once a week!

Joanna Hawk Run, PA

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo 8 Fl Oz

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo 8 Fl Oz.Shampoo.This shampoo did its job. It left my hair soft and manageable.I love this shampoo. I go through a lot of shampoo because hair-washing is a necessity. I love just about any shampoo that smells like apples. Apples are my favorite fragrance for shampoo.

Abbie Bellevue, NE

Great Shampoo with a Great Fragrance

I had been using a shampoo with conditioner, which I liked, until it started leaving my hair greasy feeling. I washed my hair with this Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo and my hair felt great after washing it. It was no longer limp and greasy feeling. My hair felt like it had more body and it was easily styled. The day after using this, I noticed a pleasant scent when I was in my car and realized the fragrance was from the shampoo. I love this shampoo and will continue using it weekly.

Krystal Baltimore, OH


I have to admit, I’m a bit of a shampoo/conditioner addict. I tend to buy the newest stuf out there only to be let down most times. This shampoo is so different. I have long, very thick hair and it’s hard to manage and it’s hard to clean. The shampoos I’ve been using lately seem to leave my hair either oily or dry, which my hair is neither. It never really feels very clean even right after I shampoo. IT’s just so thick that it’s hard to get a good clean. This shampoo did the trick. It had a very nice lather, not hard at all to rinse and it actually rinses quickly. the most amazing part it seems to wash away build up from oils, products etc. I have tried other clarifying shampoos and they left my hair feeling dry or overly moisturized. This one is just perfect. It has a nice pleasant scent and after 2 days, I haven’t shampooed again and my hair is still clean, bouncy and manageable. I’m not sure what’s in it but I can tell an immediate difference in my hair. If you’re like me and have tried many shampoos that left your hair not what you know it can be, try this one. You won’t be disappoointed. It worked for me and I’m a believer now.

Marietta Danbury, NC

Great for removing product residue

The scent of this shampoo is delicious! I can even smell it lingering in my hair throughout the day. It washes your hair clean, so it removes all of the product you have used throughout the week. They suggest using this on the weekend, to free your hair of all of the weekly chemicals. It lives up to its promise. It is expensive, as all Fekkai products are, but if you only use this once every couple days, it will last you awhile.

Harriett Windyville, MO


Imagine sweet apples and pears…. I am so in love with the scent of this shampoo! It is something I can look forward to in the morning.Recommended usage is ONCE A WEEK / WEEKEND, so make sure you will get some other (Fekkai) shampoo for the other days. I wash my hair daily and this shampoo makes my hair so clean (not dry!) that I could even pull off 2nd day hair as my hair does not feel as greasy as with other shampoos. So I will use it on the weekend or when I know I will not be able to wash my hair next day.GREAT PRODUCT!

Janelle Deaver, WY


My daughter and I both used this shampoo, more than once. This shampoo cleans well, and is gentle on the scalp. We both have skin allergies, and very dry skin. After we used this shampoo, neither one of us experienced any skin reactions. It’s important to us that we are able to use a shampoo frequently, without any allergic reactions.In addition, it leaves hair clean and shiny, with no oily build-up, which is also important to us. The sweet-scented fragrance is refreshing, and not harsh. Most important, our hair is easy to manage, after it dries. We will be ordering this shampoo in the near future. Highly recommended.

Heidi Chester, NE

Sqeaky clean, great smelling hair!

I work in a metal shop and I get my hair pretty much filthy daily, I use the Fekkai boost shampoo, but on the weekends I like a nice deep cleaning to get a really clean. …. very clean actually squeaky clean !Just a little bit is needed, ( so even though it cost more it will last a pretty long time ) it lathers up great and rinsed out very easily.Oh and it smells great also :)*****Jim

Crystal Jordan Valley, OR

Not as special as other Fekkai products

This shampoo gets hair squeaky clean, literally,which may be too much. It has a green dye, so lighter hair colors beware. Frequent use may stain your hair. It also has a scent of slightly overripe apples, not vinegary– more like seventies Village Apothecary…which is far less sophisticated than other Fekkai scents. Since shampoos pretty much differ only in how gentle they are, other than a nice scent, I don’t see the point of spending for Fekkai.I would probably just get Suave to clarify. Or Neutrogena has a build up removing shampoo that is gentler and clear, and has a nice powdery scent.

Brigitte Bomont, WV

Hair smooth and well-scented

I’m a fan of apple cider and Frederic Fekkai so this was a natural choice. Although I try to avoid shampoo with laureth or lauryl sulfate (the chemicals that create the lather), this shampoo smelled like an orchard, so I thought, live a little…Used a generous amount–silver dollar-size. The resulting bubbles runneth over.Rinsed the sides near the temples and ears an extra time to get all the lather out.Blow-dried and set my hair with hot rollers. Followed up with Cristophe Professional Hair Serum, a dime-size amount. Set my hair once more.Curls look perfect for a big evening out. Waves are smooth and not frizzy.

Deidre Grand Rivers, KY

For occasional use only; makes your favorite shampoo work better.

Looking for an everyday shampoo? Stop, turn around, do not pass Go, [moves hand slowly across face like Jedi] this is not the shampoo you are looking for. The Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo is for occasional use only.Basically, every beauty product you use leaves some sort of residue on your face or skin, and some products leave more residue than others. An oversimplified explanation is that if your product claims to *do* something (make hair shinier, make hair smoother, etc) it is most likely doing that by leaving traces of the product behind on your hair, even after you rinse. Over time, these traces of product can “build up” to quantities that make them less or even entirely ineffective at getting you the results you desire. That shampoo you fell in love with, that seemed to not work so well over time, can suddenly work wonders again. You probably already know this so let’s skip ahead.Basically, the occasional use of a rinsing shampoo will wash out styling product buildup so you can get better results out of your existing favorite shampoo! Apple cider vinegar is famous as rinse agent, which you can actually use yourself instead of this shampoo. Seriously, you can get yourself some plain old apple cider vinegar at the grocery store and save yourself some cash. However, if you’re like me and prefer something less messy and less smelly (the Fekkai doesn’t smell like vinegar; it smells like flowers and apples) you can use this apple cider vinegar containing shampoo with no need for an additional shampooing step afterwards like you would from using straight vinegar.How often you use would depend on the type and amount of product(s) you use in your hair. I use some but not an enormous amount of styling products so my use is about once a month. The last bottle I bought lasted me forever! A friend of mine who uses a lot of hairspray uses hers about once a week. Just use it as occasionally as you need to get back to that fantastic feeling you got when you first found your favorite shampoo. Let’s you fall in love with that other brand, whatever it is, all over again.I’ve been really happy with the results I received or I wouldn’t have gotten a second bottle. Hope this helps!

Eloise Shiprock, NM

Just what I was looking for.

I really needed this. I have a problem with getting all the shampoo out of my hair – I don’t know why. No amount of rinsing ever seems enough. I can tell I have this problem because of how quickly it gets dirty, so the idea of a shampoo that strips previous build up was very appealing to me. I’ve used this 3 times in a row now without my hair becoming dry or frizzy even though it is apparently suggested for only once a week useage. Obviously, if I begin to have a problem I’ll alternate with other shampoos but for now this is a really welcome solution. I’m not big on fruit smells but the apple cider scent is not overwhelming so that’s not a problem either.

Concetta Holton, KS

Not my favorite Fekkai product

This is one Fekkai product I do not love. This shampoo smells very nice, although I don’t notice the nice fragrance lingering too long in my hair when it is dried. The Apple Cider shampoo is thick and lathers well and gets my hair clean. It does not leave it very soft though or give it a whole lot of volume or shine either. If you want squeaky clean hair this will do the job but so will many other shampoos at a lower cost.

Ada Rich Square, NC

Clarifying shampoo

The bad news is yes it has sls. But I’ve been using it once a week. I don’t use a ton of product but I do think it builds up and I like this shampoo. Apple cider vinegar seems like a nuisance tho it’s probably better for your hair

Grace Unionville, TN

smells great and lathers well

I have been using the Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo about once a week. I sometimes use it more if I have gone an extra day in between washing and have extra days of hair spray and styling products on my hair. I wanted to make sure I only changed my shampoo and kept everything else the same, so that I would be able to tell the difference in this clarifying shampoo. First off, it smells really good. Don’t worry — no vinegar smell. It has a very light, refreshing fruit smell. It also lathers much better than the Fekkai Glossing Shampoo that I normally use. When I use this apple cider shampoo, I wash my hair twice. I wash my hair at night. When I dry my hair, it actually feels kind of stiff and almost a little straw like, even when using my favorite glossing conditioner. However, in the morning when I flat iron and fix my hair, it is very soft. I feel that you DEFINITELY need to use a very good conditioner when using this product, though. One thing I noticed is that my hair color looks like my normal blonde. The water where I live is terrible, and my blonde hair is darker than it is when I visit family in a different location and wash my hair there. Therefore, it must also help keep the nasty deposits from the water off my hair. That is an incredible feat, in my opinion!!

Dorthy Murfreesboro, AR

Best not for daily use. Wonderfully scented, light clarifying shampoo!

This is a really fine, clarifying shampoo. If you have used a lot of hair products like coloring agents, gels, thickeners, etc., periodically, your hair (and no doubt your scalp, too.) will benefit from removing these agents from the individual strands. Get a deep-“down to the roots” cleansing with this clarifying shampoo. As it removes oils and all greasy product, you may find your hair feeling a bit dryer. In that case, follow use of this shampoo with one of Fekkai’s specially formulated conditioners, either the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Conditioner or the Fekkai Full Blown Volume Conditioner which is perhaps better suited to hair that may be too fine and tend towards being too limp. Use of these conditioners may help you to achieve greater fullness and body.In short, get the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted with Fekkai’s hair care products.

Leona Stillwater, PA

It smells great!

I only really put a bit of gel in my hair so I can’t speak extensively on how well this works as a purifying cleanser style shampoo, but what I can say is that my hair gets very clean and the apple scent is absoluelty wonderful. One of the best scented shampoos I’ve used.

Sheena Everton, MO

Removes Buildup While Leaving Hair Soft and Smelling Great

I’ve been a fan of Fekkai shampoos and conditioners for years, and this is one of my favorite products the company offers. It’s fantastic to use once or twice a week to remove buildup from your hair that’s left behind from heavy conditioners and styling products. For that purpose, many people believe that Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Formula shampoo is the gold standard. While that product is great for removing buildup, there are a few reasons why Fekkai Apple Cider might be better, depending on what you’re looking for. First is fragrance; the Fekkai shampoo has a light and pleasant fruit scent, while the Neutrogena shampoo has an almost medicinal smell. While the Neutrogena shampoo is better at removing buildup, it also leaves hair feeling dried out, while the Fekkai shampoo leaves hair feeling soft. It’s certainly a judgement call, since the Neutrogena shampoo is stronger at removing buildup and cheaper. However, I would rather use the Fekkai shampoo twice a week, because I like the fragrance and appreciate that it leaves hair feeling soft (for a buildup removing shampoo, that is).Fekkai makes several great shampoos and I recommend this one if you don’t mind the price.

Madeleine Milner, GA

Good Basic Shampoo

I prefer a shampoo that leaves my hair squeaky clean and this one does that without being harsh. It’s the only Fekkai shampoo that I would use.

Jeanie Cimarron, KS

Clarifying Shampoo Quickly Removes Buildup of Dirt, Oil and Hair Products

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo is a good-smelling once-a-week clarifying cleanser that really removes build up of oil, dirt and hair products. This cleanser smells great in the bottle, but the smell changes when you put it on your hair. It becomes rather unpleasant. I’m not sure if this is because of how the shampoo mixes with the other hair products I use, but since I enjoy aromatherapy when I shower, this aspect made an impact on me. It wasn’t unbearable, just a surprise. The product quickly strips away dirt, oil and product buildup. My hair almost felt like straw when I finished washing. I will try it again when I have a greater buildup of "product" in my hair. One thing I can shout from the hilltops is that this is the greatest shampoo bottle ever! I will be keeping it indefinitely to refill.

Ola Rushsylvania, OH

Cleanses all product of hair without stripping it too dry.

Smells amazing. I have used several of the Fekkai products in the past, and I have always been very happy with the results. This cleanses very well. I wear a lot of hair oils, sprays, and sometimes dry shampoo residue is in my hair, this cleans my hair without stripping it dry.The scent reminds me of of a very nice crisp granny apple. The shampoo is fairly well concentrated so you don’t need much. I think this is a great shampoo to cleanse your hair, without leaving it too dry.

Rosanne Milan, PA

It’s even good on those sensitive scalps

Even though this is a bit pricey it is worth every single cent you spend on it. It does intense through cleaning getting rid of all the excess chemicals and buildup that is on your hair. You only need to use it once a week and you really only need just a bit to get your hair squeaky clean. My hair feels softer and I don’t find any lumpy hard water build up left on my hair. Yes if you have hard water you notice your hair isn’t as soft as it used to be well that’s because of all the lovely chemicals the water company puts into its supply. The fragrance on this one is delightful. It’s even good on those sensitive scalps. I have one so take it from the me. What you get is a total salon feeling with this cleansing shampoo for a fraction of what a salon would charge. Highly recommend.

Vonda Sugar Loaf, NY

For Occasional Use: Pleasant Scent, Leaves Hair Feeling Clean and Light

I have always found the Fekkai products to be wonderful though a little pricey. I use the glossing set (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner) often to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny. When I came across the Apple Cider shampoo, I couldn’t pass it up. Please note that the shampoo shouldn’t be for daily use unless you use a ton of product on your hair or you have oily hair. This is a clarifier, so it strips your hair of all the products you use during the week that leave a residue behind even after regular washing. (You’ll notice your hair feels like straw after washing it with the Apple Cider Shampoo). Although, I love the scent and would love to use it more often, I generally keep it to a few times a week. I use the Glossing conditioners afterwards and my hair is baby soft and smooth. Which is wonderful considering the high humidity here that usually leaves my hair entirely frizzy. The two scents blend perfectly and are very light. Factoring in the occasional use, the current $18.58 price tag (with free Prime shipping) isn’t so bad. It’s cheaper than what I have found it for in retail stores. I generally pay $22 per bottle at my favorite retailer. I will obviously be making my Fekkai purchases on Amazon from now on — so long as it’s cheaper than local retailers.

Deanne Luther, OK

Smells Nice, About As Good As Suave

This is my first ‘Fekkai’ Shampoo and maybe I just chose the wrong one, but aside from the yummy Apple Cider scent, I can’t say that my hair feels any more miraculous than when I’m shampooing with Suave or other generic. Actually, even the scent isn’t anything to write home about. I also use Green Apple Head and Shoulders and it smells about the same and leaves my hair feeling fresher and more hydrated.OVERALL: after a few weeks, I’m not especially impressed. The typical ingredients are disappointing (nothing natural or organic about it) and the results are way below average compared to shampoos at similar price points. Not recommended.

Amber Minter City, MS

Will use weekly

I wanted to try this out because I use conditioner every day and as everyone knows it builds up over time. I knew that apple cider is good for that purpose so I was excited to see that Fekkai uses that. I liked how it smelled, it wasn’t too overpowering and not too sweet as somebody else mentioned. It lathered up nicely and felt good on my scalp. My hair didn’t feel more dry than usual after shampooing even though I tend toward dry hair. I will use this once a week from now on and follow up with the Shea shampoo I also received. The only thing I don’t like is the extra decorative collar around. It’s for looks only and I’m not sure it’s recyclable which is important to me.

Alma Birdeye, AR