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Fat-Fader Body Toning Lotion w 2.5% Aminophylline & Raspberry Ketones 8 fl oz

Fat-Fader is the planet’s most intense topical slimming lotion on the market today. Fat-Fader attacks the fat and cellulite just below the skins surface to aid in the appearance of healthier, tighter and leaner looking skin. Clinically tested ingredients begin to work in just a few days for results you can see and feel!

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I have been using it for 3 weeks, not sure if it worked as fat fader, cos I didn’t see any changes at my waist, even I worked out 3 times a week. But it’s a fine lotion.

Gwendolyn Coalmont, CO

Why is it worth $20 less within 1-2 months ?

I purchased it when it was sold in $45-55 range seeing SO many high praises and thinking it MUST BE worth the price. Now it is down to about $30 and I feel it is not even worth that unless it really works with your body chemistry, which I am not convinced is my case based on just one tube. It did not live up to its name for me and I am not obese by any meansI have tried numerous cellulite lotions and usually are motivated by both researched ingredients (read Murad’s book about cellulite) and price. Murad’s own cellulite serum, which is generously sized and priced just higher than this one, rendered lots of complements from my husband but I was looking for something more affordable. This is the second most expensive fat/cellulite remedy I ever purchased after Murad and I do not plan to purchase it unless price drops further.First of all, I was buying with full awareness that there is no topical product on the market to make you "fade" fat that constitutes cellulite. My experience is that lotions help me to maintain skin tone, firmness and general appearance of cellulite. I notice the difference when I stop using something topical for cellulite or try a different cellulite topical remedy. But nothing budges my cellulite unless I am also watching my diet and do toning exercises regularly. Topical cellulite remedies effective ingredients do improve appearance of cellulite for many people but nothing really can totally reverse the process once it starts, especially when genetic predisposition is involved. While I am quite slender by build I have a strong genetic predisposition and even few pounds of weight gained translate into bumpy thighs so I figured I will need to be on regular cellulite maintanance as long as I still care about how my body looks. As a result I am always open to testing a new cellulite "remedy".Topical cellulite treatments are basically somewhat improving trapped fat of "cellulite" as well as skin tone, circulation, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. I went for this particular cream because of Aminophylline is a key marketed ingredient. A couple of years ago I believe when Finulite was launched their original formula contained it and I found Finulite the most effective for my body chemistry. I noticed it was no longer listed on Finulite ingredient list (even though their lotion still is one of the most effective for me and best priced per oz. on the market). I searched for cellulite remedies with Aminophylline specifically. I had high hopes for this lotion based on reviews and seeing other excellent ingredients on its list. It does feel and smell great but feels like any regular rich moisturizing lotion UNLESS you exfoliate before applying it. It is only when applied after exfoliation that I can feel something between warming and tingling sensation which made me finally believe it is doing something that a regular moisturizing lotion cannot do. There is nothing in directions about exfoliation, just "after bath or shower"Did it significantly reduce appearance of my cellulite? Not really. I want to believe it improved my circulation via warming sensation. Did it give me slimmer thighs by fading the fat as its names claims ? I am not sure it did and I would have loved to try it for another month or so (that’s how long this seemingly generous container lasts) to figure out. However it is priced so highly compared to competitor lotions that I do not feel it is an experiment worth extra $$. It certainly was not miracle for my fat/cellulite and did not surpass performance of other much less expensive cellulite lotions/serums/creams I had tried.Seeing virtually nor result and that I could have "tried" it for $20 less if purchased later makes me really regret this purchase. Maybe sellers reaped lots of earning with high intro price but at the end they lost lots of potential long-term customers. Maybe their product really kicks in after a 2 month use as opposed one but do they really think their first wave of customers will want to give it another try after they see a $20 price drop? To me it says the product was intentionally overpriced – not a good way to earn people’s trust in your company and your products.

Rocio Ellenboro, NC

Not Sure It Worked

I used this as directed and didn’t see any difference in my legs. I am fairly fit but have some light cellulite on my thighs. The cellulite was lessened for only a few minutes after rubbing it on. Will not buy again.

Therese Lochgelly, WV

So far, so good

This cream does what I had hoped it would, it warms up really good during workouts. I don’t have cellulite really, but I like buying the lotions and creams for prevention, tightness and smoothness. This cream seems to allow you to bring blood to the surface which means increased circulation.

Callie Old Bridge, NJ

Hate it

It gave my thighs bad reaction, broke out in rashes, I don’t see anything good about it. It works for others not me.

Claudette Mc Intosh, FL


This product was OK but I really did not see much change or weight loss. The smell is OK but I just did not see any weight loss. To be fair, I only exercise 2-3 times per week but did use it before exercising.

Keri Fairfield, NE