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FASH Professional Bold, Bright and Vivid 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Cosmetics

Colorful is the trend and we have it right here for you ladies!!!Just be experimental with all your favorite bold and bright colors. FASH brings you an all new 120 color eye shadow palette .The colors are highly pigmented therefore applies evenly and blends well on your skin .The product is Made from natural mineral oil base that makes it last for hours ,until you wash it off. So what are you waiting for???Just grab the most affordable and value for money product and add splash of colors to your life. For best results use it with FASH professional brush sets.

Key features

  • Pro Eyeshadow Palette; Double layer
  • Long lasting colors
  • Bold, bright, vivid colors
  • Mineral oil used to make highly pigmented eyeshadow
  • Easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish!

Honest reviews


Mixed review – colors good, design poor

The colors are great and I think the value is good ($15-20 for all of these colors) but the image of the two eyeshadow trays fitting into a single case the way they are shown is misleading. You can’t secure an eyeshadow tray in the top cover – so instead you have to stack it on top of the other one and switch them every time you want to use a color from the bottom tray, which is annoying and potentially messy. It was also annoying that 3 colors came broken, including a medium gray color, the color I wear most, and there is only one medium gray in this whole palette. (I’m less annoyed by the blue and green colors that are broken because there are so many others to choose from.)

Berta Preston, KY


This is my first eye palette and I will being buy 3 more for family and all I can say is it is amazing and I took every color and put it on my arm and they are so pretty I cant wait to use this. Shipping was fast and nothing was broken even the box was nice that it came in. And it was well wraped. Thank you

Sybil Taunton, MA


the colors are very pigmented and apply beautifully to my skin, im so in love seriously. There are so many different things you can do with this pallet.

Maude Kinney, MN

FASH Eye shadow Pallet

I like the product. Bight colors and great pigment. A lot people were complaining about shipping and I did have the same problem one of my blacks broke but not badly so Im not upset about that. I was replacing my E.L.F pallet from target and I like this one much more. A lot of great colors though a bit more expensive. But over all I do recommend this product..p.s.aI wanted to try this product because I always like to try new makeup brands but also look into E.L.F I’m a real fan for people who like doing a fab everyday makeup without breaking the bank..

Jessica Chauncey, GA

I love this pallete

One color arrived broken, and it made a little bit of a mess. However, I LOVE this eye shadow. Shadow lasts a long time, and goes on quite bright. I couldn’t be happier.

Mia Bigfork, MN


I ordered this palette not knowing what to expect….reading all the reviews, it seems ppl either love it or hate it, no in-between….I ordered so I would have lots of different colors to play with not really for a daily wear item. I’ve seen these palettes that look exactly the same but are sold under various brand names for various prices…I got mine for $16.99 with free shipping, not bad, but this palette is elsewhere on Amazon for $12.99 including shipping…WOW!!! Now alot of ppl are complaining “they don’t get much of each color”…well, I was pleased, the shadows are abt the size of a penny, and how much sparkly green do u really expect to use anyway??!! It arrived in good condition, only one shadow was cracked, the matte black and it didnt spill into the other shadows. The shimmers are WAY more pigmented then the mattes….Gotta repeat what everyone else says…USE A PRIMER!!!!!!! This is the only way u will get the color payoff. IMO, NYC white is the best to use with these colors, they REALLY POP!!!! Just a FYI…invest in a good black matte/smimmer shadow, even though this palette has two matte blacks, they suck and look grey on eyes!

Patrice Essex Fells, NJ