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FASH Cosmetics 88 Color Matte and Shimmer Eye Shadow Makeup Kit

Get the perfect makeup kit for the perfect price. The 88 color Eye Shadow Palette by FASH Cosmetics offers complete satisfaction at an affordable price. Women, who are looking for a combination of both matte and shimmery shades, should definitely add this palette to their cart. The colors are made using natural mineral oil, which not just makes them long lasting but also safe to be used on any skin type. Create a new look everyday with this amazing palette. Be it formal business meet or a night out with your friends, find the perfect shade for every occasion. So now no more salon visits, no need to waste more money on professional makeup artists, when you have this 88 color matter and shimmer palette at home. So be quick and get one soon.

Key features

  • Combination of 88 matte and shimmery shades
  • The colors are highly pigmented and are perfect for layering
  • The colors are made using mineral oil which is known for making colors last long
  • Its natural ingredient base proves it safe to be used on any skin type
  • Apart from the 88 gorgeous shades this palette consists of 1 mirror and 2 eye shadow applicators

Honest reviews


hate it and threw it away

I like to match my eyeshadow with colors I am wearing. But wow I really have to cake this on for the colors to show. They all look the same once you put it on, and may I mention I use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer the best on the market. I’m African American and these colors all look the same. The pink is white, brown is white, u get the idea….basically chalky. I regret buying this one I needed it in a hurry and I bought it because of the one day shipping and its super affordable. But I am not satisfied, I wish I would have purchased my original plan to buySHANY Eyeshadow Palette, Boutique, 40 Colorand I actually did from purchasing before. Much better choice ended up throwing this one away after a few weeks. The company didn’t even respond to my email about changing my review if they were able to make good on this.

Marylou Athol, MA

Good packaging, some fallout, but overall a decent product

The lighter colors are not as pigmented as the darker colors (which is expected), and there is fallout of the shadows, but the packaging is of decent quality, and I feel that you get what you pay for.

Monika West Chatham, MA

Wow very nice!

(Using husbands account) I ordered this I little worried, I had never bought eyeshadow from the internet. I had read the other reviews and was even more worried about the delivery. But to my luck everything came out just fine. I got the box in time. The eye shadows were perfect, no cracks or any damage. This is my first palette and I truly love it. They’re not chalky and the look great with or without primer. I DO recommend it, it’s really nice.

Marisa Pleasant Hill, CA

These shadows are so chalky

I have never used this type of pallet. I decided to try it because it had ok reviews. They give a lot of fall out. I tried to like it but it was lacking. My eyes kind of were irritated when I wore these too. Also a few were cracked. Save your pretty pennies and invest in a nicer pallet.

Patty Sharpes, FL

Colors Galore<3

I LOVE this palette ! Although I haven`t used many of the colors(I just got it today so I did my usual nude eye–I know I Know, booooring) I still like how the product blends so well and shows up beautifully on my complexion.Background Info on Me…I am dark complected(About Bria Myles-Super model Oluchi`s complexion) so powder shadows don`t look all that great on me. At first I thought I was going to be disappointed yet again by the palette I bought because it felt and looked like powder to me 🙁
• nooot again!
• but then once I applied the shadow to my eyes it looked so delicate and soft, very beautiful. It was pigmented enough to wear it showed up and looked natural but not overly done to where I looked like a clown. But again keep in mind that I am only playing around with the nudes so mainly the tans and browns. I don’t know how the other more playful colors hold up but I will post pics and write another review one I get my laptop wireless router and all that good stuff(so you should hear from me in about a week or so)as for the packaging I was a little nervy because I dint want ANY thing to be broken. ESP if EYE paid for all this shadoobie with my own hard earned cash.-_-Yes the box is huge bt they come protected with a lot of bubble wrap lol. So long story short the pkging was FAB! No broken colors or outta place pieces ^_^
• happy dance
• Overall this is a WONDERFUL palette and I am in love. The only thing is that I would make sure to have a good eyeshadow brush to make for an easier application. Other than that this palette recieves 5 stars !!-Cee.

Etta Shippingport, PA