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Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum, 6 Ounce

For those times when you apply heat to your hair, make sure you always protect it to prevent damage and breakage. Fantasia ic hair polisher heat protector straightening serum creates a barrier between heat appliances and your hair so you can style it without the fear of causing serious damage. It will add shine to your hair and moisturize it without leaving a greasy residue and heavy build up. Keep this serum next to your favorite heat styling appliance. For use with flat irons, blow dryers and other heat appliances in order to achieve a smooth, straight look to hair.

Key features

  • Keeps heat-styled hair healthy and prevents heat damage
  • Smoothes hair and eliminates fly-aways
  • Protects from heat damage caused by hot tools
  • Enriched with silicone, aloe, vitamin e and sunscreen

Honest reviews


So many Natural Hair ladies love this product, and you will too!

I am 4B Natural, exactly like the cellist Esperanza Spalding, hair that is soft, cottony, perfect for afros and grows OUT not DOWN, and reverts if there is a drop of moisture in the air, but I’m learning to live with it. Everyone raves about how good the serum is ; and after paying $18.00 for 2 oz of Chi I was leary…So what I did, I bought the IC Serum and the IC spray (check out that review) I used the spray first then the next shampoo and blow dry I used the Serum and I LOVE IT! (ala Oprah hands shaking wildly over my head, and giving everyone a free bottle in the audience). My hair was shiny, silky straight and lasted. Smells nice too.You just need a drop I do a two strand twist and let it dry naturally with some serum. I then press my hair and the product is just fantastic. I did not give it a five because I’m a tough critic.

Jeanine Chatham, IL

Heat Barrier

I’m on a hair journey to grow my hair to BSL (bra strap length), and I have been watching different YouTube channels for tips and hair products to help protect my hair. I decided to try the IC Fantasia Heat Protectant to help protect my hair when I blow dry or flat iron it. I am really satisfied with it so far. My hair doesn’t feel fried and crunchy like it used to when I used heat before. But BEWARE, a little goes a LONG WAY. If you section off your hair into 4 or more sections depending on the thickness of your hair; all you need is a dime size drop(or less). Any more and you run the risk of looking greasy and weighed down instead of healthy and shiny.

Ada Western Springs, IL

Very Good!!!

This product does wonders on my hair! I use a pea sized amount right before I blow dry and my hair is shiny, healthy looking and plenty of volume as this serum does not weigh the hair down!!! The price is also better than what I can find in the stores!

Kathie Wallpack Center, NJ

Fabulous Heat Protector for fine hair!

I bought this one at wallmart and I have been using it for a while whenever I flat/blow dry my hair. This serum helps in smoothing and protecting hairs well and it gives a serene smell too. Mine are very fine hairs so I apply a small drop and it will be good enough for the entire head. The only thing i dislike about this product is I cannot spray it, I need to take it in my hands and apply generously and then comb. It would have been easy if it comes in a spray bottle. Otherwise this is seriously good stuff and I recommend it to people who have heavy hair damage using styling appliances.

Patti Buford, WY

Works like a charm!

Works like a charm…I have curly frizzy hair that took me two hours to straighten everyday. With this it took me less than 10 mins to do it!! I will definitely get this product again and the delivery is super fast..

Elisabeth Gregory, TX

jst wowwww

i love it becoz of money n quality coz rapnungel headpiece price is more than this n its reasonable n very good quality my daughter enjoy it n like it lot

Debbie Bouton, IA


It literally works like magic for my natural hair when ironing. Makes everyone think I have a perm lol. It smells very nice too. Not a strong fragrance but very nice. Controls frizz and makes ironing my hair about 3 times less time consuming. Also doesn’t weight down my hair, it’s still moves and is bouncy. This is pretty much the only product I use besides shampoo and conditioner. It’s my secret to great hair

Robert Henagar, AL

Good Product

I have used this product for years and i really do not have any complaints. I have natural curly hair, so i use it when i am flat ironing my hair, which is like once a year. So this product is definitely gonna last me for a while, although I do use it in conjunction with other heat protectants.

Sondra Shorter, AL

love it

this product makes you hair so shiny and soft i just love it. im going to have to buy more and more because this product is a keeper. <3 it!!!

Karla Burleson, TX

A little heavy, but…

A little on the heavy side. Great protection! Best results are after unwrapping hair the nest day or two. Even for very dry hair you will not need any product for a few days.

Pamela Vesper, WI

Great product.

This stuff really does protect your hair from heat, and I will continue to use it. No greasy build up. Just good stuff.

Lottie New Concord, OH