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Fantasea Spatulas

Fantasea Spatulas (25 Per Pack) (Pack of 3)

Key features

  • Easy to use, and gentle, it’s everything you could ever want in a wax.

Honest reviews


These spatulas work perfect!

Because I wear acrylic nails it was difficult to get product for my hair out of the jar – these were perfect and inexpensive. Even though they are plastic they can easily be used more than one time.

Shauna Alhambra, CA

Love these!

These are great for scooping cream moisturizers/cosmetics from jars to keep fingers from contaminating it. Good product and good price.

Serena Scioto Furnace, OH


These little spatulas are handy to have around. Buying such a large pack was possibly overkill, but the price is right and we can use them for other things. I already like them for taking out portions of homemade body butter, shave cream, etc. but they will be good for quick touch ups of things around the house too.

Marina Iona, ID

Handy spatulas

This was an excellent deal. Have a hard time finding these makeup spatulas, but now I have 25. The heads are a little smaller than the ones I own already, but they are great.

Terrie Bucyrus, OH

Great for mixing my face masks

I make my own masks, the latest being organic manuka honey and essential oils. These are perfect for scooping the manuka honey from the jar, for stirring the mask ingredients together, and then after refrigerating the mask, for scooping it out to use.

Karin Orchard, NE