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Fantasea Large Jar 8.5 oz.

Fantasea Large Jar 8.5 oz. (Pack of 6)

Key features

  • Large Jar 8.5 oz
  • Travel jars and bottles are a great container for any kind of beauty fragrance or spray.
  • Each comes with a quick change cap for easy switching
  • This makes it one of the most widely used bottles around.

Honest reviews


MMmm… NO

These took FOREVER to ship. Like close to two weeks to even leave the facility. Ridiculous. And they don’t close! They are screw on lids that do not even screw on correctly and are lifted up on one part where the spiral doesn’t meet correctly from lid to container. A real shame. They are beautiful and well made but the lids just don’t fit right. The only reason I gave two stars was because they were packed well and they LOOK good. They do not work good and they took forever to come. Luckily I didn’t need them immediately but I certainly can’t use them for what I wanted to… I would return them but I have zero interest in how that process works if they couldn’t hardly get functional products to me on time. I should have just got this size container from my regular seller on amazon. Don’t go for this one…

Shari Collettsville, NC

Just the right size

I use these for storing play-dough, make-up and other odds and ends where one cup is all that’s needed. The twist lid is perfect for keeping the item air tight.

Kellie Culbertson, NE

Decent jars

I was looking for something cheaper this time around than my cobalt blue jars with black lids. I did not like these as much but in a pinch, they’re fine. They are neat and compact, the lids screw on tightly and I have a 3 year old which means these get knocked off the sink vanity occasionally. I have not had any to crack, split or break yet so that’s good.I make my own skin and hair products and sometimes give them as gifts so i like to keep a few containers on hand for sharing my homemade creations. The main ingredients in my mixes are shea butter, beeswax, natural oils, essential oils, herbal oils and fragrance oils. None of the oils have depleted these containers in any way. Oils, especially essential, have chemical reactions with some types of containers and cause the plastic or container material to break down. I have not experienced this with these containers and none of the people I have given my homemade creams and butters to have either (plenty of people have asked for another batch of my products though).Hope this helps.

Alisa Pinola, MS

I really like these. But there are cons.

My 1 year old has some skin issues so I started making my own shea butter mixture in order to find a solution for her. I have exhausted all other options. I purchased these containers for my experiments :-).Update ***July 8 2013 ***Pros:+ I really like them so for.+ They open and close just fine. The lids fit great.+ I don’t have a major production going on, but these are great for what I am doing.+ The jars are not too big, and not too small. They hold 8.5 oz. Just right for me….+ I have not had issues getting the tags/stickers off the bottom. They don’t come off easily but it wasn’t too hard.Cons:I didn’t have any cons on my first review but now that I have been using them for a month that has changed.-The $1.44 per jar seemed reasonable until I came across an issue.- I was washing 2 of the jars and water got stuck in the side casing. The jars come with a double pane. Water got into the side. So therefore, it took some extra time to get the water out.- The jars came a part after my 1 year-old was playing with them. The outside pane/seal came off. It was easy to put it back on, but I am sure this contributed to the water getting stuck in the side. I am still using the jars. I like them, but I am changing my review from 5 to 4.

Jerry Manasota, FL

Will order again!

Perfect size and solidly built quality. Much more than I expected. These jars do not feel or look cheap, I will definitely order again!

Laurie Oxbow, OR

Love them

I love these jars. I just started making my own body scrub and got these instead of glass jars for safety in the shower. I couldn’t be happier. They are made well and look just as you see.

Brandy Winthrop, NY

Nice jars.

I love these jars because I make my face/body mixes and store them for travel or vacation. Durable and sturdy!

Alexandra Hiram, MO


I used this to put some sugar scrub in and it leaked all over the place. I think these would be good for body butter or harder substances. Otherwise, I’m sticking to glass containers from now on.

Pamela Islip Terrace, NY


This is the perfect size jars for making my home made shea butter cream for winter dry skin and hair mositurizer.

Janine Paluxy, TX

Great for storing your own products!

I bought Shea butter to make my own products for my skins and hair. Excellent price for 6 great deal.

Marta Oak Grove, KY