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Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 2.5 Ounce

Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle, sprays a fine mist and comes in a convenient portable size.

Key features

  • Fantasea fine mist spray bottle
  •  It sprays a fine mist
  • a convenient portable size

Honest reviews


Great little misters

I use these for making small gifts for friends. A little essential oil and water, and you have a great mister of fragrance.

Ruth Cibola, AZ

Mist Spray Bottles

These are great for misting plants and since I own several plants I keep each one in each room very handy.

Ila Ivel, KY

Decent for using around the house.

I used one of these to make an essential oil fly spray. I was worried about it being able to spray the oil and water mixture but it does so just fine.I also use it to make spray colors for stencil work for my scrap books.Honestly, I am mostly pleased with them, but the spray does not come out evenly. The spray may come out in an irregular stream towards the middle, and the outside is a more of a mist, like it is advertised to be. My colors are very thin, made with rubbing alcohol so they evaporate quickly without warping my paper, so I don’t know if it is TOO thin to get a good mist with this bottle or what. I have a larger, store brand bottle that I keep rubbing alcohol in as well, to kill flying insects, and alcohol comes out in a mist just fine. The color I used to tint the alcohol is thin, glycerin based, (cake decorating colors dabbed in the bottle with a toothpick) and I use very little. When I spray on my stencils I get a gradient look, which looks more interesting, so I don’t mind. The thing that DOES annoy me about it is the stream that sometimes comes out. It makes my paper too wet and the color soaks through the backside, making it difficult to stencil on both sides…Unless I was sure I could find a better quality bottle, I probably would go ahead and buy these again. They work fine around the house. For higher quality, I expect to spend more money, so I am giving these bottles four stars. For what I paid, they are a good deal.Edit to add, a few of them have tried to leak around the spray head. I just make sure to keep them right-side up and the cap on tight so if anything drips, it may be caught in time.

Josefa Curryville, MO

Great Little Bottles!

Before I purchased these, I had bought 3 other spray bottles through amazon (4 ounce, blue, glass bottles). I had purchased the dark, glass bottles because I had read they were better for essential oil mixtures…supposed to preserve the properties of the oils better. That sounded good to me, so I bought those bottles instead at about $5 a piece. Unfortunately, NONE of those bottles worked properly. The first one lasted for about a month and the other two didn’t work from the start. So…back to Amazon I went. I remembered seeing these bottles when I was originally looking, but had passed on them because they were plastic. I have to say, I would rather have plastic bottles that actually spray than glass ones that don’t. I have used 4 of these bottles already and have not had a single problem with any of them. They are very inexpensive and spray perfectly. While I am not positive that using plastic bottles isn’t degrading my oils, they don’t seem to be…the oils seem to do their job just fine. Besides, they are small and the oil mixtures are used up fairly quickly. 🙂

Deana Monument, CO

Awesome purse-sized spray bottle

I love these little bottles! They’re just perfect for carrying in a purse, laptop bag, or just about anywhere you might need a spritz of water to redo your hair, or enjoy the germ-fighting benefits of colloidal silver to fight athlete’s foot or bacteria picked up while out and about. I love how well the spray action works, and the size of the bottles is just perfect, as is the clear plastic cap that prevents the spray bottle from accidentally discharging while inside your purse, pocket or bag. Wonderful!

Isabella Bradley, AR

Good Bottles

These bottles are great. They work quite well for crafts, making your own fragrances, or anything else you can think of. They spray well and don’t clog.

Winnie Mount Gilead, OH

Five Stars

Love these, use them for homemade facial cleansers, toners, air fresher, etc.

Aimee Georgetown, OH

great little plastic bottles–with lids!

I love these bottles. They must have improved the design, because you can mist repeatedly without having to wait between pumps. They are the perfect size to fit in the hand, and they come with lids. I use these for sanitizing my makeup without spending a lot on the only expensive makeup sanitizer. I just fill a bottle with isopropyl alcohol and spray my eyeshadows; this bottle gives a great mist. I would have like the mist to be a little finer, but for the price I can’t really complain.

Sheila Saltillo, TX

Works well

I have not tried all 12 of these bottles, but the ones I have used spray well and have not clogged so far.

Patty Lawton, IA

Good value.

Not the sturdiest bottles, but good value for the price. Conveniently, they do also include caps for travel. Perfect size for mixing up trial "potions" for your hair. Sprayer works reliably. Perfectly content. Paid $4 for 12.

Faye New Orleans, LA

Perfect for what I use it for

I like to make magnesium spray and these work well for that. I used these as gifts for Christmas and they worked really well. Perfect size to fit in a gift bag too.I also like to mix up some water and essential oils and use it like Fabreeze (without all the harsh chemicals). It works really well for that too. This spritzes so you don’t get super soaked with one spray, so it works well for things you want to apply in small amounts. I will purchase more of these in the future. They worked really well.

Denice Higganum, CT

Great for arts & crafts

Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle 2.5 oz. (Pack of 12):This was my second purchase of these bottles so I am obviously satisfied with their performance. I use them in my studio for making my own spray paints, stains, and glimmer mists. I also filled (and labeled!) one with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and another with water. I use these every day that I’m in my studio.

Deana Spencertown, NY

Buy, they’re worth it

Great price and nice quality!I use these for room and toilet sprays. Usually I’d use dark bottles, but the price sold me. They work great!

Octavia Grayling, MI

Light weight

It was a lighter weight than I was expecting, but it works great. I use it for homemade breath spray, room deodorizer, and more. Great product.

Cora Noxen, PA


I use these to make organic bug repellent and work great. They are easy to fill and the top comes off and on easily.

Sydney Grubville, MO