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Fantasea Facial Cleansing Sponge * 12 Per Package

Offers an excellent method of cleansing and gentlyexfoliating surface skin.* Easily sanitized and reusable.* 12 Sponges per pack

Key features

  • FantaSea Cellulose Facial Cleansing Sponge
  • Offers an excellent method of cleansing & gently exfoliating surface skin.
  • Easily sanitized and reusable.
  • 12 Sponges per pack

Honest reviews


Would NOT do without…

…ever again! I like these sponges because they are thin and easy to use in the crevasses of my face and ears. ALSO, it saves me from having to purchase exfoliating cleansers along with my regular cleanser. When my face is bare of makeup I use a sponge with my cleanser for the exfoliation I need, and I have found nothing to work better than a natural sponge. The exfoliation is thorough and gentle, and when a sponge has worn out its use I toss it and grab another. Very inexpensive and effective way to go!

Tania Buckley, IL

Got similar sponges at a spa

My mother bought these sponges because they seemed similar to ones that she got from her esthetician. She uses them everyday and says they’re fine but they feel a bit cheaper than what she would prefer. They’re pretty soft though on the skin if you want some gentle exfoliation while cleaning your face.

Marcy Herman, PA

Really nice sponges with lots of uses…

I really like these sponges, but I am not convinced these are the natural ones…feels a bit rubbery. Still, of the price I a, happy.I use these now to wash my face with an organic liquid, that’s color is vomit green. :)The face wash was staining my good washcloths, so I moved on to this product. Besides washing up, I use them to wash off any face mask I might try. This works well.The texture is nice, and they work just great and are very easy to use. I can recommend.

Suzette Denison, KS

Just exfoliating enough

I use these in lieu of an exfoliant because my facial skin is absurdly tender. They feel good and do a fine job without crumbling apart. I recommend them to anyone with tender skin.

Melinda Port Republic, VA

it’s a sponge

these are great for face washing like in a spa, just wet them and then wipe off product, rinse and repeat!

Ida Medina, WI