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Fancy by Jessica Simpson for Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7-Ounces

This oriental fragrance was created in 2008. The notes are pear, apricot, red berries, gardenia, jasmine, almond , caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


The smell is great, but it made me break out!

I love the smell of this, but did it make anyone else break out on their neck? Within days of using this for the first time I started breaking out on my neck and chest. I’ve never had another perfume do this, but I noticed it’s a bit oily when you spray it on too, so I bet that’s why. I wouldn’t dare spray it on my clothes since it’s this oily…so as much as I love the smell, I wouldn’t recommend this perfume.

Marisol Newington, CT



Jimmie Baldwin Park, CA

scent doesn’t last!!

I bought this perfume about a year ago and absolutely hated it. I’m very surprised it got so many good reviews!! It has a very cheap scent, it smells like a perfume they would sell at a dollar store. Also, the scent does NOT last. I literally sprayed it on myself and within an hour the scent was gone completely. This is one of those “you get what you pay for” items, and I would NOT recommend it.

Beryl Grand Rapids, MI

Lovely Fragrance for Modern Women

Fancy has the most wonderful scent. The frangrance puts me in the mind of vanilla, jasmine, and maybe a little sandalwood. It is pleasant, not too strong, yet people can smell the fragrance even when the one wearing it can not. The perfume lasts for hours. I recommend this perfume for young or middle-aged professional women. It is not for older women (65andup)or pre-teens.

Cheri Bourbon, IN

Headache inducing….

I wanted to like this fragrance, and truthfully I do somewhat like the scent, although I don’t LOVE it. On my skin it’s mostly caramel over vanilla and light floral, very sweet. Unfortunately I get the worse headache from this fragrance and I have never had a fragrance cause me a headache ever… I wear a lot of gourmand scents (Paris Can Can, Britney Fantasy) and have no issue. But literally just one sniff of this (even just sniffing the bottle without even spraying this and I instantly get a migraine.Perhaps it’s that I don’t smell any of the fruits in this at all, or the amber… to my nose it’s just a caramel and almonds over vanilla cake without any woodsy notes to tone that down. In similar fragrances I love that are on the sweet side I do get more of that woodsy note, and they also are much fruitier.Overall, fancy is just way too sweet and I just cannot tolerate the headache that goes along with it.

Mona Kaktovik, AK

You will feel fancy

I bought this fragrant for myself for mother’s day. I glad I did , thank you Jessica for delivery on this perfum. The perfume last all day and sure to get you notice because people will be givng you compliment left and right. The scent is a floral scent witha lilac under tone. This is one of my favorite purfum and I will be giving these as gifts for christmas. Please give it a try will love it and the scent is great for all age ranges, young as 16 and old as 100.

Ramona Montpelier, IA

Not my thing

…but you might love it. This was a blind buy for me. I would recommend trying it before you buy.

Ola Falls Church, VA

Wonderful Fragrance – Best Ever – Regardless of Price

There is no reason to spend extra money on expensive name brand perfumes when you have this perfume offered at such a reasonable price in comparison. Paying extra is not worth it unless you just have to have a name brand perfume sitting on your dresser. Even so, this heavy glass perfume container will still rival the expensive brands.

Karla Barryville, NY

jessica simpson perfume

i bought this perfume for my self because it had alot of good reviews but when i smell it i hated the smell dont like it at all i had to give it away not buying this one again

Carissa Adelphia, NJ


Love the way it smells and comes in great glass bottle. I have all her scents and love them all. will continue to purchase

Tonia Plainfield, PA

Wonderful Perfume!

I love this perfume! It smells very sweet and sexy. My husband loves it and thinks I smell like a carnival. I wear this perfume all the time. It’s my favorite perfume.You can’t beat the Amazon price either. I highly recommend!

Noemi Pelham, NH


This is a great buy. You will not be disappointed.If you want compliments this perfume will definitely give you plenty. It starts out with a powdery scent and then you start to smell a sweet scent. The powdery scent doesn’t disappear after you start smelling the sweet scent and the sweet scent isn’t overbearing either. Both compliment each other. You don’t have to use a lot either and it lasts. Also the price is great for a 3.4oz bottle of good scented perfume.

Crystal Durango, CO


I absolutely love this scent. It’s one of my favorites and for this price, it’s a must have for me.

Beryl Midvale, OH


I’ve NEVER in my life have smelled such a perfect creamy, sweet, romantic, sexy perfume—all in one–until I smelled THIS.OMG…do not be fooled–MEN LOVE THIS..and of course most women. Some women do not like overly sweet scents (like Aquolina-Pink Sugar–although I love that one too–but not as much as this)..something about the sweet pears mixed with vanilla and caramel..smells like a cupcake with such perfection. I hope this NEVER gets discontinued. Jessica did a great job–even tho her Dessert line was a FABULOUS IDEA..but sadly, her scents she sold with those didn’t last one bit–even tho they smelled to DIE FOR.This hit it on the nail..and I don’t know one man who DOESNT like this perfume. It’s sweet without being overly sweet. It’s sexy..and OMG…it LASTS ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!THIS is my favorite perfume in the whole world (so far)..:)Buy this..and you will smell yourself all day long in a happy, sweet vanilla bliss of a soft dessert. 🙂

Linda Sheldon, VT

Smells so good.

I bought this for my 17 year old daughter. She smells wonderful, great price too, shipping was pretty fast. Would recommend to other buyers.

Elvia Berkeley, CA

Sweet, girly, and smells great!

One of my favorite perfumes for work and play! A sweet, girly fragrance that I always get compliments when wearing!

Staci Wyano, PA

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

It could last a little longer and I don’t particularly care for Jessica Simpson, but every time I wear this someone asks me what I’m wearing. More than any other perfume I own. The next as far as comments would be Lucky You. It does seem to fade away in a few hours(edp), but it smells so good I don’t even care! It’s like cotton candy and vanilla, but it’s not loaded down with musk (yuk) and it’s not too candy/girly sweet smelling. I get even more of a reaction when I put Victoria’s Secret Candy Baby (a little more sweet smelling but very light) body spray on with it. Enjoy! 🙂 HeatherHeather UpChurchArt & Design Studios[…][…]

Verna Copper Center, AK

Smells good, if you can smell it. Very weak.

I can barely smell it, and then it fades off to nothing. So it’s definitely not a strong scent. What I can smell of it is nice though.

Latoya Rapelje, MT

Beautiful Scent

I love this fragrance,it is very soft and sweet. It gives a girlie feel, but still makes you feel like a woman. I must say that i wish it lasted longer. I sit at a desk from 8 to 4:30 and by time i get home i can barely smell it. So i have to spray on more before i head to my night classes. But i guess that just means that goes with my body chemistry. It is a definite must in my parfum collection.

Yolanda Mullen, NE


When I opened my package,it waswell packaged and super fast delivery by seller,I was greatly pleased that my package arrived in good condition,nd to top it the perfume smell great,its sweet but not overly sweet like candy,I love the flowery and subtle vanilla note so it makes it a little sophisticated.I love this perfume and the price on amazon is far better than instores.I got a lot of compliments and people wanted to know the name of perfume I was wearing.Am happy I bought this perfume.5 stars for jessica simpson,one of the best celebrity perfumes I think !!

Carla Attapulgus, GA

Very Different

This Perfume is certainly different, but not in a good way. It’s an “acquired taste” but the scent just never grew on me. The more I smelled it, the more I hated it.The combination of Toasted Almonds,Red berries,Caramel and Apricots does not work. It gives off a very odd,synthetic scent.The fruity notes are overpowered by the Toasted Almonds and Burnt Sugar Scent 🙁

Pauline Korbel, CA

Very sweet, very boring

This is a heavy, rich, caramel/almond gourmand. While pleasant in small doses, it is incredibly sweet and gets overwhelming and cloying really fast. I find this scent to be sort of flat, it smells yummy but seems like it is missing something so I usually wear it over another fragrance in which I want to pump up the vanilla/caramel notes. There is nothing interesting about this fragrance alone; it is about as intriguing as the vanilla scented candles you can find in every store ever.

Dona Naponee, NE

Not at all what I thought

I either got a bad bottle or this just doesn’t do it for me. I get no "yummy" from this at all. Just a bit of alcohol and average scent. I get none of what should be in all the reviews that are positive. It is a shame.

Elsa Linden, TX

Love It ! !

Great perfume. Everything was packaged properly and it smells SO GOOD. I absolutely love it. This is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping, & I clicked that option. That’s approximately 5-8 days. I purchased this item on April 10th, and I received it on April 13th. You do the math. Overall its a great product and its a great price. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Tommie Picayune, MS


Ive bought this perfume before, and like it. To me it smells like vanilla and lemons. Overall the comment I get is…it smells sweet. So if your not into sweet scents I wouldnt recommend this one.

Kenya Newark, NJ


Great wonderful long-lasting gourmand for anyone to enjoy at this reasonable price. Sweet like your favorite dessert but also a little interesting.Perfect for all ages.

Pansy Camden, AL

Beautiful scent, but very strong!

I really do enjoy this perfume, but it’s VERY strong. Just one spritz lasts all day and is almost too strong at times. It’s lovely, but do keep that in mind! I don’t usually buy celebrity perfumes but I love having this one in my collection for winter.

Emilia Putnam Valley, NY

Caramel Candy!

I love this fragrance! It’s so yummy! Smells just like caramel candy once it dries.There’s something fruity mixed in with the caramel, but it’s not too strong.

Rose Alum Bridge, WV

This smell great

However I have a lot spray and I donated to the victims of the storm of Sandy to the people living in NYC

Doreen Gorum, LA

~This Smell Is So Intoxicating!~

My Jessica Simpson perfume arrived today and I am In Love!!! I love how expensive this perfume bottle looks!..She def gave it the right name…It’s def Fancy in every way!.. It looks and smells like it should cost 4 or 5x’s more than what it costs! I love this smell and bottle so much so that I’m going to order at least 2 more bottles!..I’ve always been a fan of Jessica’s and now I’m even more impressed with her!.

Lesley Carey, OH