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Famous Dave’s Self Tanning Mitt *20,000 Testimonials* Tan Applicator for sunless lotions, sprays, and mousse with Free Shipping

Famous Dave’s Self Tanning Mitt makes applying your fake tan product even easier! Using the self tan mitt is the only sure way to guarantee a totally even and streak-free tan. Our re-useable tanning mitt is designed to help the self tan product glide evenly and easily onto your skin, it also saves getting any tanning product onto your hands for the ultimate in tanning convenience. Use the glove to also make tanning more difficult areas like your feet, ankles, knees and backs of your hands a breeze! Perfect for use with Famous Dave’s Tanning Mousse, Lotions and Spray Tan Solutions, our mitt helps your tan go further and last longer. Once you’ve tried the tanning mitt, you’ll never go back to using ordinary gloves! (Please note that the mitt is reusable but is designed to be disposable and will last for approximately 1-2 months depending on your usage style and how gently it’s washed.)

Key features

  • The sure way to get a totally even and streak-free tan!
  • Re-useable, simply wash with hot soapy water when you’re done.
  • Makes applying your self tan even easier than before.
  • Saves getting self tan on your hands and reduces any mess.
  • Makes tanning the backs of your hands and your feet & ankles easy.

Honest reviews


Cheap product

Hello.So of course I have been looking all over town and Internet for good tanning mitts! Be very warned this is the same cheap mitt I just bought from Walmart!!! I paid a hefty price for this and it makes me so mad! This mitt maybe lasted me 4 applications before it tore and shredded! Be warned.

Annabelle Quinault, WA

I use these every summer

Blends the color well, keeps the hands clean. Washes easily. I use these every summer, it makes application so simple.

Hallie Keewatin, MN

Seems to work well

This is my first time trying glow lotion / sunless tanner and so my first time purchasing a mitt. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, so will just say that it seems to work well for its intended purpose and I have no complaints. I did read reviews of this one compared to a couple of others and note that this one is an actual mitt that you slide your hand into, while others are more just a sponge that you hold.

Corine Birchleaf, VA

Self tanning help.

The mitt is easy to use,and it makes for a nice smooth tan.Also easy to clean.The price is reasonable,too.A good thing.

Diann Auburn Hills, MI

Worn out fast

I dont find it very effective, the mitt ripped faster after couple of time usage. I would rather use rags to apply faster and worry free from rip it faster. Waste of money

Annmarie Dundee, MI