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Fallene Cotz Plus SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, 2.5-Ounce Tube

Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen is extra gentle, and dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin. No chemical sunscreen filters. Dries clear and PABA free. Contains only Titanium and Zinc, and has UVB/UVA protection. Water resistant and fragrance free. UVB is the cause of early skin redness experienced during initial sun exposure. UVA (320nm-400nm) is responsible for deeper skin damage, and many of the long term destructive changes that are harmful to the skin. Unfortunately there is no official rating system, to date, that measure’s a products’ UVA protection. UVA radiation, unlike UVB, is consistently the same all day long, all month long and all year long. UVA rays present almost the saM.D.amaging effects to the skin in December at 9am, as they do in July at 4 p.m. UVA radiation is consistently damaging, and in fact, enters deeper into the skin than UVB. Since UVA damage is cumulative and penetrates through glass, everyone requires daily, year round protection. Made in USA.

Key features

  • One 2.5-ounce tube of SPF58 sunscreen
  • Contains only titanium and zinc
  • Extra gentle; dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin
  • Water-resistant and fragrance-free
  • Made in the United States

Honest reviews


Daily, year round protection? Give me a break! Dracula would not need this.

Our doctor told us when our second child was born… to put him in the sun for a bit, with no sunscreen! He needed the sun for vitamin D!On the side of this box I am reading that I may get harmful rays through my window glass and need “Year round protection”. Year round protection from the sun? Do these people think I am an idiot? It’s comments like these that make me want to throw a product in the trash, no matter what it’s benefits. The people that make this, the marketing people, the company executives, they all signed off on that mumbo jumbo. They want me to be scared into putting this on my body year round. I can only imagine the effects of putting Zinc and titanium lotion on my skin all year long.If you have sensitive skin this is supposed to be good for you. Seriously though, if your skin is so sensitive that you will burn in the winter through window glass, get a hat, put on a shirt, pull down your blinds, and for gods sake be careful. I’m sure a bit of this will help too but the company should re-think the whole scare tactic approach.So I used the stuff on myself and my son. It works fine. It goes on looking like makeup coverup. It has very little smell to speak of. Sunscreen keeps me from getting burned. No big revelation. Most sunscreens with a SPF of 30 and above will do you fine as long as you re-apply as you go. Like I said earlier, we are all unique so we need to be our own best judge as to what works and what does not.This sunscreen seems good. I just got annoyed by the garbage info on the box. After all, what a product says and claims, in a market with a million choices, is all that distinguishes one product from another. This product is trying to scare you. Do not be afraid of the sun. As a matter of fact, go outside, get away from your computer and get some.*****It seems from the number of people who could care less for my review that no one cares what is printed on the side of a box. It seems no one cares what claims a product makes. I am also assuming everyone is diligently applying this lotion, like the box says, every day of the year.

Barbara Van Vleet, MS

Not for me

I’ve used a lot of sunscreens living here in south florida but this was about the strangest product I’ve ever tried. It comes out of the tube like light tan pancake make up and is thick like toothpaste. They claim it dries clear but it doesn’t. It leaves you looking like you either just rolled out of a coffin after a year of being locked inside or you are joining a band of street mimes. I mean really, this product makes your face look like you are dead not to mention the extremely heavy slimy feel that completely clogs your pores. Hard to believe anyone would put something so awful on the market. OK it’s SPF 58 but I would rather go out in long pants and long sleeves and wear a face mask then use this product. It also stains your clothes the same awful beige/tan color, nice! You can get a giant bottle of NO-AD that works just as well for a fraction of the price and no stains on your clothes or the look of death. Stay away!

Fanny Alexandria, PA

Ugly effect!

IF you have extremely sensitive skin and can find NO OTHER sunscreen, you might want to try this product. It works. That being said, do not believe the claim that it dries clear. It is like a very light-colored foundation make-up and leaves you looking rather sickly. It also leaves your skin feeling greasy. I ALWAYS finish products and hate to throw things away, but after 2 applications, this tube went into the trash.

Melanie Orla, TX

Fabulous sunscreen…

I was a bit nervous to apply this sunscreen b/c I grew up swimming on a team and our swim meets were outside – ALL DAY LONG. Therefore we always applied zinc oxide to our noses which looked like clown makeup but it was great in keeping our noses from burning and therefore peeling. This sunscreen contains the same zinc oxide but goes on smooth and blends in without leaving your skin white. I felt like the coverage was far superior to the other sunscreens I apply to myself and my children. Knowing that it won’t breakdown as easy as the others when my kids are in and out of the pool all day long eases my mind.It is quite pricey for the size tube you get (2.5 oz) but you really can’t put a price on protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays!

Robyn Safford, AL

This Product May Be Totally Suitable for Younger and More Sensitive Users

I’ve got sensitive skin, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to give up the great outdoors. Living out in Idaho, I love to ski in the winter and hit the waterpark in the summer. I usually use sunscreen. I believe Fallene Cotz Water Resistant Sunscreen provides a great alternative to traditional sunsblock protection.The Trudeau Factor: Kevin Trudeau, author of ‘Natural Cures They Won’t Tell You About’ is a troubadour of natural home cures. He’s said fair skinned people are prone to melanoma (skin cancer) because they use chemical sunscreens (most notably PABA). He believes people from Africa have low skin cancer rates and fair skinned people high rates because of the PABA, and he recommends that fair skinned people drop chemical sunscreens and spend more time out in the sun.This is only partly true. I know someone with fair skin who used baby oil rather than sunscreen during her formative years, and she now has precancerous lesions on her face. I know this is only anecdotal, but there is something internal that makes me believe there are are two factors in play…1.) People with sensitive skin have to use some suntan lotion (sunscreen) to protect them from the sun’s radiation and/or limit their time in the sun.2.) It makes sense to stay away from chemicals like PABA–as anyone knows that chemicals wage war against the body, even when consuming a diet rich in antioxidants.I love this product because it eliminates both problems. I tried this tube of sunscreen on a 104 degree Boise, Idaho day (above sea level, mind you), spending most of my time at the local water park and received a minimal amount of sunburn. The directions say to reapply it every two to three hours, which I failed to do, yet it still worked after I was immersed in water and exposed to hours of direct sunlight.Reservations: I first disliked the fleshtone hue of the product. Familiar with white lotions, I didn’t want to look artificial. After applying it all over my body, I went to a mirror and discovered no suspected women’s make up residue or “fake bake” tanning looks. It blended so well, I now think those blotches of neglected white are less worthwhile.Looking up “titanium” and “zinc oxides,” there is still debate about these ingredients, but they make sense. I’ve seen zinc oxide on white lifeguard noses for ages, and zinc is a mineral put in supplements. I hope titanium doesn’t have the unconfirmed effect that aluminum allegedly has to Alzheimer’s. Hopefully, we won’t hear of “Titanium” poisoning or ailments, but the experts online, rather, are still debating about the effects the mixture has on skin cells. (People have had “Titanium” limbs for decades now.) Australia, where the skin cancer rate is notably and predicably the highest, “titanium oxide” has been used for almost a decade. So far the prognosis looks good.Right now it’s a great development. From childhood when minor sunburn greeted me with sleepless nights and itchy, rashlike recoveries, no product could be more welcome on the market.***I’ve noticed that while water-resistant, this sunscreen stains clothes. My swimsuit was stained, but it does come out eventually. I’d rather have the waterproof ingredients, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing nice clothes when using his product.

Gay Navesink, NJ

Awesome sunscreen for us red heads!

Being the fair skinned red that I am, I have to watch how much sun exposure I get or I get burned badly.First thing I noticed was that the stuff is almost a rust colored but rubs in completely invisible and doesn’t feel greasy at all, it feels more like liquid baby powder as you rub it in. The other thing that I REALLY liked about it is that it’s fragrancy free (I’m allergic to most fragrances), no smell whatsoever!So to test how well it worked I slathered a bunch on my neck, face, arms and legs then headed outside to work on the car in full sun (100+ degrees even). After a few hours of sweating like crazy the stuff still seemed to be doing it’s job and hadn’t rubbed off.After a full day of being outside in full sun I can honestly tell you that my neck, face, arms, and legs are not even the least bit burnt. Even with a higher SPF sunscreen like Banana Boat, my neck and face would get scorched after a few hours of being in the sun, but not with this stuff.The only complaint I have is that is can stain light colored clothing, bit in all reality this is a very minor drawback.This product deserves nothing less then five stars for how well it performs, it is just amazing and I will not use anything other then this for now on! I believe in the product wholeheartedly.Pros:Goes on smooth and isn’t greasy.Works better then any sunscreen I’ve tried before.Doesn’t wear off easily.No perfumes, smells, or anything to cause irritations to the skin.Cons:Cost, but it works better then anything else out there.Can discolor light colored clothing.

Camille Vinton, CA

Wonderful even for extremely sensitive skin

Wonderful sun protection for anyone, for those of us with sensitive skin and those who want to avoid unnecessary chemicals that could cause problems in the future.I’ve had skin rashes from allergies/sensitivities for years, and about four years ago I also developed eczema. I have extremely pale skin and need serious sun protection. In winter I simply wrap a scarf around my face whenever I am outside, but that is not practical in warm weather. I was a long-time user of a brand of sunscreen that went off the market two years ago. I have struggled to find another sunscreen/block that I could tolerate. Many burn when I put them on and most either caused or aggravated skin problems.Not so with this fantastic product. I’ve been using it for three weeks and I love it. When I started using it, the skin on my face was in the worst shape ever and I was in agony. Not only did this product not irritate my skin, but it actually seemed to soothe it. I felt the difference immediately, and the redness, swelling, itching and burning disappeared within two days of use. In a few days, my skin was back to being soft and smooth. What a relief!I also tried the Fallene Total Block Clear last summer, and that also seemed to work, although I was not having many skin problems at the time so the conditions were not as extreme. In other words, it did not irritate my skin, but whether it had the same soothing qualities, I cannot say. I would not hesitate to recommend either product to anyone.I should add that neither Fallene product caused any acne-type problems, unlike a few other skin products I have tried.

Rosanna Rollins Fork, VA

Ultimate sunscreen

Fallene makes a number of wonderful suncreens specifically for the face. I like this one best out of all of them. First, the protection is amazing. I get sun spots easily and this is the only suncreen that protects my skin enough to prevent freckling and blotching. Second, it comes in a convenient tube. I can apply it anywhere with no mess. This suncreen is made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide rather than chemicals. This is an advantage because chemical suncreens break down with exposure to sunlight but zinc and titanium does not which is why it gives superior sun protection. I used to buy this from my dermatologist’s office for $25 but now I can buy it for cheaper at amazon. Highly recommend!

Emily Homestead, IA

Won’t make you break out, but is greasy

I have sensitive skin (mostly on my face) and have a hard time finding a sunscreen that won’t cause problems. I generally stick to expensive department store brands. Fallene Cotz contains only titanium and zinc, has no fragrance, is slightly tinted, and goes on pretty smoothly. However, it is slightly greasy and makes your skin look shiny. It does work, but you will have to put up with being shiny. That isn’t worth it to me, so I plan on sticking with my old faithfuls, even though they are expensive.

Emma Land O Lakes, FL

Sunblock works well, but it’s a little messy

Our family has used the Cotz sunblock a few times in the past week. It does a good job on ears, nose, neck and arms. The product itself is a tan color when it comes out of the tube, and it’s supposed to disappear as it’s rubbed onto the skin. That mainly was the case, but it left our hands a bit messy and didn’t “disappear” there. It also left some chalky residue on things I touched after applying it. We didn’t get any sunburn where we applied it, and we spent a lot of time outside last weekend. That aside, this product blocks the sun physically, not chemically, so this is a good product generally for people who might have allergies or other problems with the run-of-the-mill chemical sunblocks.

Evangelina Evinston, FL

Good but pricey

I was satisfied with the job this product did with regard to protection. While fragrance is not added, it is not without a scent/odor, though it was a light odor. I think the product is rather expensive given that there is no way to assess how well it works against UVA rays. My skin is not extremely sensitive so I can only say that I did not have any reactions–probably because fragrance was not added. For those with extreme sensitivities it is probably worth the cost. It did leave some dicoloration on my white shirt which I was not pleased about but it did come out after laundering. I would not want to use this other than for the beach or swimming as I don’t care to wear stained clothing.

Patricia Hurlburt Field, FL

very good sunscreen

I love this sunscreen. It goes on very smoothly, the light tint is perfect for my fair skin – doesn’t make my face look white like a clown’s (in fact it seems to make my skin look better) – and it is odorless. I am happy to know that with its spf of 58 and effectivenss against both uvb and uva rays I am well protected. I also think a tube will last quite a while since it doesn’t take much to cover my whole face.

Herminia Brookshire, TX

Excellent, but…

This is an excellent sunscreen product, especially for sensitive-skin users, as it “Contains Only Titanium and Zinc” – hence the acronymic name. It’s also free from sunscreen chemicals and has a high SPF plus UVA/UVB protection. And as an added plus, it’s much less greasy than most sunscreens I’ve used, and goes on smoothly with a fleshtone tint, not the usual greasepaint-white. My family used it on a recent trip to the South Carolina beach and gave it unanimously high marks. Only one caution, and this cost it a star: because of its makeup-like tint, it has a tendency to stain your clothes.

Maxine Telegraph, TX

Expensive but very good

The Fallene Cotz is a very effective, non-greasy and quick absorbing sunscreen. One of the issues with many sunscreens is that they leave your hands and body greasy and have an over-powering smell. Fallene Cotz is easy to apply, strong protection, long lasting, and perfect for sensitive skin.My only issue is the cost… Fallene Cotz is roughlu three times the cost of standard “Baanans Boat” varieties. If you value the high quality a high quality sunscreen then this is the product for you. While “Banana Boat” has sunscreen varieties that offer similar protection I often feel a “film” on my skin which is absent when I use the Fallene Cotz.Overall score -A+ for the productC for the costOverall – A-

Odessa Louin, MS

Good Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

I was very excited to receive this product. My son is extremely sensitive to most sunscreens. I’ve tried almost everything on the market. Everything claiming extra gentle, for faces, for tender places, oil free, and all the various claims but with everyone but one other product that I’ve tried, my son’s face has ended up with red welts all over.This product did not irritate his skin in any way. I put it on my 2 year old and my 15 month old. No irritation. They were swimming and it stayed on. Note: the product claims “water resistant” not water proof. The directions state to reapply every 2-3 hours of swimming.I also wanted to mention that the cover states “Contains Only Titanium and Zinc” and that isn’t completely true. Those are the active ingredients, there is a whole long list of inactive ingredients, if that matters to anyone.My only complaint is that it is tinted beige. It states that it dries clear but did not. I didn’t mind the beige tint on my boys because I could see the places that I had missed and reapplied but they ended up with beige all over their clothes too. I didn’t think most people in day to day wear would want the beige tint on their clothes or skin.

Erin Mc Neil, AR

Great stuff

Works well and is not that greasy considering the SPF. Stays on like it should and doesn’t stain clothes. I didn’t use it on my face, but I do have sensitive skin and thought it would be too heavy. It didn’t break me out anywhere else so far. I’d recommend if you need a really high SPF. It might be too much for your average person.

Bonnie Villa Grande, CA

Very Nice Product

This sunscreen works very well. I am very photo sensitive, and it kept me from burning while I was in the direct sun for several hours. The lotion is not fragrance-free as it claims, but the smell is not offensive.It covers well, stays on even if you go in the water, and keeps you from getting fried. It’s a little pricey, but it definitely feels like a more high-end product. I would recommend it to those who are willing to pay a premium for a top notch product.

June Little America, WY

Cotz Coats and Is an Alternative to Mainstream Brands

My name is Jarucia and I’m a sunscreen-aholic.Admittedly I’m not as pale as the fresh driven snow, but my skin is still as light as a white flesh nectarine.More than 10 minutes in the sun and I feel as if I’m roasting. All that sunscreens do for me is ensure that I don’t burn.As a purveyor of all things SPF over 25 AND organic, I can’t say I’d turn my nose up to Cotz. It rubs on smooth (though don’t be too liberal), I like the tint (which stayed put on me), and left my skin feel comfortably cool the direct sunlight (which is always an added treat). I left some skin uncoated next to the Cotz coated skin and it was roasting.I live in the PNW so the weather isn’t muggy enough to interfere with absorption and drying, but in all fairness few if any sunscreens I’ve used in muggy climates ever get past being sticky.As an alternative to many mainstream commercial brands, I liked the ingredient list for Cotz but wasn’t crazy about it. This point is simply a personal choice for the skin guardian in each of us.Also, as with most general sunscreens, I did not and would not apply this to my face. Face specific lotions should be used for that.Overall, I liked this product and feel it delivers as promises. It is a tad on the pricey side, but with the way it spreads a little does go a long way.

Kristy Cambridge, VT

Lived up to Made in USA standard

I got this for my wife as Singapore is tropical. She was surprised at the small size tube 2.5oz (as a new product, perhaps we may see larger size tubes in the near future). As it is made in USA, it costs more than other brands (per oz comparison). But if you look at the benefits it offers, then it is worth the money. It is neither smelly nor greasy. And it does not cause any sensitive reaction after usage. It does a good job in protecting skin from Sun UV, especially strong in Singapore almost all year round. The water resistant works quite well (sweat a lot under the hot sun). I will update again the rating if I got more results.

Briana Viola, IA

Safe and effective, but may discolor clothes

I like that this sunscreen is rated one of the least toxic by the Cosmetic Safety Database. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are considered the safest, most effective materials available for sun protection and this combination of the two, by Fallene Cotz, has the advantage of feeling less slimy than most sunscreens containing these two minerals.I was somewhat dismayed by the fact that the product has a tint to it and my skin is quite fair, but it wasn’t noticeable even on my face. The box says that it “dries clear,” but that is only partially true. While I couldn’t see any visible change in my skin color with it on, the tint did come off onto a white napkin when I wiped my mouth. But the product did a good job protecting my face and neck from tanning and burning for an hour in the summer sun, and even after a full day of wearing it, my skin never felt greasy.I would definitely order this product again, although I wouldn’t use it on my body if I were wearing light colored clothing.

Shanna Borger, TX


This is the modern version of the thick white stuff that only looks good on tan, 17-year-old lifeguards. My skin is sensitive generally, and I always try to use fragrance free products, but this is the rare case where you smell absolutely nothing when you apply it. The cream goes on smoothly, and feels like there’s nothing there once you blend it in; I didn’t feel any greasy residue. The cream is a neutral beige color that disappears once applied. I tried it under makeup, and it worked perfectly. Highly recommended! One caution: it’s not really waterproof, so reapply if you swim.

Victoria Baker, MT

Best for specific areas (for the cost)

For me personally – I got this sunscreen for one specific spot – my nose. Almost all other sunscreens (non-oily, made for the face, etc) still leave my nose a greasy mess. This felt like I was putting on an acne mask – in a good way. It was a fairly thick consistency and tinted enough to see I was covered. It felt like it soaked in and didn’t leave me with a slick feeling (or a white nose).For the rest of my family – it’s not just a nose thing…We used this on my daughter for an all-day, play outside kind of party. It went on easily and protected all day (through kiddie pools and sweat). My son also has a very short buzz cut and this protected his head on full sun beach days. It’s hard to beat spray-on sunscreen for kids, but if you have sensitive skin and those don’t work for you, this certainly protects well.

Doris Olathe, KS

Works As Well as Neutrogena on This Blonde!

I am fair-skinned and burn instantly. I was skeptical about trying an “all natural” sunscreen because I have come to depend on the routine chemicals that protect me from burning so I did a test. I put Cotz SPF 58 on one arm and Neutrogena 55 on the other. After several hours in the sun neither arm was burned. Bottom line: it worked.The Cotz has no scent. That is a huge plus for me. But like every other cream sunscreen out there, it has a greasy feel no matter what they claim. I’m not sure I would want it on my face on a daily basis. It is also a lot more expensive than regular sunscreen, BUT doesn’t have the chemicals that are harmful to the environments/coral reefs, so it’s a trade-off.I give it four stars because it worked, it doesn’t smell like anything, and because it protects the environment. It lost a star for cost and greasy feel.

Antionette Lincoln University, PA

BEST sunscreen for acne-prone skin!

I love this sunscreen. I have oily, acne-prone skin, and everything makes me breakout, so when my dermatologist recommended it, I was a little hesitant.It does NOT cause any spots at all, and the zinc soothes any red spots or irritation I may have.The light cream color (due to zinc) may not work for all skin colors, but if you continue to smooth it in, it will fade a bit. For me, it evens out my coloring if I dab a bit more on certain areas.This sunscreen does not feel greasy and it does not melt.I haven’t been able to put sunscreen on the delicate skin around my eyes until I found COTZ; there is no burning at all on sensitive or delicate skin.

Sheree Judith Gap, MT

Sickly tint, not sweat-proof

I am really fair skinned but the pale off-white tint in this sunscreen makes me look even paler and sickly. I could live with that, but after an hour in the sunshine, sweating just lightly, I took off my sunglasses and saw 2 bare spots on my nose under the sunglass pads with the whitish cream pushed downward like a wrinkled sheet into 2 blobs on my cheeks. I’ve never seen even thick make-up that pushes into globs like that. I didn’t use very much to begin with and rubbed it in very well. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. This is sooo not worth the cost!

Patrice Big Lake, TX

Works fine for most of us, but not for the child I wanted it for

I ordered this because it is advertised for sensitive skin — and my daughter gets rashes with most sunscreens. There are only a couple of brands I’ve found that work for her; unfortunately, this is not one of them. It is oil, fragrance and PABA free — but is not paraben free.Having said that, it worked great on the rest of us — my children and I were at the beach in the hot Florida sun in July for about 5 hours and none of us got anything close to a sunburn. It is smooth, skin-toned, and goes on easily — doesn’t smell, and seems to work just fine. Of course, most sunscreens work well for us, so that is not a big surprise. It did seem to be a bit more effective than some brands we’ve tried. I can’t say for sure whether it works for those with sensitive skin but no paraben allergies — but can say we probably will stick with less expensive brands for the rest of us, and with paraben-free brands (like Burt’s Bees) for my daughter.

Mattie Forestville, NY

waterproof, good for sensitive skin, but creamy beige tint may not work for all skin tones?

This product did not irritate my skin at all- yeah! It also did not have any greasy or mask-like feeling. The pale tint effectively blended into my skin.I was impressed by how waterproof this product is. I tried removing it with soap not long after applying it the first time, and it stayed put/water just beaded over it! I had to use dishwashing detergent to remove it (that worked very well).I do wonder if the tint would work for darker-skinned individuals?

Dee Caryville, FL

complete protection

As a fisherman who lives in Southwest Florida I spend a lot of time in the sun. The intense heat, excessive humidity, and salt water give any sunblock a real test. I typically use Coppertone Oil Free SPF 30, which has performed great. Fallene Cotz SPF 58 is unlike any sunblock I’ve ever used. It’s thicker and more difficult to spread but that’s probably because I’m used to a lighter SPF 30. Also, it’s a tan color which doesn’t rub in very well and at the end of the day I still had a tan-colored residue on my skin. However, it’s very durable which might explain why a residue was left. After a lot of sweating and getting wet from salt water I was still protected and didn’t get any sunburn whatsoever. Fallene Cotz also feels non-greasy. I have sensitive and acne prone skin and didn’t suffer any adverse affects from this product. I like this sunblock but not enough to quit using what I normally use.

Lolita Henderson, NV

Updating my original review…. More favorable opinion with time.

Update: March 1, 2010Five stars.Having tried too many sunscreens that burned my eyes, either by way of an inadvertent splash of lotion on the eyelid, or by way of sweat running down my face and into my eyes, I am re-evaluating my view of Cotz. I have not been able to find another sunscreen that works as well, and that does not sting my eyes.I am switching back to the Cotz for my full-time sun protection, as I am so tired of the eye irritation that comes with the use of other sunscreens. Cotz does not sting the eyes, and I am finding that fact to be of more importance that I realized when I wrote the original review.I have also discovered that I was applying it more heavily than is necessary, hence the chalky look.—-I have to say that I was a bit dismayed when I first opened the tube and saw that the product looked like liquid makeup. It is a pale beige-pink color right out of the tube. However, the label cheerfully reassured me that the product “dries clear.” I was a bit doubtful about that claim, as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide are all quite distinctly opaque substances, but whatever… To paraphrase Bill Clinton, I guess it depends on what your definition of “clear” is.” Just the appearance alone was immediately making me think of negative things to say in a review.Sure enough, when applied, it does leave a very slightly chalky-looking film on the skin. On light-skinned people, it’s probably not going to be too obvious. On people with darker skin, well, I think it will be pretty noticeable. My skin is definitely on the light pink side. When I applied it to my face and then looked in the mirror, my first reaction was to grab the blush and lipstick, because I sure looked washed out. (Might be good for convincing someone that you don’t feel too well….)So, just in terms of appearance, it might be great for kids that are too young to care about looking good, and adults who are so adverse to getting burned, or to using a sunscreen with chemicals in it, that they also don’t care that much about looking good either. If you are trying to be a gorgeous gleaming beach god or goddess, look elsewhere for skin protection.I used the product when working in the yard for several hours on more than one sunny day. It does work! My skin burns very easily, and Cotz protected it quite well. I also liked the fact that it was not greasy, dried rapidly, did not sting my eyes, and did not feel slick or unpleasant at all. I gave it four stars because it protects quite well, and is PABA-free. If it hadn’t been for the slightly chalky look, I would have given it five stars. I would not hesitate to recommend this to others.

Amie Cincinnati, OH

Drying even on hands, RASH on FACE And NECK

This product caused a rash on my face and neck so it is not as advertised ” for sensitive skin” and it dried the skin worse than being in the sun! I would not purchase again.Why is it so difficult to find a good sunscreen?Very frustrated….. had hoped this would be a great solution with all the 5 star reviews.

Magdalena Frederick, IL