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Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer by BeneFit Cosmetics Light 3.5g

Concealer that’s incognito! This hydrating crease-control concealer – with Vitamin E & apple seed extract – hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look.

Key features

  • Hydrates skin
  • Feels comfortable on skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Conceals dark circles
  • Easy to use

Honest reviews


Don’t buy the hype

I was really excited to try this concealer, as it’s touted as the most moist and smooth one on the market. This news was welcomed by me, as most concealers that actually have good coverage are thick and cakey, and require a bit of moisturizer to give them a natural look. How nice to have it built in! Both advertisements and sneak reviews of it commented on its ability to neutralize bluish tints under the eye, cover uneven pigmentation, smooth fine lines while not settling into them, and its anti-caking qualities. I’m fairly disappointed on all counts.I don’t find the color selections capable of matching yellow undertones, the Light option leaving a bright and obvious delineation in set makeup. For three uses, I’ve applied Fake Up with a brush under my eyes, and it immediately settles into fine lines. The results were the same with finger application. A light application of Hello Flawless foundation powder smooths it, but not for long. While I like the idea of it being emollient–particularly as I’ve spent years using a moisturizer to smooth on more cakey concealers–it shines, even under powder. It also separates once on the skin, and settles into oily dots. Eyeliner and mascara on bottom lashes bleed into it after a short time. Very unattractive.I will most definitely be returning this concealer in hopes of finding one that actually conceals and brightens without blinding. Perhaps if you are young and/or do not have the concern of under eye shadowing, this may work well. Else, hold out for a more thorough option.EDIT: Lancome’s Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer worked out better for me, but it’s also more expensive.

Lucy Sebastopol, MS

Fails as a concealer

Sure it’s moisturizing, I guess, sort of. But it flops as a concealer. Absolutely no coverage and the moisture in the outer layer makes the conealer center slide right off your skin. Total waste of money. I eyed this for over 2 months before making the splurge, when my drugstore brand was just fine. Really disappointed.

Paige Wind Gap, PA


I love this and use it everyday.Except I buy on and save $$$$$$$$$$$Great product, and does the job for those nasty dark under eye circles.

Melissa Sumpter, OR

Perfect Concealer for Dry skin!

If you have dry skin you guys need this product! I love the concept of this product with the moisturizer balm on the outside with the concealer on the inside.The packaging is down right adorable!; it is a sleek silver packaging with hot pink accents and in Black Fancy printing it says Fake Up, and then benefit is written at the bottom in pink. The concealer is a twist up balm.The actual product comes in 3 basic shades; Light,Medium,and Deep. I wish they had mores shades so more people could have it better matched, but for me light matches really nicely.I really like the consistency of this product it is very moisturizing and feels so great but it looks like a normal concealer on your skin. The moisturizer doesn’t feel weird or balmy and it doesn’t look greasy! The concealer is super blend able and you never have concealer lines either! This concealer has decent coverage and works great on redness,under eye circles, and smaller acne; however when I use this on bigger zits I need to use more than one application to cover it. If you have dry patches this product is perfect since this product has a moisturizer you can put the concealer on dry patches without making them look flakey or it settling into creases. I recommend on dry patches to apply under your foundation and then reapply over foundation to make it appear flawless.The lasting power on this product is decent I feel like it lasts all day but this isn’t good to exercise in because the product will Fade A little, but just reapply after you exercise and it will work like a charm!Overall if you have dry skin you need to try this concealer it’s a life savor, totally holy grail product. It’s so amazing! The price is $24, which is expensive, but it is high end makeup and its such a great product that I find it to be worth the price!By the way if you are interesting on seeing a youtube video on how this applies and looks and my review my youtube beauty channel is “TruelyABlonde”.

Alana Gardiner, MT

I really like this cancelear

I really like this cancelear, because it. soros very well, Never show the rinkles and hydrate my skin.

Merle Paxico, KS

The best

I happened across this stuff after trying a sample and after just one use, I was totally hooked. The "light" shade is the perfect shade for my skin and covers up dark spots and blemish marks completely. I don’t use it under my eye much, because I can see where it might have the tendency to crease, but for a cover-up/concealer, this stuff is the best I’ve ever used.

Mina Gainesville, MO

it works!

I have light, thin undereye-skin and this product works to conceal. I’m also 43 so that might make a difference too. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines. I do set it with powder and wear it over Pore-fessional also from Benefit. Is it perfect? No. But it’s damn close and just when I think that I want to save the money on a drugstore brand, I try one and come back to this. I wear it daily and it’s lasted me 6 mos. for this last tube. If you have normal to dry skin or thin, aging skin in your undereye area then give it a shot. It’s not meant for everyone but for the right skin, it’s a true find.

Loraine Booth, AL

Great covering concealer

I have combination dry skin so any extra hydration I can get is great. I usually can’t wear concealer as it looks too cakey and dry on my skin so I was intrigued by this concealer with hydration in one. It worked really well at covering acne scars or the random pimples I still get but for under eyes I still found some creasing. But I was pleased enough with the coverage it offered the rest of my face to keep it. I’m going to play around with different under eye moisturizers now that I’m starting to see signs of wrinkles to see if that helps cut back on the creasing. Yes pimples and wrinkles, being 30 is so much fun! 🙂

Lizzie Freeport, NY

I am not particularly pleased with the color

This product is plenty moisturizing. I am not particularly pleased with the color, but it just does not match my complexion really well. It is my fault because I ordered this color.

Mary Covington, PA

Costs $9 more from official Benefit site

I love this product. Use light as under eye concealer. Also have medium to even out face when I don’t want to wear foundation and dark works great as a bronzer. However I will NOT be buying this here as the guaranteed real deal directly from Benefit or one of their approved department stores is, and always had been, priced at $24.

Althea University Park, PA

I have never fallen in love with a makeup product before. I cannot seem to stop raving about this!

I had been looking for a moist, concealer for a long time and I don’t think I will ever switch from this one now that I have found it! I am usually cheap with makeup, I have been wearing drugstore make up for years. I recently switched to some mid-range makeup and I included this as part of my daily routine. I LOVE it. In fact, when I leave the house, this is the only thing that I even feel the need to take with me. It leaves a healthy glow under your eyes and even sort of acts as a highlighter for your cheeks. The girl at Sephora told me to draw a line with it that traces the bottom part of your dark circles and blend it out/up into your under eye area with your ring finger or a brush. She told me that you really should not apply this or any concealer directly under the eyes or else it might settle into fine lines. I have been doing what she told me and OMG I am in love. This is absolutely worth every penny!

Peggy Petersburg, IN