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Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion, 2-Ounces

Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion, 2oz

Key features

  • An absolutely remarkable facial self tanner from the masters at Fake Bake
  • The Face Self Tanner by Fake Bake is the ultimate anti-aging sunless tanner
  • Utilizing the same powerful peptide that made StriVectin famous, Matrixyl, Fake Bake’s Facial Self Tanner provides a flawless, natural looking tan while improving skin tone and firmness

Honest reviews


S/be tinted moisturizer

This should be labeled as a tinted moisturizer rather than a sunless tan lotion. It has done nothing for tanning my face. Underneath a bronzer powder makeup, it’ll help make my face look tanner but then it’s back to it’s normal color, once washed off.

Lorena Arlington Heights, IL


I usually don’t bother writing reviews for items I dislike, however, I enjoy writing reviews about products I enjoy and am pleased with. This face self tanner, however, is terrible. It is no better, if not worse, than a product you can get in a drug store. It darkens my face with the “tinted” coloring, but it does not self-tan my face after the coloring is washed off! It also leaves me with cystic acne, even if it is only worn during the day and I am careful to wash my face well after. For a product that states that it is specifically for the face, I think it is terrible that it causes acne.

Inez Grover, CO

Good product

Wintertime leaves me looking pale and sallow if I can’t get to the sunshine…and I really dislike that. Having a little color just seems to make me feel better…but finding the right product for me was hard work. This face color seems to work fairly well (don’t forget to wash your hands after applying). I like it worn under make up…it is a little ‘off’ on me alone. Nice product, I would buy again.

Latonya Sisseton, SD

good color during the day but not lasting

I love the bronzed color my face is after applying this product, but it doesn’t absorb into the skin at all! Meaning, as soon as you wash your face it goes back to it’s normal skin color. There is no self tanning about this, it’s more of a tinted cream, & not even moisturizing.

Sheri Fort Cobb, OK

Not bad, but not the best.

I’m usually a big fan of the Fake Bake products, but this one is lacking in my opinion. The color it produces is a very nice bronze, but the smell is terrible! I’m not exaggerating when I say that, either. I’ve smelled some pretty stinky tanners, but this one tops the list.I didn’t have any problems with breakouts, but I did notice that my face was a lot greasier while using it.Overall, it will give you good color and the price is right if you can get past the smell.

Mari Leland, IL

Good Stuff

This tanner is nice and sheer and has a nice bronze color – no orange. I was skeptical of using this since my skin is very fair but it goes on evenly and leaves a nice color. I don’t wear makeup too much so I like to have a healthy glow. This product is pretty low maintenance and I get to semi-permanantly say goodbye to my pale skin. Yay!

Brigitte Norwood, LA

Good product; works as advertised.

I have bought another product by this company and was very pleased. Now I have bought this one and they both work as advertised. You get the color that you want IF you put the correct amount on for your skin tone. My being very fair-skinned means I only put on very little at first, realized I could add to that, and was fine with the outcome. The odor is okay; I’m very sensitive to awful smelling products and this was just fine. Would certainly recommend to those that wish to try a new tanning product that does what it says!

Tessa Tonica, IL

No more spray tans

Works great with first use achieved deep dark tan next dayNeed to apply every night or fades fast with showersI like this a lot for the face I am olive completion and the dark gives me the right color.

Adriana Moran, TX

This is a good product for its price

This is pretty good product for its price. I think my skin feels a bit orange, but only a bit …….I still recommend this product because quality is pretty good and the tan last ………..

Marcella Sophia, NC

More of a brownzer

It makes my face look tan but the next day it is gone , even with continued use. I prefer now to either use a powder bronzer or fake bakes regular tanning spray and just carefully apply it to my face with a cotton pad.

Milagros Windsor, IL

Great as a tinted moisturizer! Not so great as a face tanner.

I wanted a face tanning lotion and read all the great reviews on here so I decided to purchased this Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion. I’ve never used Fake Bake products before so I was excited to try this!This lotion goes on with a nice light tint color however when I washed my face it disappeared and I was back to having my pale face (I’m blonde/blue eyed).I would say that this lotion is more of a tint moisturizer than a self tanning lotion.Having said that I do really like it as a moisturizer. It has Matrixyl 3000 which is a major wrinkle fighting ingredient. After using this lotion my face feels really soft and it doesn’t break out my acne prone skin which is a plus!I’ll use it instead of my regular foundation and the tint gives my face a nice glow. It does have a slight scent that goes away after a few minutes.So if you want a long lasting face tan this isn’t going to give you one. But, if you want something good for your skin this is it!

Roberta Saugus, MA

Amazing tan AND anti-aging

I love this product! I hope they never stop making it. The Matrixyl 3000 greatly improves the health of my skin. It looks smoother, more toned and breakouts seem to heal faster. If I have a noticeable blemish, I take a q-tip and dab it after applying the tanner so that area won’t get too dark. The tan is VERY natural looking, and I use it on my neck, chest and upper back as well. I recommend washing your hands after applying.

Annette Hurley, VA

Had my doubts but…

It gives my skin a natural glow that looks like I just spent the afternoon at the beach. I have very fair skin so getting a natural looking tan is tough. This product makes it easy!

Mattie Wellington, TX

not impressed

this is not as dark as i thought it would be. im hispanic and i like to be dark and this was a joke. Will use the rest because i dont want to go thru the hassle of returning it.

Rosalyn Chichester, NH

Looks nice and natural and I get lots of complements on …

I combine a little of this with my daily moisturizer and wear rubber gloves to apply it or else your fingers will get stained. Looks nice and natural and I get lots of complements on my complexion and I don’t wear any make-up so it’s good here in the summer in Georgia!

Catherine Gordo, AL

Great face tanning lotion!

I really like the Fake Bake Self Tanning lotion for the face. It goes on easily and has not caused any breakouts. Color is nice and not too dark.

Ollie Talbott, TN