Fake Bake Body Polish

To prepare your skin for the ultimate self-tanning experience, always begin with Fake Bake’s Body Polish.This soap-free Body Polish ingredients begin with Aloe and include eleven other botanicals. This helps restore your skin’s moisture balance while natural exfoliators gently slough away dead skin cells to achieve the softest, smoothest skin possible before tanning.It is important to prepare your skin with a soap-free product that won’t dry out the skin or leave a residue. Soap-based products can also prevent even absorption of the self-tanning products.

Key features

  • Prepare your skin for the ultimate self-tanning experience.

Honest reviews



I use the self tanners from FAke bake and wanted in an attempt to optimize the self tanner use their polish. Like another reviewer stated, it is very overpriced and well the smell, is very fruity>! And I did not see a difference between using this one and another store version for half the price. Not worth the money. To bad really wished it would have made a difference. AS stated before the self tanners from FAke Bake , flawless spray and lotion are amazing !!!!

Terri Peshastin, WA

wolud buy again

Its ok,would buy again love the smell.I just won’t pay alot for it can buy over the counter that does just as well.Don’t shave your legs than use it though irritation.

Hannah Ingram, TX

Fragrant, effective exfoliator.

I first used a non-Fake Bake exfoliator, and the results were good. However, I used this the second time around and was much more pleased. My body felt a lot cleaner, and I think it’s a great prep exfoliator for the Fake Bake. I think the aloe vera is the key ingredient in this. It also smells amazing! I think it’s a great value as well – what I bought before this was about the same price and I personally felt that it was less effective. I would definitely recommend this if you’re about to use Fake Bake.

Mia Pelham, TN


I used to buy this product at ultra. So glad that I found it here at a better price. I use this weekly and it works great. No streaks at all

Helen Hyattville, WY

I love Fake bake and all…

This is probably one of the sissiest exfoliators I have ever purchased. It has beads so small I might as well use my Aveeno face exfoliator because it’s not doing much. Smell is ok, packaging as in the container is less than ideal… some of mine started leaking rather quickly.

Violet Pevely, MO