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Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan Spray, 8 Ounce

A revolutionary, express, self tan liquid which develops into a beautiful, natural looking tan in 60 minutes. Easy to apply with our “shows where it goes” color guide. To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 minutes on longer then rinse off the color guide to reveal the tan.

Key features

  • Easy to apply with our “shows where it goes” color guide
  • To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 minutes on longer then rinse off the color guide to reveal the tan
  • Accelerators speed up the development time and a golden glow can be achieved in an hour

Honest reviews



I wanted to try this since I like the "Flawless", but you CAN’T TRUST THE REVIEWS!! Most are NOT AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASES, & the ppl have NO PROFILES & ONLY REVIEWED THIS PRODUCT ( & maybe 1 more to look good!). You can’t get an HONEST review anymore on products, companies plant fake 5 star ones & rave "I LOVE IT" reviews… It’s sad- I use to rely on other ppl & the experience they had with a product , now you can’t trust them- 90% fake, Bogus reviews…. That alone makes me question a product/seller & WHY they need to plant so many fake reviews! The product is not good, or they had low star ratings & want it to look like many ppl bought & LOVE this!!I"LL KEEP ME MONEY ON THIS ONE!!!!

Shannon Underwood, MN

My new favorite

I love this latest offering from Fake Bake product because it dries quickly and processes faster that the others. You can put in on the morning if you want and once dry, it doesn’t realy come off on your clothes although I’d don’t think I’d tempt fate and wear white. However, they do say these types of products work better at night while your body is at rest. It has that slight tanning product odor, but not as strong as the lotion. It gives a nice deeper color for those of us that arenot itysuper fair-skinnedto begin with. I also recommend their Darkest Intensity Gel

Leah Yuma, TN

Good temporary color

I’m an avid self tanner user. Fake Bake is one of the top brands I use. I was a little disappointed in this product as it rinses off easily with minimal color left.

Juanita Sarcoxie, MO

Excellent self tanner

This gives a flawless, true tan. Never orange. My favorite thing is the fact that it doesn’t have that tell-tale Sunless tanner odor. I apply this and am darker instantly, but I usually use it before bed then shower in the morning. The color lasts for a week or two, and fades gradually/evenly. Never blotchy.Would repurchase.xx

Latonya Pottstown, PA

love this stuff

i use this and sunlab giese . both best products as far as self tanning goes. sun lab is a cream which u can use when ur skin is dry adn this is a spray u use with a cloth mitt.

Mallory North Spring, WV

Need a second person to apply the product.

I was hoping to find a tanner that was easy to apply. I can only apply this to some of my body. To get a tan, I have to get must husband to apply the rest. He hates doing it. The color is brown and not orange. If you can get someone to apply it, you will like it.

Terrie Grand Blanc, MI

Love it!

Ive used many self tan products, I thought St. Tropez was my favorite since ive been using it for years now. I decided to try something new and boy am i glad i did. This is a great tanner!!! I actually dont wash it off after 3 hours I leave it on over night and the next day and it gives me the perfect color! I will def re-purchase!

Noelle Newton, UT

Quick and easy

As all fake tan sprays, this should be applied with the better-than-average plush mitt that is supplied. I applied it one night and left it on till the next morning. As it wasn’t quite as dark as I wanted (I have light to medium olive skin), I took a shower and applied it again. This was just right. It may be too dark for people with very fair skin but would be worth a try as it works well and didn’t streak as so many others do. The only problem I’ve encountered is that it wears off slowly and is making my legs look like they’re rusting. It may have been the second coat that did this. I’m exfoliating every day and will apply it again to see how it works with only the one coat. I do recommend it as I’ve used many fake an products and this one seems to work better than most of them. Also, the lingering smell is minimal unlike others.

Consuelo Deposit, NY

Good tan


Nikki Port Salerno, FL

Nothing beats the original

I’ve tried a few different Fake Bake products & I have to say that nothing beats the original in the purple bottle. I was drawn in by the promise of quick results, but I wasn’t impressed in the least. With the original, the color guide is just about the same color as the final result but not so with this. I found that I didn’t see the actual result until the following day (even though you’re supposed to wash it off with water within 1-3 hours). Plus, unlike other Fake Bake products, I found this to have that telltale sunless tanner smell that lingers on your body. Ick.

Lorraine Jacksonville, MO

nice bronze tan

I used this one time and i love the results! im light to med skin tone , neutral and this gave me a really nice bronze looking tan. i had it on for about four hrs. i also i have the origional fb flaw less and this is one is def better as far as color payoff goes. really like this stuffthe only thing is it smells similar to the origional fb but its a little smellier but , you get to shower after an hr so its no biggie , still a great tanner

Queen Wilseyville, CA


I went to ULTA looking for the new dark version. They didn’t have it or the flawless so I got this. I have ordered to Golden Goddess and will try that as well. I applied this and waited and waited. Egh. I reapplied as I hardly noticed any color. Not sure. Its okay. I little color. Certainly not the "I live at the beach tan I wanted" Just a light glow. Not impressed. I will update after I try the Goddess. I don’t think Its worth the money so far.

Corrine Florence, MO

Its ok but I like flawless more

I like this but I like Flawless better…Flawless is more of an instant almost temporary tan …while the 60 minute tan is more of a true self tanner. It lasts a couple of days. I had to try it to see why you get 8 oz of this for less than 6 oz of Flawless…They both have their benefits but I do prefer the flawless

Leta Watson, MO

Slight mixed feelings

So this product seems to be pretty controversial as to how effectively it works. Personally, I hardly get tan from this product when I leave it on for only an hour, and sometimes not even two hours. I have fair, oily skin, so after applying the Fake Bake I look dirty and gray; however, once the tan starts to show, it looks more like a tan than gray dirt on yourself. This product may not work as nicely for me since my skin is oily and very fair. Luckily, the resulting tan is primarily brown instead of an orange. Instead of just leaving the product on for an hour or two, I just sleep in it. The tan gets fairly dark, but not to the extent that I look like my ethnicity has changed. I have also noticed that this tan stays on my skin much longer than Flawless, but this could just be due to my skin type. Flawless usually just stays on my skin for one to three days; this product has been somewhat present on my skin for almost two weeks. For me, Flawless did not stay on my skin for very long, but the results were nice temporarily. Application is also more difficult with this product since it has a faint gray trace rather than the instant tan; so it is possible to miss parts of your body and not realize it until the tan has developed. Overall, I think if Flawless doesn’t work as well for you or has the longevity you would like, 60 Minute Tan may be the better product.

Juliana Byrdstown, TN