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Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray

When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

Key features

  • Fairy dust
  • Paris Hilton
  • Eau de parfum spray 3.4 oz/100 ml
  • Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton for Women – 3.4 ounces EDP Spray
  • 3.4 ounces EDP Spray

Honest reviews


puke 😀

it smells like my grand mom’s old perfume.not for teenagers or young girls 😀 you can buy "Hilton" as a gift to your grand mom :))

Vivian Morgan, MN

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

*** UPDATE: After wearing this all summer my husband thinks it is about the best thing ever! And I do like it better than “Just Me” It does take time for this to warm up on the body. It takes on a sensual floral with the Peony,Peach Nectar and Cashmere Musk making their appearance with just a touch of warm vanilla and it still has just a hint of sparkle from the sparkling prosecco accord. However, it does take more than one spritz to get the full effect. I actually load myself with it and my husband can’t stay away from me. I really do like this fragrance now. I hope others will give it a chance and not be sidetracked by the name. I think “Summer Dream” would have been a better name for it than Fairy Dust! but then that’s just me!My old review is below:This smells almost like a perfume I used in High school called “Heaven Scent” about a million years ago. The only thing is this is much lighter. For the cost, it is just so so. I gave it 3 stars for the bottle.I like Paris Hilton’s “Just Me” much better.

Opal Cadillac, MI

Paris Should Put Some Clothes On…

But besides that… At first when i got this (And btw i got this without even knowing what it smelled like lol DURP i just saw good reviews) I sprayed it and i was all like “ughhh ew it smells like perfume my g-ma would wear”… But then i waited and smelled it some more and then i was all like “zomg this actually does smell purty darn gonnit delish…” So i guess what i’m trying to say is… yeah this is a good perfume. I just hate Paris Hilton. She bad. Kbye 😀

Lakisha Canton, MA

Smells like something my grandmother would wear

My bf got me this for Christmas because I had always wanted to try it. I was extremely disappointed with it. It smells awful, the scent is wayyy to strong and smells like something a granny would wear. Avoid this one.

Randi Hawthorne, NY

Not Impressed

I almost bought this product after being happy with most of Hilton’s fragrances. Her self titled debut into the fragrance world is a bit acetone-ish. I have to mix it with the uber sweet “Fantasy” by ms Spears to cut the nail polish remover note out of the P.hil fragrance. The rest of the ones I have experienced (Siren, Heiress, & Can Can) are perfect as is. Well, Fairy Dust just isnt something i can bear to like even mixed with anything else. Not impressed, and i am also Very glad that this is not the first Paris Hilton fragrance I smelled because i might have closemindedly assumed that they all “stunk”.

Jeannette Unionville, TN

A Great Smelling Perfume!

This perfume smells great and lingers all throughout the day. The price is also very affordable. The company also shipped the order on time, and with the order I received free samples of other items. Will be ordering more!

Gretchen Wachapreague, VA

very good

I love the packaging is very cute and smell good but does not last long but it’s great truth I have not anything bad about the

Kathryn Limington, ME

smells way to strong like old lady

im 20 years old so this particular scent wouldn’t be the first choice of people my age i like really candy sugary scents and i know i should have went and smelled a tester at the counter other than that i regret purchasingif you have any questions comment below

Florence Whitesburg, GA


never have tried it lately but I love it and the price is the greatest and it arrived all in one piece and here fast thanks

Debra Sanford, ME

Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

This is really musky compared to the other Paris Hilton Spray’s I’ve tried. It kinda reminds me of Curious by Britney Spears. Fairy Dust is not bad but doesn’t remind me of a fairy LOL.

Wendi Manokin, MD

Fairy Dust

I bought this for my teen, and kept going in her room to use it! It smells really good. Would recommend to women, girls of all ages!

Jennie Romayor, TX

Soft and Sexy

Smells strong when you put it on, but in minutes it is very soft & sexy. I got many compliments on it. and was surprised as most of Paris Hilton’s scents have a "Tart" smelling edge to it. Would recommend, buy for & use again. It is long lasting.

Angelique North Kingstown, RI

a gift for someone.

my friend that lives down the hall in my building was delighted to be able to give his mom a decent gift from the paris Hilton collection.

Betty Central City, CO

sweet smell

I bought this perfume as a gift to myself for mother’s day. The box as well as the perfume bottle is beautiful. The scent is powdery and sweet with a lily under tone. I always get alot of compliments when I wear this perfume. Although this perfume smells great , I think it is more suited for teenager and early twenty year old. By all means still get it, it is nice fragrant.

Lilian Fortson, GA

smell good today!

This is the second bottle Ive owned, but the thought Paris Hilton might be running around stinking up the place wearing my scent…is weird, its REALLY WEIRD. lol I’m not a fan of Paris Hilton but I like this scent a lot. So I gotta give the bit*h props, whoever create this scent deserves a pat on the back.

Jessica Dublin, PA

Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

This is a very soft, light fragrance for daytime use. It reminds me of a product I used as a girl, Heaven Scent. It’s not for anyone over 30, but teens, tweens and others will like it.

Dianne Blue Ridge, TX


Pleasant happy girly scent. WOuld be suitable for young and younger ones or fun scent for light wear. Pretty package too.

Michelle New Market, MD


me encanta esta fragancia es tan especial, a todas mis hermanas y cuñadas las gusto también la fragancia la recomiendo

Merle Old Monroe, MO


I’m also not a Paris Hilton fan, sorry..but this perfume is amazing. I fell in love with it instantly. By far this isn’t a cheap perfume but I would certainly grab this one at this price. The smell was still on me the next day. It lasts and lasts and I only use a spray on my neck and my wrists and that is it. This will last a long time and the scent lasts a long time. It is a sweet floral at 1st and as it changes it is such a lovely smell. I wish I could explain the smell better but the change of scent as your wearing it mellows to a pretty flowery scent with a little something that pops. Totally awesome and I truly love it. Not for the shy. Little goes a long way. It is one of my favorites now. The service I received was 5 star all the way. I ordered 2 perfumes that day and I got some free samples as well which I haven’t tried yet but sure will. I love the way it was packaged and the surprises made me happy. Excellent service and products.

Stacy Norge, VA

great product

got this for my niece..she likes it a lot. its especially great for teenage girls, the brand and all works great for them

Nelly Woollum, KY

Paris Hilton perfume

LOVE this perfume!:) Smells so good and is long lasting plus its showed up brand new! Very pleased! I would recommend this to all women!;)

Tammi Mulberry, TN



Mable South Beloit, IL

It’s OK

I bought two as presents and it smells OK – for the price I paid it’s a nice gift, it’s a second perfume I tried from Paris Hilton (first one was tease) and yep… well done Paris :)Nice, floral scent. can be used from spring to summer…

Serena East Berlin, CT


I LOVE Paris’s first perfume (no clue what it’s called, maybe just “Paris Hilton”..) so I was hoping to like this one too..I was wrong. To make a long review short and save you some time, I’ll just say this: It smells like old lady. Save your money and buy ANY of Britney Spears’ perfumes or Jessica Simpson’s line or if you are the kind of person who loves buying blood diamonds and poached ivory products, buy some of Justin Bieber’s perfumes. His perfumes smell great and have staying power, but every time I spray them on a little part of me dies…

Earnestine Wiscasset, ME

Really love this one.

I’m not a big fan of Paris Hilton either, but I have to say after smelling a sample in the store I had to buy it. I have no regrets, it really has a beautiful scent.

Glenna Douglassville, PA

This perfume smell great

It last a long time on me strong smell at first but it dry down it smell wow and last for a long time until the next day I still smell it a great bye womens

Sophie Jamestown, OH

Fabulous Clean Floral

This perfume smells fabulously floral and clean on me. It has notes of jasmine I believe, and smells to me like clean cool night air, with a waft of fresh flowers, and unlike many celebrity perfumes it has staying power. I put some on at around 3 PM yesterday and at 7 AM today the lovely floral bouquet still lingers on my wrists and neck (which after a long car trip, doctors appointment, and lots of hand washing and cooking, is pretty impressive). The bottle isn’t as pretty as say Katy Perry’s killer queen, and certainly does not rival the elegance of my beloved Shalimar, but it’s nice enough and the scent is amazing.

Judy Oakfield, ME

Tuberose Heaven

I have to say that I really love this perfume. If you like Tuberose, (and I do!), then this one’s for you. It lasts a good amount of time, too, with a lovely wafting sillage. The dry down is just as marvelous smelling as the first spray. The bottle is also simply lovely, etched with the design of a fairy holding a wand. The price makes this a steal and a great buy!

Connie West Halifax, VT

Picked up several of these for family members this year at Christmas time. Nice, light, feminine scent!

Several of the gals (including my mother and daughter) received this perfume for Christmas this year. This perfume has a pleasing, light scent (if you don’t lay it on too thick!) that I liked very much when I tested it out in the store. All of the ladies liked it too, and the price on amazon just killed all other competitors so I ordered several. Not disappointed in the slightest!

Cheryl Swain, NY


The packaging looked kind of cute and so I decided to give it a try. But Fairy Dust smells like some sweet cloying room freshener. The initial smell on my wrist was rather nice, but then it turned into a sickeningly sweet smell which I wanted off my skin. I was quite disappointed.Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray

Marla Blanchester, OH