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Fair & White Exclusive Gel Creme Whitenizer #08003

Discover the advanced formula of the FAIR & WHITE EXCLUSIVE Cream-gel. Its new complex offers an ultra-effective whitening system. As from day 7, your skin is smoother, clearer and beautifully radiant.

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  • Fair & White Exclusive Gel Creme Whitenizer #08003

Honest reviews


Great product!!

Oh my God!! I have only been using this for about 1 week and my brown spots are almost gone. This gel worked better than any other product I have every used. I stopped using my other products and now I have purchased more of this line. I haven’t seen my skin this beautiful in a long time. Even my husband noticed the dark spots are almost gone. Thanks for this wonderful product.

Jayne Adin, CA

Great Creme but…

I used this for a while. It works well but if not careful it can bleach your skin. I had to stop using. Works well though if you want to bleach.

Patti Hardin, MO

Fair and White .. Gel

I recd this before the promised time .. and was all to happy because I needed it to go with me on a vacation dec 2… I ordered it for a relative .. This is a great product paired with the soap the serum and the lotion .. Thanks for being a good vendor ..

Marci Brooksville, KY

It did not work

I used the whole tube and did not see any results. I am medium tone african american and was using it to get rid of some sun burns I got during the summer. All it did was make my skin feel greesy and look shinny.

Chelsea Rangeley, ME


I purchased this product from Amazon because have melasma. So, my face is darker than my natural skin tone.I heard that this product worked fast to even out your skin tone but it didn’t do anything for me, even though I used nearly the whole package. But to be fair, melasma is much harder to treat than other forms of hyperpigmentation so maybe if I used it for a long time, it might have been effective.The other thing I don’t like about this product is that, as I can recall, it doesn’t list the ingredients. So, IDK what I was putting on my face. I have heard conflicting things, that it is high concentrations of lactic acid(I doubt that because I never had a stinging sensation), or that it contains high levels of hydroquinone-a skin lightener.That makes me feel dubious about about how safe or effective the ingredients are. In addition, it has a strong chemical odor, obviously it was not pleasant.I will not repurchase this product again, hell, I don’t think I will purchase Fair&White; products again. I just don’t like the name anyway but when you are desperate to treat your skin condition; you will use almost anything.

Lori Swartz Creek, MI

Didn’t work for me

I am between NC40 to NC42 (MAC). I have almost two tones dark skin around my mouth. I started using xtreme Brite soap and cream to fix my facial skin pigment and underarms. After I ran my first tube of xtreme brite, I ordered this cream alone with Paris Fair & White Gel Creme Strong Bleaching Treatment. I used this cream religious but I never saw any improvement in my skin. It just didn’t do anything for me. I have had high hopes in this brand, since I looked up on Youtube and people gave great reviews on it. Well, at least I tried and now I no that I should avoid it.

Rosalia Racine, OH

Really Did Wonders On My Face!

I love All of Fair & White Products. This one seems to light my face the fastest. I use it along with the AHA soap! Started seeing results in about 3 or 4 days.College Student College Part-time job seekers I wanted to share this opportunity! Register get your our link and start earning today! Goodluck and God Bless![…]

Cheryl Grandview, TX