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Fair & White Dark Spot Remover

This new formula contains “F.A.W. Lightening” to lighten efficiently dark spots and pigment blemishes of the skin (scars, pregnancy, age spots, sun patches). The result is a strong bleaching effect for a smooth and clearer complexion free of brown patches. Manufactured and tested by the French Dermatological Laboratory. The Dark Spot Remover, because of its very high efficient formula, erases brown unsightly marks. Apply locally with a cotton swab.

Key features

  • Fair & White Dark Spot Remover

Honest reviews


Works fast!

I have only been using this for about 1 week and already many of my dark spots are gone and the others have substantially faded. This product works fast!! I don’t know what ingredient causes it to work that fast, but I am happy with the results. Thanks for an effective product.

Lina Ruth, NV

It seems to work, but it’s oil in a bottle

So yes, it smells great. However, it’s like Bio Oil in a bottle. I never expected it to spray clear oil, which is very weird. There were no instructions and it had no cap on the metal bottle either. I did notice it lightened some marks around my ankles, but I didn’t use it just by itself. No way could I use it on my face unless I want huge pores which always seem to expand and get clogged when I feed them oily substances like this. I went through this rather quickly in a matter of weeks too. If you want to put this on before you put on your work clothes, good luck because it’s oily and takes hours to absorb. It will most likely seep through your clothes. I think I’ll try their cream or see if they have a gel instead which gets absorbed easier.

Andrea Brownsville, PA


I have never used a spot remover that was not overdrying. This goes on smooth, and a couple of days later you notice slight peeling of the affected area. Only a small amount is necessary, and this will last for awhile. Very happy with this purchase, and shipping was super fast. This was the first item to arrive from an order that contained 4 other products.

Lorraine Willow, OK

Still waiting

Using this product daily, not sure how effective it is. Giving it a little more time. Only started using it a month ago

Liliana Kimballton, IA


I’m surprised at the lower reviews. I have used many “dark spot removers” expensive and cheaper products. I saw a difference within in one week on two dark pigmented spots on my hand that were approximately 1/4 inch. Extremely satisfied, be sure and add a good sun screen. Update 9-9-2013 need to constantly apply or spots come back quickly!

Iva Capay, CA

still looking for something to help my dark spots

I have been using this product for one month, twice a day, morning and night, and sadly the spots on my face have gotten darker. I would not recommend this.

Nelly Steelville, MO

fair & white dark spot remover

this is a fast acting product. I started to see results in two days it was so good I ordered two more bottles. it even dried my acne out. it actually works overnight, in the morning I was amazed.

Savannah Hoffman, IL

Not for e

I just dont see any benefits to this product.It hasnt help remove any old age/liver spot.Ive used it for several weeks.

Bridgett Argyle, IA