Facial Toner & Freshener-Aloe Vera Earth Science 8 oz Liquid

Aloe vera complexion toner freshener by earth science 9 oz liquid facial toner freshener-aloe vera 9 oz liquid product aloe vera complexion toner freshener for normal to dry skin natural alcohol-free cooling toner completes the cleansing process for normal to dry or sensitive skin types. Herbal extracts aloe panthenol and hyaluronic acid nourish and protect the skin while normalizing the skin’s ph to 4.0-6.0. Removes any last traces of cleansers or make-up. Refines purifies and prepares skin to accept moisturizers. We recommend almond-aloe facial moisturizer. Hypo-allergenic. Ph 5.5 ingredients aloe juice sea kelp extract chamomile extract calendula extract panthenol licorice root extract glycerine zinc sulfate lactic acid grapefruit seed extract allantoin lavender oil hyaluronic acid ascorbic acid retinyl palmitate cellulose gum potassium sorbate annatto extract fragrance directions after cleansing or to remove excess oil saturate cotton and gently wipe the face and neck area.

Key features

  • Earth science
  • Herbal extracts aloe panthenol and hyaluronic acid nourish and protect the skin while normalizing the skin’s ph to 4.0-6
  • Aloe vera complexion toner freshener by earth science 9 oz liquid facial toner freshener

Honest reviews


Gentle and effective.

I have oily/acne prone skin and this toner is just wonderful.Its gentle and very refreshing. It will not leave your skin oily, or with a residue.Its alcohol free, and doesnt contain any harmful chemicals, etc.Feels great on your skin and helps prepare skin for your moisturizer.Rids skin of dirt, makeup, and impurities.Sometimes even after I wash my face I will have traces of my makeup lingering on my skin, but with swiping this toner with a cotton pad across my face and neck, it removes any leftover makeup.I am very pleased with this toner and will buy again and again!

Young Chandler, OK

Will never go back to witch hazel!

I have used witch hazel for years as a toner and to make sure all the makeup was removed. This toner/ refresher has it beat! Cooling and refreshing and removes ant left over makeup after cleansing! I am hooked!

Lenora Florahome, FL

Soothing/No alcohol/Combo skin

My skin: dry in the cheeks and oily in the t-zone. Prone to irritation.For me this has been a great toner (2nd bottle). The fact that there is no alcohol keeps it from drying my cheeks and it hasn’t promoted oiliness. ( the aloe helps with that). There is also no burn or sting when using.It has more ingredients than I would typically want but surprisingly it hasn’t caused any irritations. I use this morning and night. I also use Earth science cleansers.

Robin Mottville, NY

A gentle way to tone the skin

I use this product after I have cleansed my face. The top of the product allows you to control the amount of toner on the cotton ball or cotton pad. This product does not irritate my skin and always leaves my skin mineral makeup free. This product is alcohol-free, paraben-free, and propylene glycol-free.Made in the USA

Melinda Hanna, UT

Very Nice Product for Sensitive Skin

This is a very nice product for sensitive skin. I do facials and had been trying to find a alcohol free toner/freshener with natural ingredients that was gentle enough for sensitive skin. This product has worked well for all skin types and I love that it contains aloe vera and Hyaluronic Acid. My only disappointment is that it contains fragrance.

Thelma Utica, KY

Fantastic, healing toner!

This stuff is wonderful! My skin has been reeeeeeally negatively impacted (chronic peeling) from a mask I purchased from a Marketplace buyer on Amazon. I tried this toner and could not believe the difference. I’m really particular about toners and have always opted for a salicylic acid toner as my skin responds well to it, but when I tried this I was more than pleasantly surprised. I used another treatment that acts as a toner a couple of nights and saw that, sadly, the peeling came back/was still there. Resuming use of this toner once again helped, but I obviously need a doctor’s treatment. I would recommend people try this toner as it really does have a healing impact; I’ll continue to buy it.

Callie Ravenden Springs, AR

Mixed Feelings

I’ve used this product for several months now and I can honestly say, I don’t notice a difference. It does feel good on my skin, it’s non-irritating and for that I give 3 stars. I’m just not sure that it’s making a huge difference in my complexion. I think I will try a different product/brand and compare and then update my response.

Sherry Shipshewana, IN