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Facial Concepts Facial Flex Ultra for Anti Aging

In today’s anti-aging battle, increasing numbers of women are performing not only daily exercise for their bodies but are currently recognizing the need to improve facial muscle tone. Just as the principle of dynamic resistance is employed in physical fitness training, this system is used to strengthen and tone the muscles of the face, chin and neck with amazing results. Includes: Facial-Flex Ultra Device – Made with surgical stainless steel and space-age material for years of durability. Includes both 6oz and 8oz resistance bands. Convenient carrying/storage case. Progress chart Clinical background 1-year warranty

Key features

  • “Each authorized dealer has a Certificate of Authenticity label”
  • Tones, uplifts and redefines the face, chin and neck. Can produce significant results in 60 days.
  • Clinically proven results.
  • Recaptures the facial contours of youth.

Honest reviews


well it seems to work

ok, wasn’t sure if this would work, but i just recently started fighting the neck problem, but some creams etc, but I have to tell ya, the creams may help, but really didn’t see a difference yet. but this, I got about a week ago, and I use as much as I can, 2 to 4 times a day. And by golly I can tell a difference, feel it big time under my chin. and my neck feels stronger…if that is possible but really excited about this product. I had brought another neck product and used that, but I didn’t feel anything happening with it like I do this. I would recommend it. I am 55.

Freda Coalville, UT

I just got my Flex Ultra

I feel like I giving my face a benefiting workout. It’s not expensive and it already feelss like it is working.

Elena Downieville, CA

love it! Hope it works over time

Been reading and learning a lot about “preventing” wrinkles and saggy skin before they begin…bought this little thing to try out; been using it every nite for over a week now; Not sure if it’ll work or not, but saw reviews online that it has worked for people who’ve used it for years; I guess it’s the same concept as toning your muscles everywhere else, by using this to help stretch and contract your facial muscles, over time, it’ll be more toned and less prone to sagging.After a whole week’s use though, I did notice it gets easier and hence feels like the rubberband that allows the movement to work needs to be “tightened” somehow since our muscle is used to it, it almost seems like it’s too “easy” on the muscle…hard to explain…but I was re-reading the manual and it said over time we’ll need to use a tighter band or something along that line…I’m thinking of doubling up the band that came w/ it (came w/ a bunch btw), and hope to create a tighter stretch…overall, pleased with this gadget and will keep using it and hope to see results.

Leticia Weedville, PA

wow, im hooked

It got rid of my jowls. I used it twice a day everyday for over two months and would do125. I still use it, but sometimes I skip a day if my jowl area feels like it had a work out. I put two elastics on after a while, if I don’t, I just don’t feel it. I never had to change them yet, because the two work awesome. I rinse in it mouthwash. This will be in my life forever. I think I will order another one just in case this one breaks.

Jami Roxbury, NY

I love it.

I love it. The lines of expression around my mouth have improve, it woks. and only take 2 or 4 minutes a days.

Whitney Broad Run, VA

Really liking this

I feel the burn more when I squeeze my lips in and "out", like you’re trying to kiss someone just out of reach. I think it’s good to flush blood thru normally stagnant areas of the cheeks.

Erma Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

Devote time to yourself

This tool really helps with tightening your facial muscles and your chin definition. Devote 2 minutes to yourself every day and you will see the difference!

Concetta Monetta, SC

Mine broke, but got a new one

Need to start using this again as I was on long holiday – think it helps with facial muscles, we’ll see how it goes have to start all over again!

Camille French Settlement, LA


This thing works. I do 100 morning and night. Watch video on u tube for proper use. Dont do an O, make sure you form your mouth in an oval instead. I focus when i do it.

Hilary Blue Ridge, VA

Five Stars

Love this gadget.It really works if your consistent with it as i am .

Lindsay Pomaria, SC

Used it regularly with no results

This product does not work. I used it regularly with no results. Doesn’t even feel like it is working. It hurts the corners of the mouth as well.

Robbie Gradyville, KY

Great little gadget

I’ve been doing facial exercises for about 3 years and they are BORING. Even the ones that take only 15 minutes several times a week get to be a chore. I stopped all of that when this arrived – I’ve been using for one month and my face is certainly maintaining tone and the muscles get tired – which lead me to think that this is working better than the face exercises. I’m only 1/2 way through the initial time period and am hoping for more improvement after another month. At the very least, this is a workout in much less time! (And has done no damage to my muscles/bones/teeth or anything else for that matter).

Margo Voca, TX