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FACE WHISPERER DAY CREAM with Argireline, 1.7 oz. Anti Aging Moisturizer from Sublime Beauty to Relax Wrinkles

WOMEN IN THE KNOW (MEN TOO) RAVE ABOUT ARGIRELINE® (KNOWN AS THE “NATURAL BOTOX”)! Using the Face Whisperer® Day cream will help you gain smoother, healthier skin. Argireline is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles over time. We added the Peptide compound Trylagen to help your skin further by boosting Collagen levels. It’s a great WRINKLE CREAM! – Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Fights the Signs of Aging – Pleasant, Semi-lucid Cream that Absorbs Well – Feels Cool to the Touch, Pleasant to Use! – Hydrating, Moisturizing for Radiant Skin With Many Botanicals – Fights Free Radicals – Part of your Daily Regime for a Younger You A Superior Anti Aging Day Cream Those who are serious about hydrating their skin, reducing wrinkles and looking fresh will want to use Face Whisperer®, pure and simple. Even Dr. Oz stated “Use a cream with Argireline® as an alternative to injections” on a February 4, 2012 show about anti-aging. Some affects will begin to be seen after several weeks and then more clearly by the 4th week with continual use! Don’t be afraid to use this both day and night. If using at night, apply this cream first and let absorb, then apply the Night cream on top – for double-power and serious action! ENJOY OUR CREAM, LOOK AMAZING! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! YOUR SECRET STRATEGY TO START REDUCING WRINKLES, NOURSHING SKIN AND LOOKING YOUNGER. PEOPLE WILL NOTICE! PURCHASE TODAY.

Key features

  • ARGIRELINE (known as the Natural Botox) REDUCES FINE LINES & WRINKLES up to 30%, Giving You a Smoother, Younger Face in 1 month. But it is More Than Just a Wrinkle Cream!
  • YOUR “DREAM CREAM” MOISTURIZES AND REPLENISHES Facial Skin with Superior Healthy Botanical Ingredients (such as Sweet Almond, Aloe, Carrot Extract, Cucumber, Avocado and Ginseng); Trylagen, a Peptide Compound, Boosts Collagen Levels (Key to Youthful Skin)
  • PERFECT ANTI AGING MOISTURIZING CREAM PACKS A PUNCH! USE INSTEAD OF INJECTIBLES – OR AFTER injectible treatments – for BEAUTIFUL, SMOOTH, HEALTHY SKIN. This Cream can be Part of Your Anti Wrinkle and Anti Aging Strategy. Use Daily After Your Serums – and Some Use it at Night, Too!
  • COOL TO THE TOUCH, SEMI-LUCID CREAM, Absorbs Well and Has No Fragrance. This Day Cream Has NO Parabens and We Do NO Animal Testing.
  • 100% RISK-FREE MONEY-BACK UNLIMITED Guarantee from Sublime Beauty on All Products. MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING FROM SUBLIME, and This Assures the Guarantee – and the Free Report About the Ingredients.

Honest reviews


Not a fan!

I am not as fond of this product as many of the reviewers. I find my foundation sits on my face when I use this as my moisture vs. other moisturizers I’ve used. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles, but my skin has a few areas where it is not as firm in my early 50’s as it was when I was young. I feel when using this product the few areas where I have a bit of laxity were enhanced after applying my make up even after letting several minutes pass to let it sink in to the skin. To use this product as a facial moisturizer is just not at all for me as it doesn’t moisturize. My skin is not excessively dry nor oily, but just overall normal.

Dawn Odell, OR

Face Whisperer Day Cream with Argireline

Face Whisperer Day Cream with Argireline is a very nice cream. Using a very small amount covers the entire face and next. It seems to give a more plumped lines and isn’t heavy at all. It is so lite feeling. I think it is a very good product. Thank you.

Vicki Rupert, ID

Face Whisperer

Very thick and difficult to apply. Then after you spent several minutes rubbing it in it was very greasey and I didn’t care for it.

Queen Chocorua, NH

antiaging help

So far I like this product but it’s too early to tell if it works like it’s supposed to. I do like how my face feels and you just use a little of it each time. I’m ordering the retinol serum to use with it.

Cathy Summit, AR

Looks promising

After only too weeks of use, I’m very satisfied with the results I’ve seen so far. At my age, I can’t expect miracles, but this cream is giving me confidence that they will be a noticeable improvement.

Essie Kempton, IN

Wonderful company

I have no doubts that your product is wonderful, It certainly smelled amazing and felt very silky and non-greasy. I am disappointed that my skin seems to be extremely sensitive as I’ve had bad reactions to almost everything I’ve tried in the last few months. But I am definitely happy to write a gleaming review of your business practices at the very least and thank you for your advice, information and great customer service and communication! A pleasure and breath of fresh air with your company – You certainly went out of your way to help me and give advice (great advice) on skincare – Thank youagain for your time and undoubtedly amazing line of beauty products. Top of the line for affordable prices are rare. A+!

Joy Readlyn, IA