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F.A.S.T. Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Combo Pack – 12 fl. oz. each

This kit includes a shampoo and conditioner. F.A.S.T is designed to supercharge your hair. F.A.S.T. will get your hair growing up to 45% faster. A proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids are combined to provide the basis for the ultimate in quick healthy hair growth.

Key features

  • Great For Men and Women.
  • Faster Hair Growth
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 12oz each

Honest reviews


A huge disappointment

Here’s some background information: I have long, naturally very curly hair. I had really high hopes for this shampoo and conditioner combo product after getting a really terrible hair cut and desperately wanting my hair to grow back out to the way it was before the cut. The second I started applying the shampoo to my scalp, I noticed that it was VERY drying and did not seem to clean well at all. In fact, it was drying my hair out so badly that my hair actually started to fall out/break! The conditioner certainly wasn’t any better. The last thing it did was add moisture and it only seemed to make the dryness worse believe it or not. I also personally did not care for the smell at all. It wasn’t horrible or overwhelming really – it just wasn’t pleasant. (Note: I purchased my bottles over 2 years ago and some people have mentioned in reviews after recent purchases that the scent is awful and smells like chemicals)I was so desperate to grow my hair out that I continued to use this product for a short while just to see if it did actually cause my hair to grow faster. Simply put: it didn’t. I wish I could say that this product worked miracles for me but I’d be lying. I don’t know if this shampoo/conditioner combo is just simply bad for those of us with curly hair or if it just doesn’t mix well with deep well water like I have. Whatever the case, I couldn’t be more unhappy with this purchase. I genuinely hope this review helps you.**Side note** I seem to be taking a lot of heat for my review but I did not and do not have an agenda. I was simply being honest about how this product didn’t work for me. However, by no means am I saying that it is worthless and won’t work for anyone. Obviously it does because others have posted positive reviews. Everyone’s hair is different and it just didn’t work for me, whereas other products for this same purpose recommended by strangers and friends did work for me personally.

Carly Yeagertown, PA

Time Travel for Hair

I am an unusually successful case because it’s been growing 2 inches per month, and it looks like most people’s grows 1 inch per month with this product – fantastic! Ch – ch – ch – chia! 😛 My hair went from growing average inch a month to – in a WEEK.Cons: The dry hair, and my hair did shed like a dandelion in a WIND TUNNEL. Ok, not that bad, but more than usual.Goal: I have soft curly hair that was cut short to about my ears, and I liked it for a while. Now that it’s grown to my chin, I feel that it is at an awkward in-between length and I would like to grow it super long as fast as possible! My hair grows a little bit faster than average, a little over inch (~ 1 cm) a month, but I want it to grow faster, because my hair is so curly growth looks very tedious. I’m not exactly patient so I ordered this stuff after hearing some positive reviews on youtube. My hair is 11″ this February , my goal is to have 20″ in June. At this rate, that’s a realistic goal!Usage:First I got a healthy trim, before starting vitamins or FAST.I should mention that I did not use the shampoo/conditioner EXACTLY as recommended – it says “repeat” shampooing, but this stuff is so expensive I like to use a cheaper shampoo first and THEN use the FAST. I find it lathers better after the first shampooing. I don’t need to go broke just because I want long hair. At my current length, I use about a nickel-sized drop. Also, some days it lathers better than others, and I can’t figure out why (water temperature? Shaking the bottle first? No idea)Results:My hair feels a bit dry, but it’s nothing leave-in conditioner can’t help. The new hair at my roots is looking pretty spiffy and healthy. I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but there seems to be many new little hairs cropping up, as well, so maybe my hair will be thicker.After the first month, I start to think that the growth is decreasing it’s speed. in a week is amazing, these days it’s going a still faster than average 1/2 inch every 9 days. (I noticed many positive reviews are from only 1 month of use, and I wonder if the growth rate actually is decreasing but no one’s noticed. I will keep this review updated).Total regimen for my hair growth:2 Hair Skin & Nails vitamins a dayFAST shampoo/conditioner everydayoccasionally olive oil or mask at nightRun / other aerobic exercise/yoga to increase circulationLots of waterFilling, healthy nutrition. (TIP: Don’t be on a diet when you’re trying to grow your hair, the goal is to have the most nutrients as possible every day, and below a certain number of calories, it would be impossible).EXTREMELY happy with this product, as well as the vitamins, may experiment with cheaper alternatives like GROW, though.(Note: this product was over 20 bucks when I bought it, so I bought the version with black caps because it was cheaper, and now this is 16.99 … I guess I’ll go back to this one when I run out. So far it has lasted me a little over 2 months)

Cristina Wynne, AR

Hard to believe…but true!

Of course, I was skeptical that this product would work, just like most people were. How can a shampoo and conditioner that work from the outside of your hair, which is dead, make your hair grow any faster? But my daughter was desperate to make her hair grow faster after a short haircut gone wrong.I am pleased to say that it did, indeed, make her hair grow twice as fast. I measured her hair length before she started using these product and then again after 2 weeks. It grew a half inch during that time! Hair normally grows a half inch in a month, so we were very pleased with the results and will continue to use this product until my daughter’s hair is at a length she is happy with.

Laurie Luzerne, MI

was great at first but….

Im so heartbroken after using this FAST shampoo and conditioner the second hair didnt cooperate it became unmanageable and dry…I wouldnt recommend this FAST hair products for anyone with chemically treated hair!!

Lori Lisbon, NH


this stuff is the bomb. I received a horrible haircut.. Well you wouldn’t really notice now as it has bee almost 3 1/2 weeks since I have been using this product. It is true to its test. It works!! I read all of the reviews before about the horrible smell, the drying.. blah, blah, blah. None of it for me anyway, was a problem. I didn’t notice a chemical smell and their may have been a slight drying but I have countered that with a weekly mask. Honestly, hair can only grow so fast but I am now a believer that this product delivers. I would buy this again.

Queen Saint Marys, KS

doesn’t work!

I’ve tried many different shampoos and conditioners and this one isn’t any different. I think all shampoos and conditioners work about the same, no matter how expensive they are. If you want your hair to grow you should get regular trims and eat right/take vitamins. It’s that simple.

Brandi Beach City, OH

Try it for free!!

In reading all the reviews good and bad I was totally confused about whether or not I wanted to try this product. I wanted all the benefits that were mentioned but then there were just some nasty reviews that nearly scared me away. I contacted the company directly to see if they could offer any free samples that way I wouldn’t be out $25 if I didn’t like it. They emailed me a code and all I had to pay was shipping (around $6) I received the samples like in 2 days and I love it. I love the smell and my hair doesn’t feel hard at all, it actually feels soft after using the conditioner. I’m african american and I have type 4 hair. I just started using it so I haven’t checked my length but will update my review in a month.I also wanted to mention Nisim has come out with a sulfate, paraben free verison and if you go to their facebook page and click the “click here for special offers” in red top mid of page you can get this set for $20 with free shipping.The code I used for the free samples:FAST ProductsFAST 2oz (2 Pak) Shampoo and Conditioner:Coupon code: SUFSARetail Value of $12.80 for the set…if the code I was given doesn’t work for you just email them, they are very nice and helpful (o=

Erin Le Grand, CA

Nothing Special

I bought this item over 6 months ago and I only use this shampoo and conditioner and I have not noticed a difference at all, my hair has not grown longer since using the shampoo and conditioner, the reason I repurchased it was because I actually like how my hair feels and looks after I use it. As I mentioned I have been using Fast since April and my hair has not grown any faster, if you are looking to grow your hair, this is NOT your answer! Try using vitamins like biotin, or some other form of hair vitamin supplements, or don’t cut your hair!

Courtney Frankewing, TN

Good Product

I don’t know if this product helped my hair grow faster, or if it was the vitamins I’ve been taking; however, I absolutely love the way my hair feels after washing with this shampoo and conditioner. It feels so much cleaner than when using regular cleaners and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with thick hair.

Kaitlyn Wallingford, CT

Three Stars…

I put down that this product is ok. I think I bought it three times not because it’s awesome stuff but because of wishful thinking. I think this product plays on the hopes of people more than it actually works. But like I said, I purchased it here times so I give it a three for giving me hope…or at least the placebo effect.

Ashlee Santa Rita Park, CA


didn’t work for me but some positives. It made my hair speel good and it also made my hair less greasy. Not gonna buy this again though

Minerva Paris, KY

Doesn’t work

But it did clean my scalp and fluff up my hair, making it look like I had a lot more, and making it look like it was longer, though once it settled, it really wasn’t any longer.The ingredients are nothing special and do no aid in growth. The second ingredient is SLS, and the first is water. Then at the very end is stuff like cones, xanes and hydrolized and wheat proteins. Nothing special at all. The rest is cetyl/cetearyl alcohol and other preservatives. This is a waste of money. Basically, you’re paying three times as much for a drug store shampoo and conditioner.

Hollie San Carlos, AZ

It works!

Definitely works! Also it smells amazing!!! I will continue to use this until I complete the length I’m seeking!! Love this stuff.

Eunice Barstow, MD

Loving it so far!

This was shipped to me this week and so far I’ve used this twice this week for each time I’ve washed my hair. In other reviews I was afraid to buy this product because people complained that it didn’t lather or that it made their hair break or the conditioner didn’t do its job. First of all if you follow directions and wash your hair with this shampoo and repeat your hair is going to be very stripped of all its natural oils as with any shampoo just apply the conditioner it comes with and I apply Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle on the tips of my hair. Also it lathers very well more than any shampoo I’ve owned. Of course I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it helps with hair growth I’ll comment later on that.

Crystal Ocoee, TN

Didn’t Work For Me

This did not work for me. Not sure if this is a proven product or not, but I wished I hadn’t made this purchase. I did not use it as often as recommended, but did use it every time and did not see any difference. To be honest, what worked for me was taking Biotin every day. That supplement will make your hair grown noticeably! After three months you will have probably twice your normal growth or more depending on your dosage.

Janette Big Piney, WY

Slightly discouraged

Fast Shampoo has good and bad qualities in my opinion. The good is that the shampoo cleanses the scalp efficiently, the hair feels clean and the growth rate seems to increase approximately 30% in my case. The less desirable qualities are the shampoo is very drying and the conditioner is not very rich or conditioning for thick or long hair. My hair became very dry, tangled easily and increased split ends within 1 month of use. Previously I had used an upscale professional shampoo and conditioner. The tangles and splits increased dramatically after using FAST shampoo and conditioner. I would say this product’s quality is in between average drugstore quality and decent professional quality. The product does not strengthen the hair or moisturize which is a drawback.My husband did not experience increased hair growth. He shampoos twice every morning and this made no change to his hair. He does like the feeling of the shampoo, it makes his hair feel really clean and he is very picky about shampoo. My hair grew 3/4 and inch in the first month. It is very costly to purchase this product. I would suggest purchasing the smaller bottles to see if you like it before investing in the bulk sizes.

Josefa Hollis Center, ME


I wouldn’t say that I’ve noticed hair growth. I wouldn’t say I was expecting it. However, my hair is amazingly silky. I am mixed and have dry hair to begin with. Based on the reviews, I was worried that this stuff wasn’t for me. But with a good conditioner+f.a.s.t. My hair has never been healthier looking, or stronger. Happy Camper.

Sheryl Banks, ID