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EZ FLOW Trugel System, Top Coat

Trugel system.

Key features

  • Mirror glass finish
  • Cures in seconds
  • Led or UV nail lights

Honest reviews


Avoid if at all possible

I figured since this topcoat had 4.5 stars it was worth the purchase. I was wrong. This topcoat is horrendous. It is super runny. I applied a very thin layer to begin with and by the time I had finished the other four nails it had dripped down my toes. After that was sorted, it sat under the UV light for five minutes per coat. Three coats later it was very shiny and seemed to be quite durable. An hour later this stuff was peeling off like crazy. I’ll try IBD next since their brand has been reliable. If all else fails, stick with the Gelish top coat. That is, unless you want to repaint your gel polish every hour, in which case, this is the top coat for you!

Meghan Desoto, TX

Pretty happy

I tried this out last week – I used it as a top coat for a regular nail polish with an LED light. I dried it for 2 minutes, and with alcohol to eliminate the stickiness. 20 minutes later, I bumped a finger and got a smudge – the top coat seemed fine, and I’m almost positive it was the nail polish underneath. Once I repainted the nails, and let the polish dry more, there were no problems but I was also more careful. I can’t say for sure if I put the top coat on too thick, if it was the light (also new) or the nail polish I used – So all in all, I am happy with the product, but i would suggest if you’re using a regular nail polish, let it dry before using this product.

Sheryl Crisfield, MD

Great top coat

The first time I topped my acrylics with this, I was bummed because it chipped and peeled at the end. So I removed it, and tried even thinner coats and let it cure for 3 minutes, instead of the 2 it says on the bottle. I have a 54 Watt UV light and after curing the 3 minutes, so far it has been great! Very shiny and no chipping on my free edges! I found that after curing for only 2 minutes and wiping away the tacky layer, that it felt slightly gooey still (I thought it was because it was still fresh), so I should have realized then that it wasn’t cured 100%. Some people say it’s too thin, but that just means you have to make sure there isn’t a lot on the brush. Personally, I like the consistency. 4 stars because I’m sure there’s a better one out there, but for the price, this top coat’s awesome!

John Yabucoa, PR

Best gel I have used so far!

I use this gel as a top coat over my regular nail polishes. You have to let your regular nail polish dry very well before you use this. But this brand works amazingly well. I will definitely be reordering this when I start running low, which will be soon because I use it on every manicure.

Lynnette Grassy Meadows, WV

Works great’

I love this top coat, cures fast and easy with a 36 watt uv lamp. I love that it can be used with regular nail polish. I also love that ez flow has a number of amazing gel nail polishes! I will definately be purchasing again!

Stephanie Colorado City, TX

Super shiny and durable

I was introduced to Ezflow’s Trugel polish at my local salon. It lasted the full 2 weeks with no chips so I bought myself the bonder, base and top coats and a few colors so I can do it at home. I’m really not impressed with the base coat which was runny and seeped onto my cuticles. I really like the polish and the top coat; both are durable and the top coat is really shiny.

Evangeline Shelby, OH