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Eyelash Curler – Complete With Eyelash Curler Refill Pad – The Best Eyelash Tool For All Shapes And Sizes

LOVELY LASHES EYELASH CURLER IS THE PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE- Designed With Beauty In Mind: If you desire gorgeous eyes, you need more than just make up. As a lady, you need long, thick and dark eyelashes. I need to add, very importantly, that you keep them curly and sexy. Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler does just that for you. Lovely Lashes Benefits and Features • All Purpose Curling – Curls Short Lashes, Medium Lashes and Long Lashes. No matter the type or length of your lashes; the shape or size of your eyes, Lovely Lashes takes care of you. • Creates Great Curls That Lasts All Day Long – The special design of this curler makes it possible to activate high quality wavy curls that spruce up ordinary lashes. • No Pinch, No Tugs, Just Perfect Lashes – One drawback for eyelash curlers is the tugging and pinching. Lovely Lashes is designed to ensure the curler does not clip and pull your lashes. • Gentle and Soft Pad Design With Rubber Grip Handle – This handle ensures ease of use. Your hand is now free to concentrate on getting your lashes curled. Get FULL, SEXY eyelashes today. Grab your Lovely Lashes Eye Lash Curler 100% Risk-Free! 100% Lifetime Guarantee! -We are so confident of our curlers that we guarantee they’ll never give you trouble. If for any reason, they do, you are backed by our 100% no questions asked guarantee. Click Add to Cart and Get The “Lovely Lashes” You Deserve. Copyright 2014 Izy Trends. All Rights Reserved.

Key features

  • WE HAVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY CURLERS AT THE LOWEST PRICE! ALL PURPOSE CURLING – Our Professional Eyelash Curler Will Curl Short Lashes, Medium Lashes and Long Lashes. No matter the type or length of your lashes; the shape or size of your eyes, Lovely Lashes takes care of you.
  • Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler Has The Best Quality At a Remarkable Price Point!
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We Guarantee You Will Fall In Love With Our Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler or Your Money Back.
  • No Pinch, No Tugs, Just Perfect Lashes! Our Eyelash Curler and Eyelash Curler Pads Flat Out Produces The Most Amazing Curls Time After Time
  • Creates Great Curls That Will Last All Day! You Won’t Regret The Decision You Make Today When You Order Now And Get The *Lovely Lashes* You Deserve!

Honest reviews



Through the years I have bought and thrown away more eyelash curlers than I care to count. Hands down these are the best I have ever used!

Muriel Niangua, MO

Works Great!

First of all my eyelash curler was shipped out quickly and arrived quickly in a timely manner. I’m not a big makeup wearing person, but I do like my lashes to look nice. I don’t believe I have long or short lashes, but average or "medium" length lashes. The curler is high quality in my opinion and was able to get the curl in my lashes. It doesn’t pull the lashes and it fits all of your lashes into the opening at once unlike some curlers. Also, the rubber piece doesn’t stick to your lashes which normally results in pulling on them which is another perk for me.This curler measures approximately 1 3/8 inch wide with the curve being approximately 3/8 inch deep. The store brands I previously tried measured around 1 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 deep. You wouldn’t think that 1/8 inch difference in size would matter but it really does make a difference. This is an excellent curler that does a great job plus it’s affordable. I definitely recommend it for both pros and newbies when it comes to eyelash curling. It’s easy to use, comfortable to hold, and gets the job done!

Selma Belle Chasse, LA

A great and comfortable eyelash curler!

I really love this eyelash curler from Izy Trends. It accentuates my lashes beautifully without pulling or tugging at my lashes. It comes with an extra pad as well. This is one of the best eyelash curlers I’ve used and I would totally recommend it!

Deena Clearwater Beach, FL

great product

This product comes with one replacement pad. It works well and does not pull out your eyelashes. You must use it as directed. You can use with or without mascara. Great for a little extra enhancement.

Liza Greene, IA

Love this lash curler! A must have.

Being a make-up artist, the one drawback I always have is curling a clients lashes. I am always on the lookout for a better curler that can fit all eye types as well as hold a curl and I am happy to say that I finally found that product! Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler is the BEST curler I have come across to date. It doesn’t pull the lashes and it fits all of your lashes into the opening at once ( I always had to curl the lashes closes to the nose first and then redo the outer lashes since I could never get them to fit all at once ). Also, the rubber piece doesn’t stick to your lashes which normally results in pulling on them which is another big thumbs up for me! I highly recommend this lash curler to all my girls looking for something that will make your mascara look amazing.

Lynnette Belgrade, MT

Wonderful product & company!

Wonderful product & company! The shipping was fast & the product was amazing! This lash curler is a wonderful addition to my collection. As a beauty blogger I always look around for the newest most effective products & I have found something wonderful in Izy Trends Lovely Lashes Curler! I recommend this for all women. You don’t have to be extremely familiar with curlers to be able to use it! 5 of 5 stars no doubt! I love it!

Deanne Munising, MI

EZ to Use!

Upon first having considered this product, I wondered if it would be difficult to use, as I have never used an eyelash curler before. But, it was no big deal. I had to use a mirror. But, after that, the curler was easy to use and my curled lashes were so cute!I really like this product. It was easy to use and seems really tough, too. It comes with an additional plastic bar, which sits on the lower portion of the curler. This was nice too!

Andrea Peerless, MT

Nice size for me

I had pretty much quit using eyelash curlers because I couldn’t find one that fit my eye. I had never had this problem before I decided it was time to update all my make up tools a few years ago. I discarded my eyelash curler of some 15 years before purchasing a new one and what a mistake that turned out to be. The curler I bought to replace it (don’t remember what my original brand had been) was too big for my eye socket. I would have to angle it to curl the inner lashes then angle the other way to curl the outer lashes which pretty much left the center lashes uncurled. I never thought I had an unusually small eye socket but apparently I do. I tried a couple of others from various stores but could not find one that worked for me.The older I get the more straight my eyelashes seem to grow and I decided to try again to find a curler that would work for me. After researching the reviews I decided on this one and another brand and they both worked. This curler measures approximately 1 3/8 inch wide with the curve being approximately 3/8 inch deep. The store brands that didn’t work for me measured 1 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 deep. You wouldn’t think that 1/8 inch difference in size would matter but for me it did.This curler does a nice job of curling my lashes, getting them all in at the same time. I curl close to the lid then again about half way out and this gives me a pleasing curl. This curler comes with one spare cushion strip that is attached to the curler. I thought my spare piece was missing then I noticed it was in a holder that snaps on the handle of the curler, neat way to keep it. I do wish that it had more cushion strips but hopefully they will last a while.

Consuelo Fortuna, CA

Great eyelash curler, No pinch!

I really enjoyed this curler because of one big reason. The slope of the curler is perfect! I had no problem getting to my lashes even those that are tiny. I have really short eyelashes in places and sometimes it can be a chore to get those little things. With this I had no problem. The finished product with one coat of mascara, was perfect and dramatic. I could really achieve the effect that I was looking for.I would recommend this product to anyone that wants dramatic results, but were not blessed with long eyelashes. I feel this is easy to use and so very simple. I can’t stress it enough, how there was absolutely no pinch when it came to getting those little short ones. Great product all around.

Bridget Buffalo, WV

Very cute and wonderful!

I just got this to try and of course I had to. I was very pleased that there was no tugging, pulling or sticking. This also came with an extra silicon refill. This has got to be one of the best curlers that i’ve ever used personally.

Virgie Hampden, ND

Isn’t significantly better than my regular eyelash curlers, but it definitely works and is a beauty tool I’ll be using regularly

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this eyelash curler works. It has a narrow “clamp space” so it gets really close to your lashline and curls eyelashes well. The effects were immediate; I only had to curl each eye a few times, and the curl lasted pretty much the whole day.I would recommend curling once, adding a coat of mascara, and then curling once more for maximum results.The only drawback was there was slight pinching, unlike the product statement says. The curve of the curler does not fit the shape of my eye exactly so it did hurt a little–my Japonesque and Shu Umura curlers do not have this problem–but that’s the price of beauty, right? 🙂 I’m definitely glad to have this extra curler handy… I can see myself using it regularly because I’m one of those people who keeps an eyelash curler everywhere! On my makeup vanity, in my purse, in my schoolbag, even in the car.Verdict: Izy Trends’s Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler isn’t significantly better than my regular eyelash curlers, but it definitely works and is a beauty tool I’ll be using often.FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of this eyelash curler from the company, via Tomoson, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you, Izy Trends!).

Elnora Matthews, IN

Great eyelash curler.

This is a really nice eyelash curler. It’s comfortable to use and curls the lashes very well. I can say that with other eyelash curlers I have pinched myself with them before but I haven’t had that problem with this one. It seems like it might be a little wider than some which would make sense of there being no pinching on the corner of my eyes. Anyway, all in all this is a great curler and I totally recommend it for people with short lashes like me or even people who wear fake lashes. It will curl them beautifully.Disclosure Notice: I received this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Margie Palmyra, IL

Not for small eyes

I have smaller eyes, I always have. I had a bit of trouble getting it on my eyes just right. Maybe I am just out of practice. It’s a good product, just not for my tiny eyes.

Sofia Leroy, MI


This is awesome! It works great and gives me the results I have been looking for! Nice and smooth and no chopping off my eyelashes like some curlers! I would buy again!

Christi Beeson, WV

Works Great!

This eyelash curler is amazing! Great results in seconds that last all day. Not to mention its affordable price. Definitely recommend.

Anna Tornado, WV

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler

These eyelash Curlers are made really well. Durable Metal Frame, and shaped like regular eyelash curlers, they have rubber covering the rim of the finger holes, and they come with a removable piece of rubber on the curling part of the eye lash curlers. When I tried this product out, I tried with and without mascara. These work well either way!! There was absolutely NO Pinching, or pulling. They actually feel quite comfortable around the eye. I did get a beautiful curl in my lashes. It was so quick and painless!! Very impressed with these eyelash curlers! I am guessing the No pinch effect is due to the design with the little rubber piece. The rubber piece is removable, and you do get an extra one in case something happens to the original. I haven’t had to clean the rubber piece yet, however I am sure it is washable! I absolutely recommend these curlers!

Vera Grubbs, AR

Great Beauty Tool!

The Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler is amazing, I would personally recommend the Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler. If you want that twinkle in your eye and to bat those gorgeous eyelashes; the Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler is the way to go. Its a girls perfect accessory! This product gets two thumbs up!Disclosure: I received a sample product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. To read the rest of my review, please visit the blog (Krazy Coupon Club)! Above is just a small portion of my thoughts.

Christina Cooperstown, PA

Great Eyelash Curler!

Great eyelash curler, works well and comfortable to hold/use. Comes with an extra replacement pad. I would purchase this again.

Rosetta Olney, MO

Great curler!

I needed an eyelash curler! I have decent length eyelashes, but as many can attest, a little makeup and an eyelash curler does wonders for my eyes. This eyelash curler worked well, did not pinch my lashes, and was very simple to use. I also liked that the packaging was easy to open, the curler was easy to clean with makeup wipes, and that it had a great grip in my hand. Overall, I liked the curler, and would recommend it to others!

Elizabeth Van, WV

Good Product

This product worked well for what it is intended to do . I did not get any clinging of the curler to my mascara. Product was well packaged and shipped well also.

Jami Winona Lake, IN

Great, inexpensive curler

I adore this eyelash curler and have added it to my daily makeup bag. It is easy to use, easy to clean and curls my eyelashes really well. It is a great addition to my collection of makeup and girly goodies. Great quality and inexpensive. Thanks IZy Trends

Janna Newland, NC