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Eyebrowz Stencils to Darken and Shape with Wallet – Includes 5 Brow Shapes

Pluck your eyebrows with confidence and create the most flattering shape for your face. Eyebrows frame your eyes, and just like a work of art – the right frame can make a simple picture into a beautiful masterpiece

Key features

  • Simple and Effective way to shape your eyebrows
  • Created to Mke your Eyes Pop
  • Include 5 Eyebrow Shapes
  • Completely Reusable

Honest reviews


its ok

umm the delivery was fast but i dont really like it theres only 2 that i like from this but if you like think eyebrows than this is for you i dont like mean big but it works really good i was there where more small ones

Janna Corinth, VT

Not Exacly what I thought I was getting – a lesson in ad writing.

BUYERS BEWARE!!! THIS SELLER IS NOT GIVING YOU THE WHOLE STORY!!! I’ve just recently gotten into this phase of using stencils to outline and accentuate my eyebrows, so I was trying a number of products to expand the range of what I thought might work and what could do a good job. The description seemed to fit right along with the other items I was trying, so I invested in two “sets” of five; I always like to have a double set on hand – one for my purse, one for at home. This is basically the EXACT set of stencils you get with the Christian Eyebrow sets, minus the actual brow brush and color. The only difference is a cheap plastic black “wallet” to keep the stencils in. I wouldn’t have minded so much, if I had been told that in the actual advertising. I mean, I’ve held the stencils up against one another and hey, they’re stamped from the same imprint machine and named the same kind of brow arch. Again, I wouldn’t have minded – it would have been nice to have been able to order extra sets of the stencils without the powders, but not disclosing it in the advertising just rings a little false with me. And the “wallet” is just cheap; a black piece of plastic with a clear front to show you your stencils within. Sleeve, maybe, but no wallet. I did get five stencils that are useable and I will use them, but this ad was completely filled with false advertising. Whomever wrote this should go back to the drawing board and start again, reading a course in ethical advertising. It’s not worth the price, knowing what I know now, at nearly $6.00 apiece. Not when I purchased OFFICIAL extra Christian stencil sets for $2.37. BUYERS BEWARE!!! THIS SELLER IS NOT GIVING YOU THE WHOLE STORY!!!

Bobbie Nachusa, IL

Ok, could be better

Like another reviewer has said this is ok to use as a guide for where to pluck/trim your brows but it’s not exactly the easiest placement for using it as intended. It has helped me define a new and pleasing shape for plucking (as I was struggling to just wing it myself) so it was worth the purchase but it could be better. The difficulty lies in holding it and doing what you have to do. Also the range of shapes are not the best – they could offer longer ones and bushier ones as the options given are on the dainty (small brow) side. All in all I’m glad I got it but beware of its limitations before you buy.

Geneva Sherborn, MA

Nice stencils!

I really only like the one with the highest arch, and I messed up my eyebrows the first day I got them! But that’s because I obviously need more practice and have never used stencils before. I would suggest for you to buy if you like the shapes, also make sure you let your eyebrows grow in a bit before you use so you get the best out of the shape(s). They’re easy to clean and come in a little pocket/holder so I won’t lose them! Love them!

Amber Germantown, IL

Great Browz!!!

These stencils are nice. I use them everyday. They are easy to use with eyebrow pencils. They are small enough to fit in a cosmetic case.

Janna Malibu, CA