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Eye Zone Lifting Massager. Micro-mini Current. Battery Operated.

This little microcurrent device works from AAA batteries (BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED). It produces very low electrical current of micro Ampere. Microcurrent is widely used by cosmetologists for the face lift treatments. Usually you need from 10 to 14 microcurrent sessions with monthly supporting treatment to maintain your results. In this case portable microcurrent device could be useful. If you spend 10-15 min as your weekly skin care routine you can save for your monthly visit. This microcurrent device is very light, easy to use and suitable for travel. Just put it in your purse and you have your own cosmetologists on hand! It is ideal microcurrent device for those who want to try the treatment before to invest in more powerful machine. In this case every day 10 min massage around the eye area during 2 weeks will show you the rejuvenating abilities of microcurrent face lift.

Key features

  • NOW – comes with a set of eye masks to archive even better results! This little microcurrent device works from AAA batteries (BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED). Microcurrent portable beauty device is for those who want: to improve skin complexion (microcurrent will rejuvenate and smooth the skin), to reduce wrinkles (microcurrent will stimulate new cells to grow and fill wrinkles from underneath).
  • Micro-current is sub-sensory – it is so low, that if you move electrodes constantly if is not felt. The simple test to check the current is to place both electrodes into the depression under your lower lip and hold them for a few seconds. You will feel a little “bite”. Make sure that the skin is well hydrated. Dry skin has high resistance and will diminish the current to none.
  • Apart of blinking green light, there is no other sign that the current is going thorugh – the device does not vibrate, heats up or emits the light. If you have electical tester it is easy to test it for a current, but it is so low, that you can not feel it.
  • Apply moisturizing product – aloe vera gel, conductive lotion (INCLUDED), hyaluronic acid serum or just wet the area prior to treatment. Do not
  • To restore the muscle tissue the best amperage is 20-40uA (the lowest), to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage – 100-300uA (middle). For micro-iontophoresis (the infusion of serums) use highest settings.

Honest reviews


8 days to a significant difference. Remarkable!

I’m 34 and my face is in decent shape. I eat well, exercise, and use high quality face products (all Perricone and Bobbi Brown) and regularly get facials, peels, etc. I bought this because I am interested in buying a larger microcurrent device (Perricone raves about them in ‘Forever Young’) and I wanted to first experiment with a less expensive option.I’ve been using this twice a day for 15 minutes at a time. I use unscented aloe vera gel as the conductivity cream and typically have to reapply it about 4 times per session. The little monster is STRONG. It has 5 levels, and at level 4 I get muscle twinges and at 5 I experience large contractions and burning so I don’t go up that high.I apply approximately 5 strokes below the eye in an outward motion, then above the eye, then switch sides, then repeat several times. I mix it up with some strokes above and outside my mouth to give my eyes a break, but that area doesn’t seem very responsive, I think because the tissue is thicker and it requires a stronger microcurrent machine.Quite soon after using it, I noticed the skin around my eyes and nose thickening a bit – in a good way – and my capillaries became less visible. HOWEVER, and HERE’s MY MAIN TIP: I didn’t notice extreme eye lift benefits until I began positioning the device at the INSIDE CORNERS OF THE EYE, RESTING AGAINST THE NOSE. I’m not sure why, but when I extended my strokes a bit, beginning at the very inside corners, with one metal probe just above the corner of my eye and the other one below – and then proceeded with the same strokes (inside corner, glide down 1 inch, glide outwards three inches) – the results were remarkable! It is as though the puffiness and darkness have been “pushed” out. No eye cream has had this effect. I still wake up with under-eye circles (seems like I developed there around age 31 or so; I’m hoping this will lessen as I continue using the massager), but by mid-day, once my fluids have circulated, the entire area by my eyes is smooth and beautiful!I’m really optimistic about this product, since I’ve already seen great benefits and the results are cumulative. My eye area hasn’t looked this good in 5 years, literally (I went back and looked at photos). Yay!!I will DEFINITELY buy the larger version. I’m a little bit concerned that the lifting effect of the standard microcurrent will make my face look round, due to pushing up the skin. The one thing I LIKE about aging is the newly discovered contour and shading around my cheekbones. We’ll see. I will certainly write another review once I’ve been using it a while.One other thing: There’s no way I’d be able to sit there twice a day for 15 minutes without another activity going on. I choose to listen to hypnosis and/or affirmations with headphones. I’d imagine other people could listen to the daily news or meditate, or whatever else you’d like to incorporate into your daily ‘wellness’ routine. I’m single without kids, so it’s easy for me to make the extra time. I have 2 sisters with kids and it’s a bit hard for me to imagine them finding time to incorporate this habit, but who knows? I certainly hope it will be part of my routine for years to come!!

Elisabeth Clinton, MT

Eye Zone Lifing Massager micro mini current Battery operated

I was not able to use this product. I can not say for sure if it will work or not. I had to return it for a refund.

Caroline Boonville, CA

First Time User

This item shipped super fast. I am a first time user of any product like this.I just finished using my eye zone lifting device. I used it only on the right side of my face (because to me it looks like it’s the side that needs more work)so that I could compare sides later.The right side of my face is a little red at the moment and it feels slightly tingly but not in a bad way or painful way.I can feel by gently touching my right side, that it is a lot smoother than my left side and it definately is much tigher than my left eye area too.I’m going to use this a couple of times each day for the next 4 weeks. I keep a pretty good beauty routine which I rarely stray from unless I am sick and can’t get out of bed. So, I will incorparate this into my routine, morning and night and await to see results. I will then report back after at least one month of treatment 2x’s a day and let others know of my results using this device.I am 44 years old, fair skinned.PS. Don’t let the small size fool you, this has power. I put it on a 3.5 and it zapped my eye good! Didn’t really hurt but it was enough to let you know it was there. I used it on a 2 around my eyes and slightly higher around eyebrow and forehead area, and also my nose and upper cheek area with an outward sweep to my outter cheeck and temple line. I also pulled up a diagram on the facial muscles to see a more accurate structure of our facial muscles to really get an idea of which way our muscles extend. I think that helps when you are trying to relax your facial muscles and keep the pattern consistance to how your muscles really are underneath your skin.Wish me luck in my new venture and ladies/gentlemen, I will let you know in a month or so how it’s working.

Amber East Barre, VT


Too small for me to notice any differnce. This would take hours each day and I’m simply not that enthused.

Marilyn Richlands, VA



Latisha Mineral Wells, TX

Awesome Massager!

I love this item! It works great! It has 5 settings. The last setting is the strongest. You will feel some electrical current throughout your face when using #5 setting. I use it over my entire face, not just for the eye area. I can feel a difference in the muscles in my face. They feel tightened and toned. Im glad I purchased this item. Some reviewers have said that it works as well as treatments at spas. Im really addicted to the results! If you are sensitive, you may want to use the lower settings. You can use gels or water to conduct the current effectively. Really a great price for such an exceptional antiagaing device. Fast shipping and comes in a nice box with instructions…..

Edna Plantersville, TX

Dont bother

don’t bother with this . Facial exercises better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should be able to rate how I want with minimum amount of letters

Colette Broken Bow, OK

What I expected

This device is pretty much what I expected for the price and the fact that it runs on small batteries. It is pretty powerful on 5 (top setting), but the other settings are mild. I can hardly feel 1 or 2. Nothing is a miracle cure.

Clare Carnegie, OK

It works

I have only used it once, but once is all you need every couple of months, this item is sleek and it works really well.

Ava Newport, IN

Powerful little device

Not sure what to say about this one. I dont use it as much as I should, but I dont like the stinging effect of the micro current sometimes it leaves a red dot or two on my skin, luckily it goes away. It probably helps with stimulating your skin but not crazy about it.

Lindsay Victor, NY

Use a pattern and Stick with it

I have only used this 4 times and I see a huge difference. Iam 50 yrs old and noticed the jowels starting and the lines by my mouth starting to droop down, Under eye area was starting to wrinkle as well. So I bought the neck slimmer here on amazon and have been using that for 3 weeks prior to using this. (neck slimmer 200 flexs per night regular way and 100 flexes with open mouth). My neck is getting better but jowels were still there.Heres what works for me.Theres a pattern to the pulses. It will pulse for 5 times slow followed by 5 faster pulses twice. I will start below my eyes first and keep the setting on 4. I look in the mirror to see what muscles are being worked. I dont sweep this across my face…instead I place prongs on area wait for the beeping pulse patterns to finish 5 times on each placement. I probably do 4 areas as Iam going across face . I then go back and do it same place for 4 sessions of pattern per placement of prongs. I continue working on face this way and wow what a difference! It takes me about 2 hrs per session and my face is totally worked out. Yeah, I know who has a few hrs but I find the time. My jowels are almost completly gone. Eyes look excellent and mouth lines diminishing. I am so happy I bought this. Look in the mirror while doing this and you can see what muscles are working. This little guy really works!!!

Jewel Dillingham, AK

works really good

i bought this cause its small for travel. works aaround the eye area like Suzanne somers facemaster. exercises the muscles. has differen settings hi to low . and use water and like ultrasonic gel… on high you can feel it really good. use low to start at first.. it works pretty well and glad I bought it. good for antiaging! haven’t use it for that long. but it seems to work the eye area as well as facemaster. and feels good on the face. instructions enclosed . this unit is better for travel since it is more compact.. may buy another for an extra one.

Diana Saint Benedict, LA

Haven’t noticed much

I currently own a Nuface device and have been very pleased with the results; however, it is too bulky to use in the eye area. I bought this device hoping it would help tighten things up under my eyes but I have yet to notice any difference. I will keep using it in conjunction with my Nuface, for now, but will re-evaluate after a few weeks.

Angelica Apalachin, NY

Use for maintenance but not for lifting.

This product is fine for someone who doesn’t need any lifting but just wants to keep things tight. If you have hooded lids, you won’t see much from this product. I bought a Facemaster and it works much better and can be used all over the face.

Jean Freehold, NJ

Great value. Really works.

Great little machine for the cost. If you use this product you will get results. I have actually seen my eyes lift and the skin around my eyes appears firmer and more supply. I use vitamin E oil in conjunction with the gel provided with the product. Worth the money.

Loraine Pineville, LA

Good enough

Haven’t noticed a difference in my skin but I don’t use it regularly. I do feel the electrodes working under my skin. Worth a try. Good price. Don’t expect drastic results.

Lynnette Norway, ME

eh… didn’t do much. it’s now …

eh…didn’t do much. it’s now in the back of the closet collecting dust.

Diana Elwood, IA

Love the zap!

This is a strong little product! I haven’t used it enough yet to see results, but I’m impressed with the design and glad I don’t have to plug it in.

Faye Cambria, IL


I couldn’t see or feel anything…it didn’t work for me, I’m not sure about the effectiveness so its going back!

Brandi Clever, MO

Actually WORKS For Me- When I Have Time!!

I am only 32, so my skin still looks pretty youthful. My goal is to keep it that way. This thing stimulates my face in a way I can feel. Using it under my eyes has helped diminish the fine lines that have started forming. If I use it, I see a difference.The only downside with this product is the time it takes to use it. I would do it every day if I could, but I don’t have the time. Once per week for 15 minutes is what I can do. Even that much makes a difference. I wish there was an eye cream that could give me this result, but if there is, I haven’t found it. This works for me when I use it. Recommended to those with time, patience and a bit of a tolerance level for discomfort.

Eunice Marion, KS

Powerful little unit

I waited to give this review to see if there were any differences in my face after usage, and there was. This thing gives off a powerful current which you can really feel, so be careful to keep on low if you do not like noticeable twitches. On the result end. It works, I don’t know about long term yet, but I am using it mainly around the mouth parenthesis that you may begin to see around fifty years of age, I found a marked difference and the lines plumped and filled out, however this seems to be a short term effect, so I’m guessing for long term you may have to keep at it. But wonderful for those special occasions when you need that youthful appearance when you show up. I’m am going to step up my regimen to see if I can get long term results, but so far I am satisfied with this purchase and I feel it can only enhance my efforts, if you’re not looking for a miracle and only help, I recommend this for you.

Carole Traphill, NC

Great device, it completes my NuFace Trinity

I LOVE this and it WORKSI have a NuFace Trinity, which is also an excellent product, but you cannot use it around the eyes or mouth. I kept having to pull out my FaceMaster to do the eyes and mouthThis little gadget completes the effect because it is designed for the eyes – and I have also used on on the whole face, with good results. Being smaller it gets in to small spots better and is great if you are going away for a few days and do not want to lug along a larger deviceDo not be fooled – this baby has power. Do not underestimate it, especially around the eyes. Start low and increase over time. Otherwise you can just exhaust your muscles.Like ANY microcurrent device, you need to use it regularly over time to get the best resultsSince I have already gotten results from microcurrent I can say with confidence that the New Spa Eye Zone worked very well for me.Given the affordable price, I even bought a second one so I can do both sides at once.

Ilene Willow Springs, MO