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Eye Splashes 70 Pairs False Eye Lashes Bundle – 7 Styles

Revamp your lashes to dramatize your look with this 70 piece false eyelash set. Box includes: 10 – Full natural lashes 10 – Long full lashes with extended tips 10 – Extremely spiky lashes 10 – Extreme length criss cross flair lashes 10 – Dramatic thickness lashes 10 – Dense lashes with extended tips 10 – Long, full and voluminous lashes. How to Use: 1. Remove one strip of lashes from the case at a time. 2. With your eyelash glue, line a bead of glue across the entire length of the lash strip. 3. Allow the adhesive to set for about 30-50 seconds until the glue is tacky and not completely wet. 4. Apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lash line, starting from the middle – making sure the false lashes is lined up in the center. 5. Working from the center outward to the outer corners, lightly press the false lashes to match your natural line. Optional: You can apply mascara if desired. To Remove: Use makeup remover.

Key features

  • Box of 70 Pairs of False Eyelashes, 7 Assorted Styles, 10 Pieces from Each Style
  • Eyelash designs vary from long and natural to thick and dramatic. Suitable for creating day or nightime looks
  • Apply These Eyelashes for a Natural Look and Feel
  • Eyelashes is reuseable if used and removed properly
  • Created from quality synthetic fibers

Honest reviews


Here’s how to make these work:

These are an incredible deal once you get past the learning curve. After some hit and miss practice, I have these perfected. First of all most people will need to trim them, trim off any long strips on the ends and trim off some length if you need to. Flex them back and forth several times, especially the ends, this will make them less stiff. I have the best luck applying them over a coat of liquid liner rather than pencil liner, probably because of oils in the pencils making them not staying adhered. I use either Duo lash adhesive or Darkness adhesive, I find the Darkness easier to use. Most importantly I use a metal false eyelash applicator tool, I bought it off Amazon for just over a dollar, it came from China. Let the adhesive get a little tacky. Grip the lashes with the tool about 2/3 of the way up, point the lashes almost straight up towards your eyebrows so you can place the band close to your lashes and not get glue on your real eyelashes. Set them down in the middle, rotate them down if you need to, then use the ends of the tool to place each end right at your lash line. Once you have it placed, use the tool to gently squeeze the false lashes into your own, as if you are clamping them, careful not to pinch your eyelid. This sets them right at the lash line & helps them stay adhered. Press the ends down again if you need to. Once dry, use mascara to blend your eyelashes into the falsies. I usually just coat the underside of my real lashes and don’t really paint all the way up to the false lashes. Using this method I am able to apply these easily every day, and if you are very careful when you take off the lashes and peel off the adhesive, you will get about a dozen uses out of each one. This pack will last you FOREVER.

Johnnie Catskill, NY

They’re okay

I have to be honest by saying I couldn’t rate this product a 5 only because I’m a newbie with using fake eyelashes. I found the thinnest ones went on easier and looked most natural. The other ones had a thicker band and for me, they looked awful.Again, If I had more experience, I would certainly rate this better. Shipping and delivery were great.

Kerry Coeburn, VA

Love the variety..

I ordered these eyelashes about a week ago & received them yesterday. Shipping was fast! I haven’t tried them on yet, but so far I like the different styles. I was a little hesitant at first because i thought they were going to have a plastic feel & look, but they feel like actual hair. The only con is the packaging. Its very cheap & the eyelashes are just smashed in the box. Over all it’s worth the price!

Jimmie Jacksonville, OR

70 Sets of Lashes!

Doesn’t include all of the lashes in the pictures, but for the price, I love these! Good flexibility in the band and good quality lashes! Take care of them and you can re-use.

Bernadine Lowell, WI


It looks really real.I cut half and used on the corner.The first time I used it I got a date!! I just love this!!!

Hilary Brewster, NY

Love the deal, Don’t love the eyelashes

Just a fair warning, these eyelashes are NOT made for beginners. They are stiff and the band is way thicker then most eyelashes. I wear eyelashes everyday, but these I have difficulty applying. They have no flexibility to them at all that I have difficulty getting them to make a natural curve when applying them. For me, when I have gotten them to stick, usually the ends stick out straight. I have tried cutting them long and having them short. I’m glad they have worked for other people, but I can say they just aren’t for me. They are for sure a great deal. I can’t argue about that. To get so many at such a low price since most pairs cost me about $6.99 each. I won’t be purchasing these again but just because they don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else.

Hollie Beasley, TX

Well… (SEE EDIT!!)

I bought these because I’m in the process of learning about fake eyelashes, and honestly, I don’t have a whole bunch of money to throw on eyelashes. I saw the ratings, and they were very good. I tried on a pair and honestly, I’m disappointed. They are a pain to keep on- I kept having to readjust them every 20 min, and they still almost fell off at the end of the day. The band is way too thick and rigid, and I even wiggled them back and forth for a while to loosen them up. I’m sure part of the reason why they didn’t stay is because of my adhesive (Revlon- I shall be switching to Duo), but still. I’ve worn falsies before and gotten others to work just fine with cheaper glue, so I’m sure the big issue is the lashes.You get what you pay for, I suppose.EDIT: Okay, it was the adhesive. I bought the duo adhesive, and once I started using those instead of revlon, the lashes stayed on all day (even when I FELL ASLEEP in them). Now, I love them.

Karen Manchester, MN

You get what you pay for

These lashes are so / so. The reason I give it a 3 is because many of the lashes are obnoxious. There are probably 2 types in the entire set I would wear. On the plus side, they weren’t that expensive.

Eleanor Abingdon, VA

Only buy it if you know what you’re doing…

I see so many bad reviews but unless you know how to wear and put on eye lashes, don’t buy this. It’s not for beginners. They are very thick, long, full lashes that will make your eyes absolutely gorgeous. I recommend this product. Make sure you buy revlon black/clear glue adhesive. You’ll need that specific glue to keep them on without the ends starting to lift. The stickier the glue, the better. They’re not hard to take off either. I don’t know why some girls are saying that. Like, seriously, what glue are you using?? Nail glue? -_- anyway, I also recommend that before putting them on, play with the eyelashes. Bend them by just.. Idk.. Like a back and forth curve by holding the ends? I have no idea how to explain that. If you don’t know how to make then fit your eye, watch a YouTube video or something…

Carey Wilton, IA

Should have heeded the advice of the other negative reviews!

I know what you are thinking. “How bad can they be?” “The price is just so amazing!” “Those other girls just don’t know what that are doing!” Well, that’s what I thought anyway, and I am sorry to say, I was wrong.I wear lashes every day as part of my regular makeup. I typically buy drug store or brands and I’m not really picky. I have tried many styles and brands and I have only come across a couple styles that I don’t care for.So on to these lashes…The band is thick but that’s not really the problem here. The problem is that they are coated with a thick layer of that stretchy glue. It took me 10 minutes to remove it from one pair. I was able to take off just enough so the band wouldn’t be bumpy and would sit flush against my eye.Next issue, these are so inflexible! I flexed them in a horseshoe shape like I do with all lashes while waiting for the glue to become tacky. They basically just stayed in a stiff U shape that was impossible to place on my eye. Sigh. Once I got them into place, they felt heavy and irritating. I was constantly aware of them on my eyes.Even if I had better luck applying these, none of them are really very flattering. There isn’t one pair that’s just right, they all have something about them that’s just odd. Too long, too thick, to sparsely placed, not evenly spaced.I so wanted these to work but it’s just not meant to be. Try them for yourself if you must but prepare to be disappointed. I’m giving 2 stars only because I see some value in these for Halloween.

Eleanor Rothville, MO


These lashes were hard to manage during the installation process. I only liked the first two styles (which were problematic) and didn’t see a realistic occassion to where the other styles.

Janet Carpentersville, IL

need better packaging

They are nice lashes; I just wish the packaging would’ve been thought out a little better, the packaging could expose the rest of the lashes unused to damage.

Mollie Kendall, MI


I’ve been using fake lashes for 6 years now.. And these the price is right for the quantity but not the quality. I read some said you just got to know how to put them on… Wrong. These if you are used to ale lashes you know how easy they are to apply and the top doesn’t have a thick line like liner.. But these do and that’s what makes it difficult to put on. These aren’t your average lashes you get at a cvs store. But if your patient you will be able to get them on it’s a pain but like I said for the price 70 beautiful lashes why not

Deena Elcho, WI

great price

bought this for a friend as a suprise. Way cheaper to buy these than 2$ a pair! one time use only unless you want skanky looking eyelashes! But we take them off after one night anyway! WIll buy again

Kay Chatom, AL

So convenient!

If you don’t know how to put on lashes… don’t buy these. It’s that simple. I do, and for how many you’re getting, this is a STEAL. Lashes at the store go from $1-$10 and this is 70 for around $10! Good range of styles. They aren’t made or real human hair or anything, but they are the same quality of lashes as the single packs you get from target or something. If you’re on the fence, buy it and leave it in your makeup box. you won’t regret it.

Alyce Aurora, NE

Not the best, but you get what you pay for

I love wearing eyelashes for going out/parties/weddings etcOnly one set is actually wearable/natural looking for normal wear (similar to Ardell 110 lashes) the others are more dramatic/costume useThat being said they are very stiff/you need to bend them a bunch before applyingMy only complaint is that unlike ardell/elf/mac etc lashesI can physically feel their presence the entire night on my eyelids and they’re a bit irritatingIt’s probably because they’re made from a sharper plastic type material and not soft like other fake eyelashes I’ve usedI will still wear them but I will not re-buy

Patty Shoup, ID


I love these because I get 7 different pairs of styles that I can use. They last a couple uses which is great!

Goldie Laingsburg, MI

Lots of options

These are cheaper looking eye lashes, but for the price it’s not bad. The are pretty on, good deal for the price.

Danielle Beloit, WI

Great value, good quality

Plus, there are a nice variety of sizes and styles to choose from….for the price, it is an amazing deal. I’ve ordered these twice and I plan on ordering them again when I run out.

Della Penobscot, ME

love it

Ive been buying these since 2011 i got a pack with only 10 for my wedding and ive been the 70 pack every since. some lashes i dont use, i give away but for a new look try cutting a pair in half and add a little glitter (make up glitter) and eye liner for a fun club look. the price is unbeatable

Penny Evansville, IN

hard and fake

Nothing like your Red Cherry or Ardel. You are looking at Halloween store quality with these lashes. I gave them to my daughter to play dress up.

Hattie Poteau, OK

Good price for the amount you get!

I have tried 8/10 of the different lashes. All of them are pretty great, maybe 2 that are just WAY too costumey. The natural ones look good, and some of the more thick ones look pretty professional.My only complaint is that the band on these lashes is kind of thick, so if you wanted to just wear the lashes and eye-shadow (no liner) it will look a bit off.If you are a big lash fanatic, I would still but these just to try out and keep around. For the price of about 3 pairs of Ardell lashes, you can get all of these. I am sold!-Kayla xx

Brenda Caspian, MI



Cathryn Canaan, IN

these are okay for the price

I am wearing fake lashes for everyday use as I have gotten older and I do not have big thick lashes anymore. I have purchased Ardell from the drug store and really like them a lot, but they are expensive for using everyday. I order these for the price, knowing if they were not usuable, I would not be too upset given the cost, and I could always give them to some one to use for something. So I watched reviews on YouTube…which were about 50/50 as well as reading the reviews on Amazon which also had a 50/50 approval. I will state these are not as soft and good as Ardell or other well known brands, they are plasic and have a heavier band than I prefer, but they are wearable and I do receive complements on my make-up when wearing these and most people do not know what I have done different, so many of the different styles are natural looking. For my preference I cut each lash in half and wear only the half at the outer part of my lash to give me a little more volume and length on the top outer part of my eyelashes. I use Duo glue and it holds verywell. I am able to clean the lash and re use it the next day. These are not the $5.00 per pair lashes you buy elsewhere, but if you have a tight budget and love false lashes…then these are for you. You can trim and modify to suit your needs. You will need to wear dark eyeliner to camoflouge the heavy black band. I think my next order will be the lashes with a clear band.

Brittany Albion, ID


The best bundle of eyelashes on the internet EVER. so many beautiful varieties and different looks. Dramatic, and natural. Fantastic quality on par with Ardel. Love this such a good deal last forever!!!

Autumn South Padre Island, TX

Feel Natural

Some of the eyelashes are thick, but overall it is worth buying. I like the more natural looking eyelashes rather than the thick ones. They all look good, just be careful taking them out because I accidentally ripped some.

Francisca Ukiah, CA

Christmas came early for me!

This is a great deal!The lashes came in a black box (like the one in the picture) that was slightly thin, but in the end i tore it open like it was Christmas. There are seven styles of lashes and I think 3 or 4 of the styles are the same but increase in thickness. The lashes are really good quality and I’ve been using one pair for a week and a half now. Just don’t tug on them so hard when you remove the glue from them! :] I cosplay, so this set of eyelashes is perfect for me; there are 70 pairs! 😀

Monique Olympic Valley, CA

They are great!

I choose these because the box had a 7 different styles to choose from and the fact thatthis box has 70 pairs which is good for me since I have worn eye lashes in years so I newthat I would have to practice until I get it right didn’t take me long got back into the swingof put them on, I can’t do without them now.

Ivy Hayesville, IA

must buy if you use eyelashes a lot !

i recommend this to anyone who uses fake lashes on a daily! it brings many different styles so youre able to switch it up and they are made of really good material and are wide enough to fit big eyes! love love love i will order my second box soon!

Leah Beverly, WV


$70 pairs of eyelashes for $15. You can’t beat that with a stick. And it has different sizes for different occasions. And super fat shipping!!!

Rosemary Licking, MO