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Eye Cream Chlorella Edelweiss Stem Cell Acure Organics 1.0 oz Cream

Chock full of line-fighting edelweiss stem cell and chlorella growth factor to protect and stimulate new collagen while reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet. Goji relieves puffiness and dark circles…you won’t believe your eyes. You’ll scream for our eye cream.

Key features

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area
  • Feeds and restores cells
  • Reduces darkness and puffiness
  • Provides targeted skin nutrition, great for all skin types
  • Vegan, gluten and cruelty free, paraben, sulfate, silicone, phthalate and synthetic fragrance free

Honest reviews


Perfect Eye Cream

I love this eye cream. I’ve been using it for about 6 months. It is moisturizing but not oily or greasy like so many others that I’ve used. I use it day and night and I apply it on my upper eye lid as well. Smell is not really noticeable and it blends in really well.I read the two one star reviews and I think the one person was using too much, I’ve never had any white residue left over. And the other lady might have used it too close to her eyes or is maybe allergic to one of the ingredients.

Kara Alvada, OH

Irritated my skin

If I use this cream only under my eyes, then I don’t experience any untoward reaction. Yet eye creams theoretically are supposed to be so gentle, that you can use them anywhere on your face without any problem. If I use this cream on other areas of my face, my skin will become red, blotchy, and irritated. I don’t know if I’m sensitive to a particular essential oil in the formula or what the problem is. I can use the Acure Night Cream without any problem, but the eye cream will irritate my skin if I use it beyond the eye area. Although this product is designed as an eye cream, I’m hesitant to use it at all if it causes skin irritation on other parts of my facial skin and am planning on returning this product. Fortunately, my skin cleared up within several hours, and the product didn’t cause a long-lasting breakout.

Natalia Byers, KS

A nice eye cream, but no huge improvements noticed

This is a nice eye cream – you don’t need much and it absorbs instantly. Isn’t oily and the fragrance is light. Can’t say I’ve noticed any physical difference since I’ve started using this, but it does help make concealer much MUCH easier to apply. The package states to avoid getting into your eyes and states that if you do get into your eyes, to “wash your eyes for 15 minutes.” I’ve never noticed that statement on my other eye creams, so something in this product must cause a lot of eye irritation. I probably wouldn’t use too close to your eyes or lids as a result. In any event, it’s a nice soothing cream, but I wouldn’t expect any miracles. Then again, I’ve never found an eye cream that ever lived up to its age-reversing claims, so there you have it. Perfect if for use prior to your concealer.

Victoria Mc Rae, AR

Just Another Eye Cream…

No dramatic change – or really any change at all.I have tried other vegan eye creams that have worked a lot better.Moisturizing but takes too long to absorb.

Hazel Orestes, IN

My everyday eye cream

I’ve been using this product nearly daily for about 5 months now, and really like it. I have hereditary dark circles, and no product can ever eliminate them, but this product makes them less noticeable for sure. My eyes feel so hydrated when using this, and I use it both morning and night. I feel really good about the ingredients in this and all Acure products and the money is well spent!

Margot Blue Eye, MO

Great vegan product!

I’ve used this for a little under a year and the fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. I’m 38, with dry skin and this really helps the skin under my eyes. Also, one tube of this goes a very long way. It lasts months and I apply it twice (sometimes three) times a day.

Lorena Greenwood Lake, NY