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Eye Charm Magic Slim Double Sided Eyelid Tape

The newly introduced Eye-Charm Magic Slim is even much enhanced from the old versions. It is innovatively double sided! It will give you the better and natural look than the one-sided old versions Eye Charm. It is highly recommendable especially to the customers who experienced the unsatisfactory results with the oil versions on your thicker eyelids than normal. US-made 3M medical tape is adopted to Eye Charm magic tape series which is safe to your eyes

Key features

  • Eye Charm magic slim- double sided eyelid tape (11X2) 44PC
  • It is also good for the instant eye lid lift

Honest reviews



If u can rean Chinese then I guess this product might b ok.. U would think that if this country is selling to the us they would give directions in English .. What a scam..

Cathryn Sawyer, MN

Outstanding product

I just got my 3rd package…..I really love this product….leaves my eyes up and its the best. I have using other tapes but this work by far much better than any other because its not thick and leave natural look . I highly recommend this seller and its product.

Trina Crescent Lake, OR


I like the idea of double sided eyelid tape so I decided to give this a try. This takes some practice I will warn you, but don’t get too frustrated if you end up wasting a few through trial and error. I watch a lot of YouTube so I looked up tutorials on how people use this. I got the hang of it and it works fine. The only complaint I would have though is that it’s definitely not sticky enough. When used correctly, it creates a natural crease that is hard to notice, but if the staying/lasting power is weak, it becomes useless. I still use this from time to time at home to define my crease when it’s looking a little funky, but I would not wear this out for the fear of it not staying put. There are other brands that have greater lasting power so once I’m done with these, I might try the other ones. I’ve seen other brands that provide a better tool also. The tool that comes with this tape is not as helpful as it should be.

Tommie Aurora, NY

does what it promises

it does what it says it will. I have serious eyelid sage and it did lift it right up. Takes a while to get right, and I worry about making my issue worse somehow..but I am glad I bought and tried this. When done right I could not see the tape.

Elvia Burbank, CA

Takes some getting used to.

Be patient, it’s hard to peel off the plastic and also can wrinkle on its own and cause issues. Just get experienced before going out in public with this on.

Lillian Eaton, NY


These DS tapes stay on ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT! I love these ds tapes. They take some practice to master the application, however once you get it right they stay put all day and all night. I am caucasian with one slightly dropping lid and I work 12-18 hrs a day. I apply the tape immediately after washing and drying my face so that there are NO oils/makeup on my lid. It does alter the look of the crease, slightly, however the improvement in the lids being level with one another makes up for that minor difference. I can apply my makeup (liquid foundation or BB Cream) right over the crease and as long as there is no tape exposed, there is no difference in the shading. If the tape as ANY exposed areas they will be DARKER from whatever makeup you apply to the rest of your lid so be sure to have the tape applied so that it isn’t sticking out anywhere! It’s the fastest way to know if you tape application was dones right but then you have start all over again and wash/dry the lid.Guys, you shouldn’t have any problem with these, save for the positioning.I only wish that I could find them in the are where I live because the shipping is 1800 times the cost of the actual tape.

Kara Proctorville, NC