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Extreme CloseUp HD High Definition Mineral Finishing Powder Makeup 8g/.28oz – 90 day supply

Look airbrushed in real life. High definition translucent loose powder creates a soft focus effect to the skin, masks fine lines and imperfections for an airbrushed, radiant complexion. This silky soft, translucent, invisible powder is excellent for on-screen and everyday wear. Its natural matte finish is neither cakey/dry nor shimmery/sparkly. Can be worn over foundation or on bare skin. You will simply look like you…only flawless. Extreme CloseUp HD High Definition Mineral Finishing Powder: Created for Hollywood actors and actresses who need to look good under the scrutiny of the new high definition cameras. Talc-free formula wont dry skin. Translucent and perfect for all skin types and skin tones. Made of pure mineral silica powder. Micro beads produce a soft focus effect which reduces the appearance of blemishes and fine lines and gives the appearance of a perfect radiant complexion. Sets foundation and leaves a natural, matte finish. Dermatologically tested. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Vegan and Organic
  • No preservatives
  • Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, PABA-free, Non-comedogenic
  • Provides a matte finish and hours of oil absorption
  • Much less expensive than big name brand

Honest reviews


No product Info, Instructions, of Application Method

01/02/13: I promised to provide an update after using the product for a while. In my below I was disappointed because there was no product information or method of application like the puff shown in the picture. This stuff is very subtle providing a light sheen wherever applied. I like to use it on shoulders, face, and arms. It’s easy to apply too much it is tough to remove and looks obvious without blending well into the skin tone. On this product less is more. -That’s why the inclusion of a puff as in the picture would have been nice.Maybe it’s just me as I confess that while I like wearing make up I am hardly the expert at applying it. I had expected from the picture that the product would come with a puff or some method of application. No big deal- I have brushes I can use. However, there was no product information either. No instructions at all on how to use it and nothing on dos and don’t.I can say it looks very sparkly and pretty in the jar.Once I use it a while I’ll update on my experiences with it.

Heather Keene, ND


This was useless. It made my skin look awful. Did not work as seller states "Less visible pores and fine lines" this made them worse. It felt and looked as if I had some type of gunk on my face and I applied very little. Do not waste your money!

Felecia West Chester, IA

Great for softness

This powder makes your pores less visible, sets your makeup and makes your skin feel velvety soft. I only gave this three stars because the more expensive one at Sephora seems to work a bit better. This is good for half the price though.

Ada Rousseau, KY

Learning curve, but well worth it

Do not use too much! Do not use too little either. There is a perfect balance you have to find when applying this. If I let my MyChelle Ivory stick (cream-like, but a solid) foundation dry fully first, this goes on a lot better. It’s important to use a tiny amount at a time and blend it in over as much area as possible before putting more on the brush. It does spread really well, but the problem is that you can’t see where it’s spreading to. I normally have to feel where I just applied it to see what feels powdery smooth and what still feels sticky from foundation. If you use too much, it does start turning you white, but with the perfect amount it goes on like it’s invisible.My skin can get pretty oily, but I’m able to wear this all day long without looking shiny. That’s a first, because I’m used to applying more powder halfway through the day to avoid too much shine!It leaves the skin feeling really soft, but doesn’t cover up the benefits of your foundation.Love it! But it’s a bit difficult to work with.

Samantha Devon, PA

Keeps my oil under control

Love this product I will definitely recommended this to anyone that has oily t-zones as myself. When I am done putting my foundation on I dab some HD def mineral finishing powder on my face and I am good to go for the day great product!

Paula Crane, MT

Great product

I have been using this for a month now and I love it. Was inexpensive but works just as good as Mac. I have oily skin so this stuff is a life saver. Stays all night

Susanna Bucyrus, MO

Fantastic Product!

Anyone with large pores or fine lines would do well to purchase this product. MF’s version is no better than this version, and it’s so much cheaper. I have pores that could house a family of 4, soooo….I know what I’m talking about here. You only need a little bit to really do your whole face. Also, they have the little turnkey style top so that you can close it up and open it only when in use, which is a great thing to have for a powder. That way, when you carry it in your purse, it doesn’t spill out when opened. This covers great, covers big pores, and is really the best powder I think I’ve ever used. I have very oily skin, and it seems to really keep that in check. I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing this.

Concepcion Cord, AR

Get what you pay for!

I don’t use this product alone. I actually mixed it with my other face powder-CoverGirl Trublend Minerals Loose Powder, Translucent Fair 405, 0.63-Ounceand it adds a wonderful glow to my powder. I believe I read that in another review of mixing this product with another and it worked for me. And it also extends the life of the Mineral Powder Extreme. Love it!!

Ernestine Evans, WA

No ashiness!

This is a fantastic, smooth, truly translucent matte finishing powder that doesn’t turn my olive skin to an ashy looking hue. The packaging is so brilliant, that once you screw off the lid, there’s a plastic knob you turn, and then you can shake out the powder that you need without it going everywhere in a huge dust cloud whenever you take off the lid. This second safety lid sealing in the powder, and its cute size, meant I immediately ordered a second one for my purse with no worries of it spilling. I rarely wear compact powders because they frequently have oils and other binders which break my skin out. Usually, I just carry blotting papers, but depending on where I am, I now have a choice about how I’ll deal with any mid day shine. This product gives me, no breakouts, no mess, a reasonable price, fast shipping, professional service, and the most gorgeous finish to my Nars foundation ever. It’s a true win/win!

Ella Mayo, MD