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Expandable Handbag Purse Tote Travel Cosmetic Make-Up Bag Organizer Insert Dimensions: 10.5″L x 6.5″H x 3.5″W; Expanded Dimensions: 10.5″L x 6.5″H x 7″W

This sophisticated, sassy bag organizer features two expandable, zippered areas making it very functional for most handbags. It is crafted of elegant satin fabric. This organizer can hold over 60 items, and features small handles to facilitate the transfer from bag to bag. Product Dimensions: 10.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″; Expanded Dimensions: 10.5″ x 6.5″ x 7″

Key features

  • As of January 2013, improved Quality Control Standards implemented.
  • Turns ugly mess into organized success.
  • Organizer features two zippered areas which expand total width of organizer by almost 3 more inches, making it very functional for most handbags.
  • Interior: 6 pockets, 1 pen sleeve, 1 zippered pocket; Exterior: 2 pockets.
  • Changing bags is fast and easy! Uses: Handbags, Tote Bags, Travel Bags, Car Consoles, and More!

Honest reviews


Handy and functional

The tote is very useful. It is a bit of a squeeze putting my wallet into the center section due to my smallish items taking up space in the pockets surrounding the center compartment. I am happy with it and it fits in most of my purses.

Meredith Akron, OH

Not very well made.

This organizer was not worth the price. I would have maybe paid $5-6 for it. It was too flimsy and poorly constructed to hold up well with daily use. I am surprised that it got such positive reviews by other buyers… I returned the item after receiving it, but had to pay for return shipping.

Alberta Peachland, NC

Love this thing

Fits perfectly in my purse… more searching around! Now I know exactly where everything is. 🙂 I would recommend this product to anyone

Stacey North Tonawanda, NY

A Perfectionist says “Great for organization, but a little heavy!”

I first saw these totes on home shopping in another brand, and was pleased to find this a lot cheaper on Amazon and many kinds of various prices, sizes and quality. Pros: A nice number of compartments and overall size. Great "light-colored interior so you can actually see what’s in the purse. I am impressed with the excellent material and construction. It is holding up well and can be easily cleaned if needed. I don’t care for the silky interiors used in some I looked at. Handles work well to pull in and out to switch purses and that’s one of the points of it.Cons: It does add weight to the purse which may be an issue for some. It’s not a huge deal for me, but lighter would be better. Measure your purses before buying. Length is critical. I bought two of these for daughters, and it was just a little too big for one of them to use in her everyday purse. It fits most of mine. Overall very pleased and would purchase again.

Sara Fairfield, NC

my mom loves it

i ordered this for myself but as soon as my mom saw it took it and has been using it ever since. from what she says, it works great. great seller too!!

Fern Glenwood, WV

The Best!

This product came to me in 3 days. It has no odor. It also saved me several hundred dollars in opurses that I now don’t have to throw out or give away because they are just too big to ever find anything in them.With this organizer I can carry everything I need. I can now even carry, not only my Kindle in a place that I don’t have to worry about it falling out – but an extra battery pack for my electronics. It is big enough for my Fire 8.9 with a good size cover too.I am so impressed and truly pleased. It isn’t often that a product meets AND exceeds its promises.

Francisca Tamuning, GU

purse liner

I like this! It does make my handbag heavier, but I’m adding to it so obviously that’s gonna happen. Mine had no odor that some others’ did. I’m using it in a Coach tote (Madison) and it does exactly what I wanted this for – it adds structure to the bag so when I place it down, it doesn’t puddle into a heap. I can also find and remove my wallet (or whatever) so much quicker, and then put it back faster too (the structure again helps with that). Really a nice product and way way cheaper than what I almost ordered on Etsy. Can’t wait to use it with my summer bag also.

Deborah Sugarloaf Shores, FL

The holy-grail of purse organizers

I got this very promptly, and was amaze at the quality. Fits my MUNDI big fat wallet, my makeup bag, glasses case, phone, etc. My boyfriend even said that it was nice and very handy. No more searching and going crazy looking for things in my purse, now everything i need i can find in 2 seconds flat. Love the large zipper compartment inside and the pockets to hold whatever i need. This even came with a free smartphone pen which i thought was awesome. I REALLY enjoyed the fact that this has zippers on that side that expand to let you use more space, this is way way better than other purse organizers that ive tried and the quality literally lasted a month before breaking. I can tell this is very well made and overall i am beyond thrilled with this purchase.

Raquel Arma, KS

Perfect for Longchamp

Love it. Fits perfectly inside my medium sized Longchamp le pilage tote. The tote itself doesn’t have any organization pockets so it’s such a space saver. Quality is fair. The zipper on the inside is pretty flimsy but everything else is durable. I like that the bottom is padded so it gives my purse shape.

Nola Cherokee, TX

You will have to pry this out of my cold dead fingers

My purse is the tote bag style. Very functional for shopping but just try finding anything in there. I’d gotten to the point where I would toss in 2 of everything. Then it hit me that I was just making the problem worse.I’ve had other organizer bags but I never used them properly. The stuff just kept wandering from pocket to pocket and I was forced to search every pocket. Plus, every time I changed bags, I’d confuse myself as it all changed places.This tight compact organization with the top down view allows organization combined with easy search and retrieval. Obviously, you just lift the whole thing when you move to a new bag. Now I wish my bag were just two inches wider and longer and that would allow this organizer to expand to it’s full potential. Still, the design is good, it adjusts to different purse sizes within reason. There are snaps on the side that helpsI broke the zipper in the side pocket yesterday (overloaded the poor thing). But having an organized purse has made my life so much more productive, that I don’t give a damn (excuse my french). The rest of the organizer is holding up well.So, here is my summary:Purse dimensions: Mine is 14″ long, 9″ high, 5″ wide (at the bottom). The purse width narrows at it approaches the top. The organizer fits easily. It could spread out in width more but the purse isn’t quite large enough.Internal pockets: a good sizes for wallets, checkbooks, small notebooks and sunglasses cases (those really large ones).Internal “handles”: I guess these are for lifting the organizer from purse to purse but I find it handy to hang keys and usb drives there. Get some of those clever key clips and you’ll have a handy rail for little items that would get lost in the pockets.External pockets: Look like they are best for flat cell phones, cards or very short pens. The stiff sides of the organizer would offer your cell phone some protection. My purse has a nice cell phone pocket so I slip in some travel size lotions in the flattest tubes I can find. 3″ is about the right length to peek out of those locations.Biggest downside: My purse is supposed to be a shopping tote/purse. I still load stuff on top, causing me to dig to the bottom. Was stuck with stuff in both my hands trying to reach the wallet the other day. Clearly, I needed a second bag, or cargo pants. I need to rethink my purse/shopping tote strategy.BTW, excellent service. Order arrived within one day, even though I chose 2 day delivery.Overall, my other organizer bags (the ones with the side view of multiple pockets) was only marginally helpful (I really only tracked my cell phone and pens); my tote-style bags were black holes. This one fulfills my expectations. I can find important items immediately (2 seconds) and other items by poking around once or twice (5 seconds).There are excellent DIY instructions on the internet to make your own and I thought about it. Seemed simple enough. But this is well constructed. The design has some really thoughtful touches not found on the DIY instructions. Many of the pressure points are riveted. I’m really happy I paid instead of trying to make my own. Although, I would have chosen much prettier fabric 🙂

Enid Glencliff, NH

Good product

Very handy for my large purses. Happy with the purchase. 4 stars instead of 5 because I’m not sure how sturdy the fabric is going to be. Also lining is a little too satiny for me. If it holds up well, it will be a good value.

Eloise Emporia, VA

The answer to my problems

This was the answer to my purse problems! It sits upright, doesn’t spill, it’s large and holds all of my crap in my large leather tote purse. I will order more for Christmas!

Jolene Panacea, FL

Could be better

This item could be improved if the inner sections were not cloth as they don’t stand up and the items in my purse get mixed up. The inner sections should be made of something like cloth covered hard plastic or even cardboard for that matter. It is a good size for a large purse but again, the sections are a flimsy cloth that don’t really keep all items in the organizer separate.

Leslie Vendor, AR


This insert is good size and all of my stuff does fit. It is one of the best purchases I have made, it makes it so easy to change handbags. Product is of good quality and easy to remove from one bag into another. Would highly recomend this product for someone who like to change bags often or wants handbag more organized as I can now find everything easily instead of having to search through bag.

Jana Goehner, NE

Purse tote

This is awesome, I would have given a 5 star but this makes my purse heavier than I would like. Over all, I am glad that I have to use. It fits in many different sizes of purses.

Darcy Buda, IL

A big improvement for my purse…

I recently bought a fabric tote style purse, lined, but with only one small interior pocket. Friends say they are amazed at what I keep in my purse, including eye drops and a toothbrush and paste, so I usually choose bags with many pockets and dividers. I needed help with organizing the mess in the new bag and found this item here on Amazon. It fits perfectly in the bag and it holds all my stuff. I like the little handles for removing it to use it in a different purse. It seems well made and is somewhat adjustable. I wish it cost a little less, but if it holds up well, I will be very pleased.

Kristy San Manuel, AZ


this product is fantastic…after doing some research I decided on this brand and am very happy. It’s made of a high quality and very pleasing to the eye. I use it in my Prada and Channel handbags.

Eddie Corrigan, TX