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Exfoliating Bath Towel Towelettes / Bath Wash Cloth / Shower Towel Body Scrub

Exfoliate! Work up a good lather! Flaunt your soft and smooth skin. Cleanse your back without a sweat with BelleSha Exfoliating Bath Towel. It comes in 3 colors to easily distinguish your bath towel at home! Hold on both ends and gently scrub hard to reach areas of your body.

Key features

  • Description: Cleanse your back and body easily with exfoliating bath towel scrub
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Made of: 60% nylon 40% polyester
  • Highlights: Lightweight fabric that dries quickly. Creates a good lather
  • Bellesha recommends: Use with your favorite shower gel, soap or body wash

Honest reviews


Great to dry your feet with!

These bath towels are great to dry your feet off from the shower,pool or beach if you are at the beach these towels work great to get your feet dry and remove any sand so you can put your socks and shoes back on when you go home

Juanita West Decatur, PA

Rougher nylon scrub cloth

I have been using nylon scrub cloths for probably 35 years. My brother used them overseas when he was in the Navy and brought some home. I love them.These BelleSha cloths are rougher feeling to the hand than cloths I’ve used in the past but work just fine, without being too scratchy, in the shower – other than on my face and “other” tender parts.I washed these in hot water with detergent and bleach like I’ve always washed this type of cloth before I used them and they came through like champs. And they dry just fine in the dryer. They drip dry quickly after use to get ready for your next shower.These towels are much more vibrantly colored than ones I used in the past – very pretty colors.I do have to say I still like the cloths I’ve used for years better Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel (3) Blue Yellow and Pink. They are packaged separately and make perfect gifts, stocking stuffers. They aren’t quite as rough feeling so I feel okay using them anywhere on my body, including my face. But these are definitely a close second.NOTE: I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Sadie Iron City, TN

Scratch n Sniff

*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BellaSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*"You want us to what?" asked my housemates."Exfoliate! It’s eeeeeeeeasy. Just use it. Put your bodywash on there, and scrub."Boy did I get the hairy eyeball. Oh well. If I find something fishy in my coffee, I know where they live.Upon examination, these "bath towels" are not towels. Towels get you dry. These take your skin off. Ok, not really, but getting you dry is not on their list of objectives. Taking off dead skin however is just what they like to do most. I thought they were scratchier than a common pouf/synthetic loofah. Even felt up a few at the store just to see if the ones I had hanging around were wearing out. The sheets (I hearby refuse to call them towels) are pliable and create a mass of suds with a reasonable amount of bodywash. The length and width were just right for getting my back, something I normally would need a long handled scrub brush for. Rinsing takes a little longer compared to a pouf or washcloth, but only a little extra. Cleaned and out of the shower, my skin was pink and tingly. Ok, they work.In terms of price, not too bad. One could cut these down into small sections, turning 3 into several more and saving a bit of change. I’d call them a win so far. As for the housemates, I guess I should have warned them about where on the body it wasn’t a good idea to use them. I’ll be keep an eye on my coffee for a while.

Tami Yadkinville, NC

Ideal for back of the body.

It is a decent size towel for scrubbing the back of the body. It is pretty big for other parts of the body.The towel is a bit rough hence you have to be cautious when using in the sensitive skin. The skin feels soft and clean after using this product.Sample received for a fair and honest review.

Josefa Silverton, TX

Wow, they do exfoliate!

First I must say these are more the size of a long hand towel. However they are perfect for scrubbing your back! they are long enough to grab in both hands and shimmy up and down your back. They really exfoliate well. My skin felt very clean after using this product. I use them for scratching those hard to reach spots on back too. You can use them for exfoliating almost anywhere, however they are rough and I wouldn’t recommend them on sensitive skin. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Ofelia Fouke, AR

Rough and Lathers

I use sulfate free body liquids, so they don’t always lather very well. It is the price you pay for trying to stay away from the unhealthy stuff. Anyway, these towels do a great job of scrubbing off dead skin and make just a tiny bit of my body wash turn into a lot of lather. I am using about 1/3 of the body wash I was before — which is awesome because that stuff is expensive.These are just simple rough-cut pieces of rough cloth. You can grab both ends and scrub your back and get a good scratch.Sample provided

Kerry Meadow Grove, NE

Very good on surface skin and easy to wash

I think this is the way to go for removing the surface of the skin. These are easy to dry and easy to wash.The size is very nice – easy to get one’s back using two hands, simple procedure. Even though these towels are big for the purpose, they dry out quickly because of the material. The significant plus is the ease with which they can be washed. Sample provided.

Chelsea Menifee, AR

Ingenious Idea! My back is cleaner than ever.

These come in a pack of three different colors which are pink, blue and yellow. These exfoliating bath towels measure roughly 35 inches long and 12 inches wide. They are made partly of nylon and partly of polyester. They are designed to allow you to easily scrub hard to reach places like your back. You simply unfold one and get it wet in the shower and then lather it up with your favorite body wash or shower gel. The length of these towels allow you to easily reach every inch of your back. I have to admit my back didn’t get cleaned as well as the rest of my body because in the past it was so hard to reach. It feels really great to give my back a really good scrubbing with this towel. The towel is scratchy enough to exfoliate your skin but not too scratchy that it hurts in any way. In addition to my back I use it on my shoulders, legs and arms as well. When you are finished using it then rinse it out good and hang it up to dry. It will be dry and ready for use by the next time that you take a shower.Since these are made of durable nylon / polyester each towel should last quite a while as long as your rinse and dry it properly. This pack of three should last a single person a long time or you could always divide them up among family members or friends. This was my first time trying a exfoliating towel like this but like it a lot and think it was an ingenious idea.Sample provided for review.

Beverley Arnaudville, LA

A Simple Product That Does An Awesome Job

What would you have if you took a pouf net sponge / shower ball and straightened it out into a large, single sheet? A BelleShe Exfoliating Bath Towel!I have to admit, I wasn’t sold on the idea when I was offered a sample to review but once I tried using them it was like a showering revolution! While that may be overselling it a bit, these textured towels work a LOT better than the shower balls as they lather nicely and they allow you to have complete control over the pressure you’re providing and exactly where you’re able to get it. These towels work great on feet and between toes and they are more than long enough that you can easily scrub your own back from top to bottom. It’s such a simple idea that I’m surprised that it’s not the standard as of yet.The bottom line is I love this product and give it five stars all the way!

April Bowdon Junction, GA

A very nice set of nylon / polyester mixed set of exfoliating bath towels …

These BelleSha hard exfoliating bath towels are perfect if you want to exfoliate that hard-to-reach skin on your back. Sometimes a bath brush just isn’t enough and lathering up and using an exfoliating towel does the trick. There are three different exfoliating towels in this packet, each a different weave.They are a nylon and polyester mix that gives them exfoliating power, but also that extra bit of flexibility that works well when trying to do your back. There’s no description, but I’ll say that the yellow is a super hard weave, the pink a hard weave, and the blue a medium weave.Quite simply, you use them, rinse them, hang them up to dry, and reuse them. My suggestion would be to toss them in the wash as frequently as you would your towels to make sure they really stay clean and don’t harbor any bacteria.FEATURES:► Cleanse your back easily with exfoliating bath towel► Dimensions: 34.5 x 11.5 inches► Made of 60% nylon 40% polyester► Dries quickly► Use with your favorite shower gel or body washQuality? Well, I don’t have a lot to compare these with, but I can say that they will provide a very nice bathing experience and will make your skin feel wonderful. The packaging is minamalist-style and comes in a simple plastic bag. Each towel comes to just over four dollars.Sample provided for review.

Whitney Brea, CA

It’s getting kinda rough, it’s sure getting tough out there!

I never thought a wash cloth could wake me up in the morning, but I was wrong! This exfoliating bath towel does just that. I squeeze some bath gel onto the towel and begin the scrubbing. Instantly I feel my body come alive and waken for the day. The exfoliation is great for those rough elbows and heels. It is a bit rough, so beware!

Kay Beaver, WV

Perfect for a back scrub

These are just right–both size and texture–for scrubbing your back. The short ends have a folded-over seam that makes it easier to get a grip. But I consider them too large for washing the rest of me. That’s okay though, it’s great to have something like this in addition to my hand-size scrubby.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Odessa Colwich, KS

works great

Exfoliating towels you say? Yeah I had never herd of them either until I agreed to review them in return for a free product and let me tell you they worked very well. You can literally feel and see the difference as they clean the dead skin off you. Though they are a little rough so don’t push to hard.

Pearl Elmira, WV

A wonderful way to scratch an itchy back

These exfoliating cloths are popular in Asia and particularly in Japan. They don’t look like very much, to be sure. They are about 11 1/2 in. wide by 35 in. long and are made of finely-woven and slightly-stretchy mesh that is hemmed at both ends. They weigh almost nothing and the biggest initial impression is from the intense candy colors.However, they are wonderful not just for exfoliating, but for gently scratching itchy skin without irritating it or making it itch more. For years, I have used a bath brush with dense bristles as a back scratcher, but no more. This textile gives just the right amount of friction and does so very evenly and is easy to manipulate because of the length. I am also thinking about twisting and braiding all three together so make a super back-scratcher, but I’m not sure if that will work as well, because the braided rope wouldn’t be as uniform as the flat surface of the individual strips.These cloths also do work well as intended, for gentle to moderate exfoliation in the bath, especially when used with a creamy body wash like the ones from Dove.BelleSha provided a sample for evaluation and review.

Marietta Sedalia, NC

Easier to work with compared to a back brush

3-pack color coded, so family members will not confuse which one is hers/his. This is a new product to us that we started to like. It is very hard to reach your back unless you have a back brush. Back brush can lather your back but not these towels can also give you a rub to remove dead skin cells. The towel is long enough to hold on each end and rub it on your back. It also reach parts of your back that itches which makes dual-purpose.After use, I pat it on a terry towel to remove water. This way it doesn’t get soggy or prevent the growth of germs.A sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.

Hannah Kaleva, MI

Good for both reaching your back and applying cream.

I was frankly a little taken aback at how well these worked. I have been using one now for two weeks and it is holding up.I use it with bath soap to clean my back BUT what I really love it for is applying creams.I use a prescription strength lotion to ease a skin condition. I had been using a similar type thing that is shaped like a ball on a long plastic handle. It works ok but since it is so dense I end up waisting a lot of my lotion.With this I just apply the lotion to this and work into my back, legs, etc….so with the price and function of this towel I am pleased.I will buy some more after I use up my free sample.

Betty Centerview, MO

Cheap and Good

These work really well. Not very durable but they are so inexpensive I’d just replace them when they are worn. These won’t give you the same results as an abrasive body scrub, but it’s a good everyday exfoliating bath towel.

Lelia Scarborough, ME

Good for hard-to-reach places, but a little rough for sensitive skin

If you want to scrub your back without dislocating your shoulders, this is a great product. You can also wad it up and use it like a poof on easier-to-reach places like your arms and legs, but i found it a shade too rough to use on tender skin like my inner arms, my stomach, or my face.I’m not sure what the product’s instructions are, but i throw it in the washing machine with a batch of cold water washing once a week or so, and dry it flat, and so far it has held up just fine.

Patsy Camp Nelson, CA

Great For Your Feet

These small bath towels are great for exfoliating feet. I use them to dry off after soaking my feet in the famous listerine/vinegar mix. Bright cheerful colors are a plus as well. I received this product free in exchange for a review.

Bernice Newburg, WV

Works Great

I was offered these for review and figured I had nothing to lose, so I accepted.One thing I have to cover is the name choice for this product. The word "towel" as defined in every dictionary I’ve consulted is defined similar to the following: "a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used for drying oneself or wiping things dry". Folks, there is nothing absorbent about these towels. I really want to make that clear because I know somebody will buy them thinking they are absorbent like a towel should be, and they’ll be angry when they receive these. I once reviewed colored paper that was even titled as such and saw the product had three one star reviews from shoppers complaining that the paper was colored and not white… I kid you not. So… these "exfoliating bath towels" are really nothing like a towel, other than they are flat and rectangular shaped and can be used in the bathroom.With the above said, these things definitely do exfoliate. They are essentially a thin scrubby pad like you might use to do dishes. Now some people might think that is a negative remark, but I mean it in no such way. As long as you aren’t expecting something soft and luxurious, and you want to scrub off dead skin (which is what exfoliate means in not so flowery language), then these will get the job done.I recently had a very close family member in Hospice care in my home, and she was bedridden for the last eight weeks of her life. We cut these into 10 inch squares and used them during her sponge baths. She really liked the way they made her skin feel, and they did a great job of keeping her skin looking nice and fresh. I’m wavering between a four and five rating, but because they made my loved one feel better in her last days, I’m going with five stars.

Josie Edson, KS