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Exfolia Reusable Microexfoliation Beauty Cloth

Enhance the efficacy of your moisturizers, toners, sunscreens, and serums when you start your routine by cleansing with the Exfolia microexfoliation beauty cloth! This environmentally safe, reusable product adds micro exfoliation to your cleansing, refining skin and leaving your complexion smooth and clear. Safe for all skin types and conditions, this amazing product fights acne, wrinkles, blackheads, and pimples.

Key features

  • Washable, reusable microexfoliation beauty cloth
  • Use with your favorite cleanser to enhance results
  • Smoother complexion in just 2 minutes of use.
  • No added chemicals or crystals, hypoallergenic product. Lasts 60-80 treatments.
  • Aids with skin cell regeneration. Safe to use for all skin types, even children and infants.

Honest reviews


soft skin, increased cell turn-over

It’s hard to believe this little cloth can do so much to assist in cell turnover. Now that I’m in my 40s, I need a little more help with exfoliation to keep my skin looking new(ish!) and to keep my adult acne under control. I have sensitive skin, so finding the right combination of products has always been difficult. I use salicylic acid products twice a day in combination with this cloth and I get really good results. Because I use the cloth twice a day, I’m very careful not to put much pressure at all behind the cloth–just gentle, circular strokes. When I did use a little more force, I could feel my skin being irritated. So, please heed the warnings of other reviewers regarding the frequent and/or overly vigorous use of this product! 🙂 After a few uses, I noticed the redness from past blemishes were disappearing MUCH faster than they would otherwise. When I use this at night, I slather on an oil-free moisturizer afterward. I don’t know how it works, exactly…but this product does what it says and I will definitely keep it in my skin-cleansing routine.

Rachel Trufant, MI

Makes my face softer….thats about it

Its a good product but I didn’t have any extraordinary results from using this. I also use Mary kay microderm abrasion once a week and I feel like it gives me smoother skin and smaller pores then this does. Its not overly irrating so that was a plus but I wish I would have had more exfoliation occur and less signs of my pores showing.

Lucy Windom, MN

Its okay,.

A regular washcloth will suffice. I think it is probably best with some moisturizers or putting those into the pores with this cloth. I was looking for something to exfoliate…

Kate Calvert City, KY

Surprisingly effective AND gentle!

I got one of these on a lark, to see what all the fuss was. Wow! It looks like a flimsy little wash cloth! BUT after using it once in the shower I could definitely feel the smoothness again on my face! And this is from someone who has tried the little white scrubbies, cleansers with beads/shells/seeds/goodness-knows-what little abrasive things in it. When I used those more abrasive cleansers or scrubbies, the warm water would hurt and I would look all pink. Exfoliated, yes; felt good, no. The Exfolia cloth is very gentle–no feeling scalded after using it–and my skin feels soft and smooth. Lotion goes on noticeably easier and seems to soak in better. I have no idea how it works, but it is nothing like using a regular terry washcloth! I use it on face, arms, back, and legs. Skin feels smoother and less pimpley or prone to breakouts. I am a BIG fan. I bought a second when the first one–after a few months (probably longer than I should have used it, but it still felt nice!)–wore down. I will not go back to regular wash cloths now since this one has spoiled me!

Cheryl Emma, MO

Not what I thought

I have used this cloth since I received it and I do not know what the hype is about. Did not feel much of anything on my face.

Sheri Pennington, MN

Smoothest skin ever

As someone who constantly exfoliates their face, this cloth is a clear must have. This has helped fade my acne scars and eliminate breakouts significantly. It also makes your skin unbelievably soft and has replaced all my facial exfoliant products.

Chelsey Cawood, KY

Magical cloth!

With so many different exfoliating and microdermabrasion cloths to choose from, I took a chance on ordering this cloth based on the positive reviews I’ve read on multiple sites, and I have to say that I’m extremely happy with my choice! This little cloth may not look like much, when you get it; it’s not much thicker than a paper towel, it’s a bit stiff and unlike a typical washcloth, nor does it feel like it would be effective at exfoliating. However, upon my dubious first use I was surprised to find that it was indeed a mighty exfoliator. You REALLY DO need to go easy with this cloth, as it’s incredibly easy to go overboard with it since it doesn’t FEEL like your typical exfoliant while washing your face. I ended up going a bit overboard with my first use because of how smooth it feels on the skin as you use it. After cleansing, rinsing and patting my face dry, my nose and chin felt a bit raw and was tender and a little red. I immediately applied my moisturizer which relieved this quickly. I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin felt as I applied my moisturizer. My skin immediately looked brighter, cleaner, and rejuvenated!I’ve been using this cloth once every three days (every day use is not recommended and after using you’ll see why) and my pores are no longer clogged with blackheads, my skin is brighter, more radiant, less dry and flaky, and I can FEEL my moisturizer and skin care products actually absorbing and functioning as they should. My makeup is easier to apply, performs better and looks better in general.I’ve been using this cloth for about a month and it’s still in tip top shape. These cloths are supposed to last about 6 months, I believe. The fibers are extremely fine and tightly woven together in every possible direction in order to effectively scoop out and remove impurities and dead skin. As the cloth gets older, the fibers are supposed to loosen and expand, rendering the cloth less effective at exfoliation. When the fibers become misshapen and loose, that is when it’s time to toss it and replace it. I rather like the concept of a temporary reusable cloth, it seems more sanitary somehow. I change out my body poofs, toothbrush, and pumice stones, so why not a washcloth? Seems completely logical to me.I definitely recommend giving this cloth a shot if your in the market for an effective exfoliator. I highly recommend reading the instructions and information included in the box with the cloth before your first use and using with a decent amount of cleanser to help protect from over exfoliation.

Carey Gallman, MS

Works really well!

It’s great for exfoliating the face. You don’t even have to scrub hard just gently use in circular motions with or without soap. It’s surprising strong and you won’t notice how well it works until you are done. Be careful not to overdo it and leave your skin raw. If used correctly, your skin will be so smooth. They do wear down after a while so if used daily they should be replaced at least every few months.

Kristy Calimesa, CA

Wonderful exfoliation for the face

I ordered this as a replacement for my daughter since whose first Exfolia had done its time. She loves the effectiveness, yet gentleness this exfoliating facial cloth offers!

Dolly Meers, OK

Your face, neck and chest never felt so smooth!

I would love to know microscopically how this amazing cloth works. Wash half of your face with this cloth then pat dry and compare to the half you washed normally – you won’t believe how smooth it is! Use on your neck and chest too! You will only need to use this about twice a week. The results are remarkable. Have given this as a gift to delighted friends.

Sybil Friant, CA

Great exfoliator!

I love this cloth! I read a review where the person cut it in squares to help get more use out of it and it’s more effective that way. I prefer to use this cloth without cleanser first to really get the dead skin off. The first time I used this, I was too rough on my skin but I’ve gotten the hang of it now. Definetly worth purchasing.

Rachel Newport, TN

Fantastic product, great for deep down microdermabrasion!

I’m on my second order of Exfolia and this is such a great beauty item if you want to keep your skin smooth and really clean. Takes care of the dead cells, helps with skin rejuvenation and can be used with any cleanser.I have really large pores on my nose and a really oily t-zone. Helps your skin soak up any other beauty product you apply. Any type of skin can handle this as it is gentle and really really gets down and cleans better then any other microdermabrasion product. Don’t let the appearance of this cloth fool you, it is potent and powerful & so worth the money. Give them as gifts to your girlfriends. I think this is just as powerful as a professional microdermabrasion and much cheaper. I bought a large cloth to scrub down the whole bod.

Jannie Bates, OR

I love it!

Wow everyone was not kidding – these are great – I am stocking up on several more so I don’t run out!The first few times you use it use a lot of cleanser and don’t rub too much.

Alyce Bellevue, ID

leads to softer skin but may also lead to breakouts

When you get the package, you may be a little perturbed at the size of the cloth. It is not big and does not appear to have any amazing qualities when just examined with the eye. Once dampened, the user applies cleanser and lightly moves the cloth about the face. The operative word is light. Use a light touch with this towel. The towel can really make your face raw if you spend any more than four or five seconds on one particular area. I also suggest reapplying water in the middle of the cleaning process because the towel dries out quickly and you do not want to be running it across your face without it being damp.My face looked a touch brighter and felt smother after use. I also developed some pimples immediately after use. This has happened to me when I have utilized other processes that strip dead cells. In response, I am reducing the number of times I use the towel each week from three to one. While my skin has felt smoother, I have not noticed any minimization of facial lines.While my skin feels smoother, I am not crazy about the pimples because a pimple lasts at least three weeks when I get one and they are inevitably huge. I’ll likely use the towel until it needs to be replaced (the box says this could be 60 to 80 uses) and then decide if another merits being purchased. Someone suggested using aShamwow Pack – 4 Large & 4 Mini Shamwows, so I may look into that.This product is made in the United States from fabrics imported from France.

Leona Oak City, UT

Wouldn’t Want to Live Without It!

I was hesitant to buy this cloth as some of the reviewers who had bad experiences-had really bad experiences, but now I am glad that I did. I have used this cloth twice and I am now both hooked and amazed. I don’t have issues with acne. My skin tends to be dry and I have some hyperpigmentation issues along my chin. I also flake and peel a lot. I have difficulty feeling like I can get my skin really clean. Many products I am allergic to and some mechanical cleansers are too harsh as my skin tends to be dry. I tried the Dove cleansing cloths prior to this and the cleanser they contained was to rich for my skin. I didn’t break out, but my skin felt kind of oily and smoothered afterward. I also felt like the cloths weren’t removing enough dead skin- as I would still get flakey patches.The first time I used this cloth – I wondered if it would be effective. I took it out of the package and it is a very smooth textured and supple cloth. It doesn’t feel abrasive at all. I followed the directions: wet the cloth, added my cleanser, and used the cloth all over my face moving in circular motions going over each section i.e. left cheek, right cheek, forehead, and chin. I was careful to avoid the eye area and I counted to ten each time to make sure that each section received no more than 10 passes with the cloth. I also switched spots on the cloth so that I used a clean section of the cloth on each section on my face.The cloth felt really smooth on my skin – like nothing was happening as I cleansed. When I went to rinse the cloth there was nothing but gummy dead skin all over it. After cleansing I did have a raw feeling patch on my left cheek, but that went away. After the first cleanse I noticed that a small patch of rash like bumps on one side of my chin had greatly reduced.Today I used the cloth for the second time and again the cloth was covered in dead skin and dirt. The bumps on my chin are now completely gone. The hyperpigmentation looks like it is improving and my skin looks brighter all over my face. I like this product a lot and I hope that I will always be able to purchase it.UPDATE:4/19/2012You Must Be Careful With This Cloth!I mistakenly thought that since my skin flakes so much I could use more a intensive scrubbing time. I was wrong. I am nursing a very raw, irritated, burning skin. Perhaps I should use it maybe 3 times a week to keep ahead of the flaky skin vs more vigorous scrubbing to see if that helps.On the plus side – the hyperpigmentation on the sides of my face have faded nicely. My skin is clearer and more even.

Lillie Ephrata, WA