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Exceptional Products Wrap, Snap and Go Hair Rollers

Wrap Snap N Go Hair Rollers Wrap Snap and Go rollers are soft rollers designed to provide maximum lift from the roots creating more volume for your style. They are great for sleeping, no pins are required, and they are a “snap” to use (no pun intended)! Just roll each section of your hair around the roller and then simply join the two ends and snap the roller closed! You can create both traditional and spiral curls. Unique leopard print. Great for kids also. Very durable, and machine washable. Includes: 12 rollers per package. Includes a 16-page “Secrets to Beautiful Curls” instructional booklet Comes in a very nice vinyl case, great for gift giving.

Key features

  • Wrap Snap and Go rollers are soft rollers designed to provide maximum lift from the roots creating more volume for your style

Honest reviews


Better on dry hair than on wet

So I picked these up originally at a beauty supply store. There is a little booklet in the case that is 16 pages long that describes how to make spiral curls or other curls. It also describes the best ways to curl your hair and instructs that all of the curlers to intersnap to one another. There are two lengths. There are 8 regular sized rollers and four long rollers. To begin your curling you should comb your hair up in the center of front of your head and start rolling from there. Once you snap the first one, when you roll the next roller and get ready to snap it insert the ends into the loop of the last roller and snap so the interconnect. And so on and so on.I did this on dry hair and let it sit for an hour while I got ready for work, the curls were awesome! It was super easy to put the rollers in. Now that I’ve done them a few times, it takes me five minutes tops to put them in.I tried the rollers in my hair dry overnight, same effect. The rollers were, meh, okay I guess, to sleep on. they were a bit uncomfy and a lot of my hair came out from several rollers. I was wearing a sleep cap the night that I slept with them in. For sleeping, I would suggest sleeping with pillow rollers, those are pretty comfy for sleeping and make great overnight curls on wet and dry hair.I tried the curlers on wet hair. For that you have to do them overnight, they won’t dry in a decent amount of time without an overhead dryer. This made some pretty funky old fashioned curls that were awfully tight.Best way to go, at least my favorite is to do them on my dry hair in the morning or before I’m going out. I put them in and leave them on for an hour. I use a lot of different kinds of curlers, these are fun, and really easy. If you are worried about putting hot curlers in a little girls hair, give these a whirl.

Monique Cumming, GA

Soft, lovely, bouncy curls

I love these soft bouncy curls. I only used 4 curlers for my 1b,F/M,ii,MBL hair, and the cascade of curls is lovely. I used some leave-in conditioner on my slightly damp hair to help set the curls. I slept overnight with my satin sleep cap over the top to keep the frizzies down, and finger combed my hair after I took the curlers out. The effect is shiny, soft, beautiful princess curls. These are a great way to get heatless curls for long hair. I couldn’t feel them at all when I was sleeping, they are so soft and comfortable. To understand what the “code” and abbreviations meant, google fia’s hair typing, and google hair length abbreviations. I just figured this review would be more useful if you knew what type and length of hair I am using with this product.

Rosalia Elton, WI


Well, my hair is already curly, I was just hoping for a more tamed curl. But instead I got major tangles. They’re also not thick enough. When rolling them with wet hair, you might as well be wrapping your hair with a ribbon. They feel too thin.

Janice Lonoke, AR

Works better than the cheap ones

I have hair almost to my elbows, so to my dismay, I had to stop using the “easiest way in the world to curl your hair method”, because my hair is about two inches two long now :(….. (I’ll explain it in a sec.) So, I started doing pin curls, rag curls, and every type of overnight “setting” curl I could do, because my hair simply does not hold curl from heat. After buying pretty much every type on the market, including the cheap version of these, I’ve finally settled with this product.Pros: No heat, fairly comfortable, cute leopard print (so my husband doesn’t totally run for the hills, yes, I can be cute with these… sort of), Snap clasp makes these worth purchase, you don’t have to use any clips or pins. These seem really durable and sturdy, and can be washed in the machine. I don’t like little frizzy ringlets, so I put more hair on each stick, and get big full curls, like you would from a set of jumbo rollers.Cons: You will get better at putting them in with a little time. The first time I used them, I didn’t follow directions and interlock each stick, so I used some pin curl clips to hold them in place, which isn’t really necessary if you follow directions. One of the snaps was right on the pressure point of the back of my head, and was a little uncomfortable through the night (my bad). You really need to dampin the hair AND use some form of product if you have thicker hair atleast…. The curls are really nice, but they fall if you don’t use a product and have heavy hair.OKay…. now to explain the “easiest way in the world to curl your hair”:You simply take an elastic cloth headband and put it over your head (like a native american, or flapper), with slightly damp hair of course, and some product too, and you simply take the hair and wrap up over and down under the band, adding more hair to that piece as you wrap around to the back. VERY hard to explain without pictures… for the full picture step by step and video, web search “easiest way in the world to curl your hair, by broken poet” and your life will be changed. It works on all hair types, from cheek length to past the shoulders. When it gets about elbow length, it’s too long. It literally takes 5 minutes once you get the hang of it, for the most beautiful even curls, I’ve ever had. Wish I had known about it all my life. If you use this method, all you need is one cloth headband. You can get them in packs of 3 from any CVS or Grocery store for a couple of bucks. I would definitely go that route if my hair wasn’t so long. Good luck!

Tanisha Natchez, LA

not bad

these give a decent curl, not as easy to use as i would like, you do have to connect or thread one through the other to make them stay in. took about 6 hours in almost dry hair, but the curl held. not for you if you want the curl to start close to the head like i do.

Janine Monaville, WV

Not for layered hair

To their credit, they do produce a curl quickly on dry hair, but if you have layered hair, these are a huge chore to get rolled and keep in. Tip: for smaller sections of hair, try knotting rather than snapping to keep it held.

Marisa Mount Ulla, NC

A curl that will last for 2 days

I recently purchased theses, to wear while sleeping (VERY COMFORTABLE), so I could sleep in an extra 30 min. They work GREAT. I have long middle of back length hair that is thin. The first time I used them, on wet hair with mouse added, I used 7 of the rollers and the next morning my hair was VERY curly… a bit too curly for with a slight frizz. The 2nd time I only used 4 rollers, wet with mouse added prior, and my hair was medium curly. My third attempt I used spray on conditioner in place of mouse so curls would come out less frizzy and smooth. This worked great for me. So in short, I would not expect perfect results your first time. Like any hair styling product, it can take a little time, practice, and experimenting to get the results you want. The curls are very resilient and are even great for 2 days.

Stephanie Hume, MO

Makes the straightest of hair curly!

My daughter (white Caucasian) has extremely thick, straight as a board hair. It is shoulder length – lays just past the shoulder. Again, very thick, brown hair. She asked for something to make her hair curl, but is only 10 so I didn’t want hot rollers. These were fantastic from the start! Since her hair is so thick, it wasn’t all the way dry after the rollers were in her wet head for 11 hours! The parts that did dry were VERY curly though. Next time we used it, we made sure her hair was only slightly damp. I sprayed each strand with hairspray before I rolled them up. Next morning (about 10 hours later) they were extremely curly. Her hair is so thick that if she wanted all over tight curls throughout her whole head, we would need to buy another set. Product shipped very quick. We’ve had these rollers about 4 months and used several times. They’re holding up well.

Anastasia Bridgewater, IA


I guess they’re quick? It was kind of hard to get started wrapping because they’re so narrow. I like how they wrap/lock together because they do feel very secure on your head and they are VERY comfortable to sleep in…no issues there. I frankly like the look of using;=1SRZF2FD006RQCMVVQZT the conair pillow rollers better…probably faster and they work so well for me (easier because there’s something larger to wrap your hair around).One thing is if you put these in completely wet and your hair is long, it’s probably not going to work too well…there’s no air passing around so nothing to dry the hair. Same with the sponge rollers but it’s a learning curve how wet your hair can be when you’re putting them in.

Jessie Louisa, KY


Maybe it’s because I have no hair roller experience at all, but seriously they are so difficult to use! I haven’t gotten decent looking curls once since I bought them a good while ago.

Hester Mount Holly Springs, PA

Great rollers once you get use too them…

I must say I was kind of skeptical too try these rollers (you know how most of us have allot of useless hair products stashed away in the closet that never worked ;.) but the the price was right so I decided too give them a try. They take a little bit of getting use too at 1st but once you have it down they are a snap too use & really work great! All I do is start with dry hair, spray some styling product in it & wrap & roll. I leave them in for about an hour & style & go. You can use them on wet hair also but it takes forever too dry. I have very fine, medium length, slightly layered hair & with this pack you get 12 rollers which is enough for me. Give them a try..they hold the curl much better than a curling iron & for me, take less time too put in/do.

Annmarie Calvert, AL