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EVO FLEX Flexible Super Sunnies WE CHOOSE Color Tanning Goggle Eye Protection UV

Super Sunnies Evo are the perfect protection for indoor tanning. SUPER SUNNIES® brand Eyeshields have a flexible high-rise nosebridge to eliminate tan lines and an elastic headband to assure perfect fit. These fabulous sunnies come in four colors, but you’ll receive a randomly selected color due to limited supply.

Key features

  • Set the FDA standard for UV protection for Sun Beds
  • Form fitting for a pefect fit every time.
  • One super sunnies in a random color
  • Blocks over 99.9% of the UV-B rays and over 99% of the UVA rays while allowing vision

Honest reviews


they serve the purpose

I admit to hating this things but these are at least made of a little softer material than my last pair. They make it possible to watch TV while doing a light treatment on my face so that is my main need for using them.

Ann Oakley, KS

Better use without the strap

These goggles only worked for me layng down without the strap, any pressure from these things because of using the strap is too unbearable because they are not wide like swimming goggles that fit around your eyes, they are very narrowly shaped and unless you have small dotted eyes like winnie the pooh any pressure while these are on will be uncomfortable. shipped very quickly from suppersunnies vendor and was well packaged would still recommend after advising about non strap use.

Ines Cyclone, WV

Tanning goggles, what more could you want?

The product shipped in four days and you get what you see in the picture. Shipping was free which I was happy about. You tie the string onto the goggles yourself so that you can measure and cut the string to fit around your head. They are the standard tanning goggles that you would see at any tanning salon. I bought these because they don’t provide them at my gym, where I use the stand-up tanning beds. They allow me to still be able to see without being blinded by the harmful UV rays, and seem to stay on pretty well. I didn’t want to bother with those adhesive “Wink Ease” eye stickers(plus they look creepy, and are expensive), and I wasn’t willing to spend more for some fancy goggles that I will only be wearing for 10 minutes at a time. Thank Super Sunnies! By the way, I got purple, my favorite 🙂

Lucile Damascus, GA

Not sure why the reviews are not great?

I’ve had no issues with these goggles. They’ve not caused marks around my eyes (I do not use the string) and have done the job that they are supposed to do. No complaints.

Joann Amigo, WV

I got a blue pair.

Good deal !! The view from the lenses are not clear, but that’s what it is. Thanks for Amazon for saving my time and money!

Nora Cedar Point, KS

Exactly what I expected

These are exactly what I expected. Little plastic covers for your eyes just like they give you at the tanning booth. Nothing special…but they will do the job!

Mellisa Atlanta, ID

Great Goggles

I love these goggles. They are made of good material, durable, and nice feel when wearing them. I have no objections!!!

Neva Barrow, AK