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EVIS MD Platinum Light Therapy System, Blue

EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE emits the appropriate wavelength at optimal power intensity to address mild to moderate inflammatory Acne as well as occasional breakouts. Unlike most topical treatments, EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE delivers medical grade performance with no irritation or side effects. With consistent use, you will begin to see a clearer, flawless, more radiant complexion. Long term benefits are cumulative over time. EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE treatments are completely safe, easy and effective with no side effects. EVIS MD PLATINUME BLUE is non-thermal, non-ablative, non-invasive and requires no down time. Treatments are both corrective and preventative. BLUE treatments are completely safe, easy and effective with no side effects.

Key features

  • Kills P. Acne Bacteria with no Side Effects
  • Heals Acne Blemishes and Prevents Future Outbreaks
  • Delivers Clinically Proven Results
  • Safe, Natural, and Effective
  • r All Skin Types and Ethnicities

Honest reviews


Welll…….not so much

First, the company is absolutely wonderful! This was not sold by Amazon. The product which does show results – well – it takes forever. I am going to do acupuncture and call it day.Just my opinionJan Simpson

Carolyn Albion, IN

Best Beauty Device out there!

Bought mine almost a year ago via Amazon. I am thrilled for those who found bargains at the various big box locations, but even at the online mfr price, it is a bargain compared to spa services.I ordered the Evis Red LIght Therapy System when I began to develop the little marionette lines around my mouth. Initially, I used it daily, but my skin soon let me know that it was receiving TOO MUCH TLC! It just got sort or tired and tough, so I backed way off.I now use it about 3 or 4 times per month, more if there is a big event on the schedule. It is kinda boring to sit still for the extended period that is required to do a full face procedure, but I learned to schedule it with the 11pm news or some other audio program so I wouldn’t be frustrated.My results are terrific. I clean the surface with an alcohol wipe before I put it away and I store it in a “Really Useful Box” so dust, etc cannot get to it between uses.I only wish that EVIS would bring out a secondary system based on the design of a heating pad so we could apply the therapy to other regions (ex,decollatage), in addition to this excellent facial system.

Lily Glen Carbon, IL

Noticed results over time…

Like most women, I want to maintain my looks for as long as possible; I will try anything short of injecting toxins into my face or go under the knife, out of concern that I’ll end up looking weird. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a beauty gadget junkie, which means I purchase a lot of junk, however I am very pleased with the Evis. I have owned this now for about 2 months and the StimLight Therapy Light for almost a month, so I feel I am ready to finally write a review. I purchased the StimLight system for almost $300 dollars from a home shopping store, but returned it when I found the Evis in a clearance bin at my local Marshalls for $80. Here are my pro/cons for both:1) StimLight -Pros: nice large circular wand, covers more surface; came with goggles (they were useless, but nice idea).Cons: more expensive; device didn’t have a timer; did not come with a stand; lights were not covered with a protective shield. I never had to call the company, so I cannot address their customer service. I did not own it long enough to know the results, but was intrigued enough to purchase the Evis.2) Evis -Pros: Price, of course, if you are lucky enough to find it at a store like Marshalls. Device comes with a dark oval shield that snaps onto the light, though it says in the instructions to toss it, I find it useful to keep it on when I use it between my eyes (good for that crease that forms between the eyes on the bridge of your nose). The shield helps somewhat to block out some of the bright light, so I decided to keep it for that purpose; it easily snaps on and off. The shape of the light is good for getting in the corners below your eyes near your nose for areas you need to address without having to actually put it on your eyes (I personally wouldn’t recommend doing that…); comes with a stand which is convenient to keep it neatly by your bed or dresser (mine was missing the storage bag, however, but I found it in a clearance bin, so what the heck…); I love the timer, it was annoying to have to keep opening my eyes near a bright light to check my watch. Now I can keep the device on my face until the full 3 minutes are up. The bulbs are covered with a plastic shield, unlike the StimLight. I have actually fallen asleep with the StimLight on my face and woke up with light-shaped dents that took hours to go away.Cons: It’s time consuming as it takes me approximately 35 to 50 minutes each time (I have since broken it up doing my facial area on one day, then my neck and decollete on another – it’s important to treat your neck so you don’t have a youthful face and a crinkly neck, IMO); according to other reviews, not likely to get help if I need to call customer service, but at this reduced price, I will use it for as long as I can, then toss and look for another(I can buy three for the cost of one StimLight.) The timer is kind of a loud beep, which can be startling if you fell asleep. So far I have had no problems with the device itself breaking down or not working.Effectiveness: I am in my early 50’s, and though I was blessed with a relatively youthful appearance, my skin was horrible — age spots, fine lines, rosacea, uneven skin tone, large pores, blackheads, but no deep creases or deep wrinkles. After 2 months with the Evis (or 3 if you count the amount of time I used the StimLight), using it 5 days a week for the first month, now reduced to about 2 or 3 times a week… the first thing I noticed was a feeling of “fullness” under my skin (I don’t know how else to describe it). My face felt noticeably puffy (so much so, I kept asking my husband if my face looked swollen to which he always replied no.) However, every time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t notice weird swelling, it was just a feeling of fullness and “tightness”. The tight feeling alarmed me at first because I thought I would look unnatural like somebody who had cheek implants and that I was harming my natural ability to smile. (Sounds nutty, but I pictured all those wacky actresses that destroy their natural beauty by inserting plastic devices into their faces to simulate a high cheek bone). I believe that full or tight feeling is from the stimulation of collagen production (I don’t know the science behind it, so don’t know if that’s accurate). Other improvements included: dark spots and age spots are clearly still there, but are noticeably (at least to me) lighter and my rosacea seems less severe. The only reason why I know this for sure is that I am now able to use less foundation to cover the dark spots and rosacea. It didn’t help an acne spot I had (I guess you need the blue light for that…), and I didn’t see dramatic results reducing my fine lines, but oddly enough the deeper crease I had between my eyes was softened somewhat. It does nothing for large pores or blackheads (but then it doesn’t advertise that… just thought I throw that in if anyone wondered.)Overall, I am happy with the results I have been getting and hope to continue to get from this relatively inexpensive device. I would purchase another in a heartbeat if I found it again at Marshalls, and if there were no other way to get another one, I would consider purchasing it for the full price advertised here. As I mentioned, I would never inject my face or cut into my skin for the sake of beauty, so I’m pleased to have found an alternative for women (and men) like me that do not want to take such an invasive route. My recommendation is to find it at Marshalls if you can at a deep discount, because you will not see results for at least two months in my opinion, which is way beyond the time you can return it.Update 6/24/13: I got lazy and stopped using my Evis for at least six months or more until I noticed I started looking haggard in photos, so now I resumed my treatments and my machine is still working with no problems. It’s been almost two weeks of almost daily treatments and I see the beginning of my face feeling revitalized again. Two things I am adding to my 5 day a week routine is consistently using good quality tanning glasses and a serum made by Light Stim made specifically for use with light therapy. The reviews I’ve read says this enhances the treatment. I believe you can purchase through Amazon, but I bought mine through QVC. Unfortunately, if you achieve good results you will need to keep it up to maintain it, though you can relax your treatments to twice a week for maintenance. I still love my machine and am pleased with the results.

Leonor Fillmore, MO

Surprised at the results!

I purchased this product from Marshall’s two months ago and have used it consistently. I use the unit for two 18-minute sessions every other day. I’ve had skin texture/discoloration issues and smile lines on my face. After 6 weeks I have visible improvement with my discoloration, skin texture (more smooth) and lines on my face. Friends have said I look well rested and not as tired. It seems to work for me – glad I purchased it.

Deann Alma, KS

This light is great!

I didn’t buy this light through Amazon, like the other reviewer I bought it at a store in town for a great price so I figured I would give it a go. I had been looking at the Baby Quasar versions but they were so dang expensive! I am 35, have pretty good skin (never was into tanning thank goodness) and have some fine lines starting to show. LOL not acceptable to me, people always say I look like I’m in my twenties, and I plan on staying that way for as long as possible!!!So, I am a total beauty product junkie, I have to say I love this light! It’s very effective, I can already see results in my skin! I have been using it morning and night, Monday through Friday. So, I’ve just started on my second week. I am REALLY hoping that it will work on my under eye circles… nothing yet, but I am very optimistic.So, here are the pros – you can tell an immediate improvement on your skin – it’s softer and just looks better…Also, you can put the light right on your skin which is nice – I think it would be annoying to have to hover over your skin. Yes, it gets a bit warm by the end but isn’t bad at all – I actually really like it.Ok, so the cons, it does suck that you have to move the light around – it is much more of a time commitment this way! In a dream world – I’d love to get a face shaped version that I could just lay on top of my face and then lay back and soak in all those fabulous red healing rays… I’d take a whole tanning bed actually (but with the red lights, not tanning ones) – yes, I love it that much!

Louise Warriors Mark, PA


I love this thing. It’s good for skin and for thinning hair. My uncle used it on a cut. It works on everything. I picked one up at Marshalls for 30 bucks–that was luck. Worth the full price on amazon.

Hallie Newton, NC