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Evian Facial Water Spray 1.7 Oz

Evian Mineral Water Spray from the base of the French Alps. Propelled under high pressure by nitrogen (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 20% oxygen), the ultrafine pure mist allows the skin to absorb a unique balance of beneficial minerals along with the water. No other water contains the same balance of magnesium, calcium and phosphorous which explains Evian’s superb compatibility with facial skin. A heavy soaking morning and evening removes all traces of cleansers and harmful hard tap water often containing fluoride and chlorine. Evian Mineral Water Spray helps to enhance the performance of all other skincare products by hydrating the skin prior to the use of moisturizers. It relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during air travel. A light spray of Evian ‘sets’ makeup by blending it with skin while highlighting color so it can be used all through the day.

Key features

  • From the base of the French Alps.
  • Allows the skin to absorb a unique balance of beneficial minerals along with the water.
  • Removes all traces of cleansers and harmful hard tap water
  • Helps to enhance the performance of all other skincare products.
  • Relieves dry, irritated skin and sets makeup.

Honest reviews




Eve Lake Hill, NY

love this product

such awesome moisture spray, spray a few times after washing face, dont even need a moisturizer of lotion, this keeps my face very soft and quenched.

Bridgette Point Washington, FL

Very useful!

I love this product, especially when you use a facial product, right after you finish, you spray this on your face and live it out and is a fresh feeling, very nice, you can also used it when you’re working out or doing some exercise to refresh your hole body.

Rebecca Anthony, KS

Use it after you wash your face to offset ‘bad water’

I live in an area where the water is hard, but aside from that, municipal water has trace amounts of all kinds of miscellaneous substances that just can’t be filtered out, and that really don’t do your skin any good. Since we don’t drink water out of the tap here, why would you want it on your delicate facial skin?Well you have to use it to wash the face, but after cleansing, I spritz this on and let it set awhile before I put on any creams or serums. With my irritable rash prone skin, I find this process reduces redness. In the morning, I don’t wash my face at all, but just spray this on (I have ‘normal’ not oily skin).I also like the fact that its not in a plastic container, therefore none of the plastic residues are leaching into the product.

Lula La Grande, WA

I thought it would be better

I ordered this in hopes that it would help moisturize my face and also help set my makeup, as it states on the back of the can. When I got it the product was no longer than my hand. I was surprised. Other than that it was fast shipping and great customer service.

Alba Big Laurel, KY

Love these!!!

I love to use these to spritz on before I put on make up and after. It seems to help hold my make up through the day. The size is so convenient and very hard to find in stores. It’s also great to take one to the beach or pool to cool yourself off. Also good to wake children up with!

Maritza Gay, WV

God Sent

Lovvvvvvvveeeeeee love! I use this spray to set my makeup and honey child!!!! It works and makes your face look dewy and life like!!! Yasssssss I love it!!!!!

Grace Burson, CA


I’m in a panic and ran out of this lol. This is awesome, it’s cool refreshing water and if you live in a hot climate or have hot flashes or thyriod problems this is esecally made for you. I love this stuff. It’s perfect for the gym, yoga class, the beach, sunbathing, traveling, EVERYTHING. I can’t be without this stuff love it. I just wish it was easier to find in retail stores verses having to buy it online.

Lavonne Gates, TN

I absolutely love this water spray

I absolutely love this water spray. It keeps my face moisturized in a dry climate and heals any acne or small skin infections. I always carry the small bottle with me, too. It comes in very handy.

Barbara Essig, MN

This fine mist spray is versatile and effective

I keep it on my vanity and use it to ready my skin for applying moisturizer – helps absorption, or before applying makeup – helps blending. The 5oz size is just right. Only wish Evian would also make these in decorator cannisters so it is less like displaying their brand name on my vanity table.

Kenya Jennings, FL