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Everyone 3-in-1 Soap Coconut plus Lemon, 32 Ounce

A natural plant based soap made with pure essential oils. Gentle, fragrant, a perfect shower, bath and shampoo for the whole family.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, bath-perfect for a cleansing shampoo, invigorating shower and a fragrant, luxurious, bath
  • Pure and natural-gentle enough for the whole family
  • Pure essential oils nurture and soothe the skin
  • Gentle and fragrant with ingredients and essential oils that are pure, natural and organic
  • Cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, non-GMO verified, sodium laureth and lauryl sulfate free

Honest reviews


I love it but I won’t tell…….Add-ons!

Don’t get me wrong…This is a fabulous product. Good shampoo, shower gel and it smells awesome. But because it’s an add-on, I noticed that when we rate them "too good" they come back at twice the price on Prime. So should I review my pruchased add-ons honestly if Amazon act like that?As it is, I just paid $79 for my Prime membership and everything that I need on Prime became more expensive than last year. Now, if I want a certain product and it’s an add-on…well, I need to order for $25 from Amazon. Then if I review this add-on and give it an excellent review, I will pay twice the price when it will be available only on Prime.Isn’t it the way it works now on Amazon? This is probably the last year that I pay for Prime membership. An advice to the maker of that soap (I also have the lavender lotion) : Sell on your own website and I’ll buy it. I know $9.99 is too good to be true for 32 oz of your quality product, but I won’t get hooked and pay twice the price when it will be available on Prime only. It’s very dishonest from the part of Amazon, it is a bad marketing to threat customers like morons.

Jenna Donahue, IA

No redeeming qualities to this disappointing product

I bought this soap based on all the positive reviews, and the interesting combination of scents. The only positive thing I can say about this soap is that you get a ton of it for the price. Unfortunately, it is a very thin liquid that produces almost no lather. I don’t see where it has any significant cleaning properties at all, and would never use this as a shampoo (although the label suggests you can). The coconut-lemon scent is the most disappointing. The coconut is not even remotely discernible because it is so overpowered by the strong lemon smell. I feel like I’m bathing with dishwashing liquid. I’ll accept that this is an all-natural product, whatever that means, but the ingredients label reads like the contents of a chemistry set. But natural or not, I still expected this soap to lather, clean and smell nice, but it falls short in all categories.

Lorraine Wakenda, MO

Sensitive skin rejoice!

I’m allergic to EVERYTHING so I can’t sing the praises of this product enough! It smells great, I have no reaction to it, and it’s nice and hydrating. It has a great lather and I use it as a body wash, and have used it on occasion as shampoo in a pinch. So glad I was introduced to this product!

Deanna Lyndon Center, VT

Not my favorite, but not bad either

This soap does the job… can’t really use it for a shampoo since it seems to make my hair a little dryer than I like it. I’ll use up this bottle and probably go back to Dr. Bronners.

Jennifer Cowansville, PA

Great shower gel!

This stuff rocks, and for the price can not be beat. It lathers well and has a pleasant non gender smell. I love it so much I filled the hand soap container in my bathroom with it and I love it in there as well. The lotion is great too, but that’s another review.

Bernadine Edgewood, MD


This stuff stinks! It leaves my skin very dry and has not got a very lemony scent. I would not buy again.

Iris Ruidoso, NM

Absolutely love this!

Having finished chemo and radiation treatments I have become quite a ‘post cancer hippie’ with regards to all of my personal products. I don’t want anything with a bunch of toxic ingredients. Once you really start looking at the ingredients list of products… well, it’s more disturbing that I ever realized. I use the EWG skindeep database and try for only products that score a 2 or below, but have a few that are 3 or 4. ([…]I was introduced to EO products during a trip to Esalen and I just love this body wash, I’m glad I was able to track it down. My boyfriend even enjoys using it and he thought he hated lavender! (Guess he just hated synthetic lavender scented products) It’s also a great shampoo when we run out of our usual.After MUCH research, trial and error – the natural beauty products I have happily settled on that are1)Low in toxic ingredients2)Still quality products that work well and3) Readily available on AmazonBurt’s Bees Radiance Serum(Toxin score: 1)Juice Beauty Refining Finishing Powder(Toxin score: 2)Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer(Toxin score: 3)Larenim Blush(Toxin score: 2)SANTE All-Natural Eyeshadow Stick(Toxin score: 2, the blue, green, rose and pearl are all pearlescent, but the coffee, olive and white are more matte; the rose, white and pearl are good for highlighting.)Ecco Bella Mascara(Toxin score: 1)Lavilin Deodorant(Custom toxin score: ~3)Avalon Organics Vitamin C Cleansing Gel(Toxin Score 3)EO Everyone Soap Lavender and Aloe(Toxin Score: 3)Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo and Conditioner(Toxin score: 2)CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor (Toxin score: 4, not bad and the performance is worth it to me.)I hope this is helpful for others with the same intention.9/30 update – I decided to start a blog with all of this (and more as I go)- if you’re interested it’s at or facebook/postcancerhippie

Sybil Essie, KY

My new FAVORITE lotion! It’s Amazing And GOOD For Your Skin and Body!

I’ve been researching natural body care products that are paraben and chemical free. This lotion is amazing! It smells fantastic and moisturizes beautifully! I love every single EO product!!!!It is so refreshing to find a company that offers AFFORDABLE chemical-free products that actually work extremely well. Thanks EO Products!!!!

Cathy Galloway, WV

great soap!

this stuff is great…I use it to wash my hair and body. I also use it on my kids. I like that it doesn’t contain a bunch of junk for ingredients. good price for the size.

Herminia Emmett, MI

GREAT soap!

Even the grandaughters love this soap, which smells great and rinses clean. I’ve even used it as a lubricant to shave my legs….just be sure to let the shower rinse the shaved leg & floor so the floor isn’t slick…a problem sometimes with any leg shaving lubricant or any liquid shower soap. I also got the same ‘flavor’ in large lotion, which my husband and I both like. Very good products with what seems to be good ingredient formula.

Elvira Lawtell, LA


Scent is unique. Soap is really great and lathers just enough if you use a loofah. The matching scent lotion is light and non greasy. I also have the lavender set which is just as nice.I think these soaps and lotions would make great gifts too. The sizes are very generous. Purchased at Whole Foods.

Karen Hensel, ND

So so…

While this product doesn’t leave my skin feeling bad, it just doesn’t compare to the store bought brands, which leave your skin soft. The smell just doesn’t cut it for me either. I see here lots of positive reviews, so perhaps it is just me, but it is not my favorite, and I won’t be repurchasing.

Ollie Breezewood, PA

Smells nice and cleans well

Soap smells really nice and isn’t overpowering. It cleans well but not the best. I use it for almost everything in the bathroom. Shower, shampoo, face and shave. It just does everything.

Lucille Edna, KY


Smells nice, not perfumed. As a bubble bath it makes the water silky, leaves skin soft and not icky. As a shampoo it’s not bad. As a shower gel it’s dandy.I’ll try other ‘flavors’ soon.

Diann Lowden, IA

Smells nice, doesn’t irritate skin

The cucumber scent DOES smell a little like a salad 🙂 But I like the soap and it’s a nice neutral scent that men and women can both use. It doesn’t really linger on the skin anyway – it rinses clean. I have medium length hair and I also use it as a shampoo from time to time – it works as a nice clarifying wash, leave hair shiny, and lets me save my expensive salon shampoo on occasion.

Rachel Kyle, TX

Great Soap – Bad Pumps

I ordered this and a lotion from the same company and both of them have bad pumps. I am going to have to pour them into other bottles so that I can actually use them. The scents are nice though.

Nadia Cincinnati, OH


This product is so nice smelling, yet gentle. Perfect for the entire family. Loved it so much I bought for everyone.

Karina Garrison, KY

Smells so good….

I have been looking for great soap that was natural and gluten free. Believe me even if I didn’t need a GF soap – I am so glad I bought this. It lathers up great and smells so good. I am going to try the other scent next time and order it to come every month. Try it….you will not be sorry.

Charity Rush, CO

Can reccomend

Great inexpensive soap, I ordered it as a present, but decided to keep it. I use it as hand soap.

Jacquelyn Cypress, IL

Smells great and no chemicals

This is a great soap, and it smells amazing! You can use it as a shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath which is great. I need more moisture in my shampoos however if I was going on vacation for a few days I would use only this for my body and hair since it would be less for me to pack. For everyday use I prefer it as a body wash, also as a side note I have very sensitive skin that is prone to drying, while this isn’t the most moisturizing soap it is very gentle and great for summer or on days my skin isn’t very dry. It also doesn’t cause any bad reaction so I will purchase it again for sure, and you cant beat the price! I think I will try the aloe one next time 🙂

Enid Belford, NJ

Smells like relaxation!

The consistency isn’t as thick as i wished it were. The smell is authentic lavendar and the price is great for the quality of the product. I just wished the packaging were a bit nicer.

Robert Newberg, OR

Clean and vibrant!

I love this soap. My 9yr old son loves this wash. It is lemony and beachy and wakes us up every morning that we use it. I lather it on my kiddies, I lather it on myself, and I love that it’s a big bottle that I can pump. We will use it again and again for daily use.

Minerva Whitmore Lake, MI

Get Clean Everyone!

I like that it is a natural product and the smell is nice but not overwhelming. Nice that it comes in a large bottle to reduce landfill waste.

Chrystal Elmira, NY


Very nice body wash that doubles as bubble bath! Smells wonderful and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I will definitely be buying again.

Liz Dolton, IL

yummy citrus scent!

This is my second purchase of Everyone Soap – I previously purchased one of the Everyman scents for my husband since it has 3-in-1 uses for the lazy man! I liked the scent and used it myself so I purchased a second bottle in a different scent for myself. I primarily use this soap as bubble bath, and you get nice foamy bubbles with a citrus scent that isn’t overpowering or antiseptic.

Myra Lithia, FL

Great lather, non-drying on skin

No sodium laureth sulfate to lift up your skin cells and dry you out! Great lather, nice scent and gets you clean without turning ashy.

Evangeline Rock City Falls, NY

Wonderful fragrance, sulfate free body wash.

This smells wonderful, froths up well in the shower, and does not make my skin itch nor become dry after use, as do products with sulfates.The price is very reasonable.It’s formula is also better for our oceans which is where all waste water eventually ends up so it is good for me and good for the ocean, which helps assure our kids and their kids, will have water to drink.Every drop makes a difference in the future of our planet.

Lynne Borrego Springs, CA

Nice scent

I have been using this soap for about a year. It’s well-priced and lasts a long time. I use about 3 squirts on my loofah

Jaclyn Peggy, TX

The whole family’s using this!

This hangs out in the shower and is used by everyone. It’s a great shampoo and body wash but I haven’t tried it as a bubble bath…yet! It works great a shampoo as it doesn’t strip everything too much but it will get your hair clean! Just make sure to use plenty of water in your hair prior to applying this and you will be good to go-it WILL LATHER!!! Same concept for using as a body wash. Love the smell and doesn’t dry out the skin, very economical as it’s a huge bottle…yep, I am keeping this one in stock!!!

Kristen Dover, GA

Im In Love

So I’m officially a fan. I can use it on my hair, on my face, for shaving, and for body wash. I literally just have this, conditioner, and some scrubbing face wash. Love it! It smells great too in the shower, but the scent doesn’t linger on your skin, which I like because I just like smelling natural. It doesn’t dry out your skin, hence why I use it on my face, and It suds really well. It’s also a good size and the pump is super convenient. I literally couldn’t think of anything that could improve on this product. IT’S PERFECT!

Ella Corbin, VA