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Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Citrus Scrub

Every Man Jack® Body Wash And Shower Gel Citrus Scrub. Wake up call.

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Acceptable not life-changing body wash

I’m on a quest to find a body wash to replace the now-ruined Neutrogena Rainbath. This isn’t a terrible product, but it’s not extraordinary either.The pros:It has a thick not-runny consistency.It lathers easily and well.It cleans well and rinses easily too.It has a pleasant, vaguely woodsy scent that doesn’t overpower.It doesn’t have any dyes in it (some people care about this).The not-pros:The bottle is an annoyance. It’s a typical plastic bottle with a flip-top lid.This product is begging for a pump dispenser.Since the soap is thick, it is difficult to get out of the bottle after it’s half-used up. You will have to find a way to invert the bottle. But make sure the cap is tight, because …The product leaks out of the bottle during travel and if you turn the bottle over without closing the cap firmly.The scent is virtually gone as soon as you’re dry.I’m okay with it. But this stuff is like dating somebody until you can find something better.

Effie Albany, OR

love this stuff

boy this smells nicenot real strong but pleasant and freshmen or women really can use thisgiant bottle, just a little lathers up big timehas a little scrub feel to it, but not too much

Cecelia Edinburgh, IN


First of all may I say it is a little expensive for an everyday soap. It makes your skin soft and very clean. The odor does not last on your body at least I can’t smell it. I ran a test with my masseur. I took a shower using the Cedarwood fragrance right before I had my appointment with her. I was with her less than 15 minutes after my shower. She told me there was hardly any fragrance coming off my body from the soap.I have both fragrances and have not tried the mint yet but I will run the same test on that one and let you know.

Cara Lemont Furnace, PA

Like, no love

Like it, very much so. Do not love it due to the price & size. The beads in it are nice, the smell is very refreshing in the morning, leaves you feeling clean.

Andrea Lynn, AR

Clean smell

My husband uses this — it has a fine texture for scrubbing the skin. It smells wonderful and clean. He likes the other Every Man Jack products as well.

Susie Harrison, NJ

gives a nice subtle warm feeling

The product smells good, but the smell doesn’t last after the shower. There is a slight warm feeling when applying the product which feels really good for cold days. But other than that it is overpriced!

Jessica Hagarville, AR


This was really thick like jelly and hard to work with. It had no smell to it. I’ve gotten better results with just plain ole Dial and water. Not really happy.

Geneva Hoschton, GA