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Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Swipe the head along the sides, bottom and underneath the bottle’s shoulders to retrieve all of the product. Beauty Spatula Product Uses -Cosmetics -Anti-aging Serums and Facial Creams -Hand, Body and Foot Care Products -Foundation -Hair Gels and Conditioners -Lip Stick -Tanning products -Whitening products -Any Liquids, Lotions or Creams -Use on any size or shape bottle or container -Washable and reusable.

Key features

  • Retrieves Trapped Product
  • Use as an applicator, washable and reusable
  • Use as a blender tool
  • Essential for cosmetic travel kits
  • Use on any size or shape bottle or container

Honest reviews


Great tool to boost the economical value of pricy products

I do buy some pricy products that I just do not want to waste. I bought this spatula to use every drop of those products. One side acts like a squeegee inside your bottle then holds the scooped material so you can move it. I use it to transfer to my fingertips for immediate use or transfer products into my small travel bottles without touching the product thus contaminating it. The width of the spatula is too big for some of the smallest bottles. Great little economical tool.

Lynn Duncans Mills, CA


this is great, I ordered one for me and one for my sister-in-law and we’ve both put it to good use

Kerry Blackwell, OK

It fits most bottles, great little tool!

It annoyed me when the pump on my Aveeno Facial Moisturizer would fail to get every last drop out of the container. No matter how much a banged the bottle around, some would always stick to the bottom and corners. With this tool, it gets it all! I’ve managed to get an extra week or twos worth of product out of the bottle due to this nifty little thing.

Beatrice Boynton Beach, FL

Awesome invention!

I saw a product similar to this on "Shark Tank" and thought it was brilliant. Most of my makeup/foundation is in glass bottles and I can never get all of it out. This lil guy does the job! I love it 🙂

Randi Lisbon Falls, ME

Get your money’s worth on all those liquid products!

This is great – there’s always a few applications of whatever is in that bottle that you can’t get to at the end of the "pumps and squeezes" and this spatula gets every last drop, as advertised. Highly recommend this little thing!

Carolyn Mantua, NJ

so useful

Every household should have one of these. Many more uses than just for makeup. Anything in a tube can be cleaned out completely when you squeeze the last bit to the open end and cut the other end off. If you still haven’t used all the product, just put a clip on the cut end. I bought several as stocking stuffers for grown ups. A great little tool for so many uses!

Louella Bridgeville, CA

Fantastic Product

This product get every drop out of very small bottles (like foundation make up, skin care products). These items are expensive and this spatula get to the bottom and cleans the sides so well.

Yesenia Gratz, PA