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European Secrets Rock Top Coat

European Secrets Rock Top Coat protects nails.

Key features

  • Rock even stronger than nail gel
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Toluene

Honest reviews


Awesome Top Coat! Favorite by far!

I absolutely love this top coat! I have not purchased it through Amazon, however I have thought about it, until I noticed that it was a but pricier then where I normally get it. I have purchased mine from Sally Beauty Salon, and it is a very reasonable price. I have also heard that they have good deals on it at times!I love this top coat, as it shines so bright, and looks like the job of a professional! I actually had someone ask me if I got my nails done professionally multiple times after using this top coat.The top coat dries fairly fast, but I am a perfectionist, so I always wait 30-60 minutes for my second coat of polish to dry before I apply the Rock top coat. I live in the midwest, so I don’t have the year round option to dry it in the sun. I have had no problems letting it dry and having great nails, even without a UV lamp or sitting outside in the sun. The Rock is usually dry to the touch after about 5 minutes, but I usually wait 45 minutes before I touch anything (again, I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t want to risk having to do my nails all over again the next day!).I am planning to purchase a UV lamp, and after doing some research, have heard that the top coat only takes 2-3 minutes to cure when used with a UV lamp.I have absolutely NO complaints about this product, as it has help up to my expectations, as well as exceeded them. I can’t wait to see how awesome it works with the UV lamp.

Meghan Roggen, CO

GREAT SHINE, but takes too long to dry

This is by far the best top coat for SHINE. OMG…the best shine ever. I haven’t used a top coat that gives this much shine. BUT…it takes FOREVER to dry. Which is why I cannot use it any more. I’ve given up. I always mess up my nails using this.

Lashonda Ryan, OK

High Shine! Long Lasting and Best of all… NO CHIP!!!!!

I have searched for years and spent too much money looking for a NO CHIP top coat that has high shine. I’ve bought seche, opi, and others and none compare to the shine and hardness of this one “Rock”. Even if you use a cheapie nail polish color (you know how those chip fast), when you use this as a top coat, you will have glossy and utterly flawless nails! I’ve had this on for about a week, with a cheap 99 cent polish color and I am barely seeing a tiny chip at the edges of my dominant hand and the shine is still as glossy as before. Nails look like little candies on my fingers! What a keeper!! Don’t snooze, buy this one, it’s worth it.

Shari Pitcairn, PA

It’s ok

I purchased this after reading rave reviews. It’s ok….. it does make regular polish last a little longer, but not a week or more. I used it in conjunction with the base coat and a UV lamp. After two days my nails were chipping at the top. However, I am rough on my hands, they are constantly washed and exposed to cleaning chemicals. I use this on my toes and definitely do feel like it makes the polish last longer.

Stacey Lacona, IA

Best Top Coat Ever….I Would Give It 10 Stars if I Could

What woman doesn’t see another woman with a beautiful manicure (be it natural, gel or acrylic) and not want to drop everything and head to the nearest nail salon. I was one of those woman; however, I am no longer one due to the fact that I got a nail fungus infection this past winter. For a while my nails were blotchy and so soft that they would peel. Like other women, I went and bought nail products that promised to harden my nails and make them grow. Whatever. Just like with other products, it all depends on the person. For me, a product might not work but on another person, they may get the results advertised. I just ended up wasting money on these products as they did not work.I hated looking at my nails because I couldn’t even put nail polish on it to hide the blotches as the polish would chip off after a day or two. I got so desperate that I started looking for vitamins to make my nails grow. That is when I came across Reserveage Keratin Booster (see my review on this product). I started using this but did not see much of an improvement but I think something was happening because now I can use nail polish and my nails are finally starting to grow and the nail fungus seems to have disappeared.This is where this wonderful bottle of Top Coat comes into the picture. In the past when I did my own manicures, there were only two nail polishes that had lasting power on MY nails. The two nail polishes are Avon Nailwear Pro and Revlon Colorstay. I liked the Revlon Colorstay because it came with its own top coat. When I use Revlon (which has been a while) it usually will last 5 to 7 days. However, I have a co-worker who sells Avon and so I now mostly buy and use Avon nail polish. I do like Avon more because of the color selection. They have vibrant and funky colors when I feel like going crazy on my nail polish.I had used Rock Top Coat in the past and remember it being a good top coat so I bought it at Sally Hansens Beauty Supply Store (sorry Amazon). Now all I have to do is slap on two colors of nail polish (I really don’t think the brand matters) and one coat of Rock Top Coat and I dry them under the UV lamp and I am good to go. I have it on right now and I did my nails on Sunday and they still look great. I don’t even worry about being rough on my hands like some woman do because they are afraid of chipping a nail. The previous time I used the Rock Top Coat, it lasted almost 2 weeks with no chipping (THAT IS NO LIE). It started chipping because I knew I had to change colors so I started picking at them.Another time I thought that if I put 2 coats of Rock Top Coat it would last longer but it just made it thicker. You just need one top coat and you are all set. This little bottle will last for quite a few manicures and you will save tons of money that you spend at the salon on fake nails and a tip to the manicurist. However, there are some people that prefer the convenience of having someone else do their nails (not me) so they don’t mind paying. But for those on a budget, try this top coat but I would strongly encourage spending at least $50 bucks on a UV lamp because that does harden the top coat to a shiny gloss that won’t chip. Try it and see for yourself. From glancing at other reviews, you will note that most are satisfied with this top coat. Most top coats promise not to chip but they always chip within the first few days. With Rock Top Coat, I can say that it last over 5 days and for some women (like me) that is good enough. I just want to have professional looking nails during the work week. I could care less if they chip on the weekend but still I don’t have to worry because it last at least a week if not more.

Valeria Munith, MI

Great shine & strength

I just rediscovered this product again after I bought it a yr & a half ago & forgot about it (I bought it elsewhere). I didn’t initially like the thin consistency as a topcoat, but now I use it as a refresher on top of a few-days-old manicure to give great long-lasting shine & hardness. It has a stronger off-putting odor than usual topcoats & nail polish, but I’ll gladly tolerate it for the shine. I am a shine freak when it comes to manicures, & this product is fantastic for that. Doesn’t dull quickly like other topcoats tend to do.

Concetta Newkirk, NM


This is the most incredible top coat polish! If you like a high gloss that really and truly lasts and keeps that shine, this is the top coat for you. It beats ALL other products that I have ever tried … absollutely second to none!

Lucinda Rochester, MN