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Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme, 1.7 Ounce

Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crème Revolutionary Skin Care System For Visibly Red Skin Eucerin Redness Relief is a revolutionary, clinically proven skin care system that provides immediate redness relief and improves the condition of visibly red skin in 4 weeks. Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme provides soothing moisture to visibly red skin at night. All Eucerin Redness Relief products are safe and appropriate for sensitive skin, redness-prone skin and Rosacea. What is Licochalcone? Licochalcone is a licorice root extract with skin soothing properties. Use The Entire Eucerin Redness Relief System For Optimal Results Eucerin Redness Relief system helps visibly reduce facial redness in 4 weeks. Step 1: Cleanse with Eucerin Redness Relief Facial Cleanser that gently yet effectively cleanses as it soothes visibly red skin. Step 2: Apply Eucerin Redness Relief Face Lotion With Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for intensive or daily facial redness. Step 3: Use Eucerin Redness Relief Night Creme to soothe your skin at night. Eucerin Is The Sensitive Skin Expert For over 100 years, Eucerin has pioneered skincare innovation, and today we are recognized and trusted by dermatologists as one of the leading and most recommended brands. Our products are designed to protect, repair, and enhance the health of skin – Giving you and your family the feeling of confidence that comes from radiant, healthy looking skin. Key Features Hydrating formula with natural Licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of licorice root Unique gel-creme soothes and calms dry, uncomfortable skin Gentle formula that minimizes the risk of irritation Safe and appropriate for sensitive skin, redness-prone skin and Rosacea Fragrance-free, Oil-free, Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Key features

  • Hydrating formula with natural Licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of licorice root
  • Unique gel-creme soothes and calms dry, uncomfortable skin
  • Gentle formula that minimizes the risk of irritation
  • Safe and appropriate for sensitive skin, redness-prone skin and Rosacea
  • Fragrance-free, oil-free, and non comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Item expires no earlier than two years from the date indicated on the batch code. This date can be determined by looking at the batch code. The first digit is the last number of the year of production; the second and third digit are the calendar week of production; the fourth digit is the weekday of production. The last four digits can be disregarded. The item expires no earlier than two years from this date.

Honest reviews


A tiny bit goes a long, long way.

June 26, 2010*****BINGO! Finally! This product is called Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme (even though there is no product name on my review any longer – don’t ask me why because I don’t know). This is the product I was talking about when I originally wrote the review. I can’t get it from any of the stores here in my hometown, but now I can order it on Amazon. A word about that ordering: I placed the order on June 17 and received the product in the mail on June 25 from American Wholesaler. The product was in an 11″x8″ bubble mailer envelope and had been squished and squashed so much during it’s travels through the postal system that it had come completely out of it’s totally flattened box but was still inside the envelope. It was a minor miracle that the jar had not broken. The shipping cost from this company was quite low but I can’t help but wonder how often this jar gets smashed while it is traveling through the mail in an envelope this big.June 15, 2010******Edited for clearer information: I absolutely loved the Night Creme but have not been able to find it in any store in my area for a while now. Yesterday I bought Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme. IT IS NOT THE SAME PRODUCT! What I have now is very thick and sticky. I had to stir it with my finger to get it a little softer in the jar. When I put it on my face there is a slight greasy feeling remaining one hour later, even though it is fully absorbed into my skin. I will use this ONLY at night, but it definitely isn’t the same fabulous silky product which I originally wrote this review for. I just don’t want you to buy something I’ve recommended when I now know something has changed. Why do they do that???? Makes me mad! At least one thing hasn’t changed, a tiny bit still goes a long way. I notice the product name has been taken off my review, don’t understand why that is. I am going to place an order with Amazon for the product this review appears under to see if THIS is the Night Creme I originally bought. I’ll come back after I receive the product for an update. Good Grief! This thing is turning into a novel to rival “Gone With the Wind”.I have mild to moderate rosacea. I began two weeks ago to use three Eucerin Redness Relief products (Soothing Cleanser, Soothing Moisture Lotion and Soothing Nigh Creme) to try and reduce the redness of my facial skin. I am seeing a marked difference already.I use the cleanser twice a day, the lotion in the morning and the creme at bedtime. I have not been able to find out what the difference is between the lotion and the night creme but I decided to try all three products to see what result they would produce. At some later time I may decide to use the lotion twice a day and dispense with the night creme altogether but right now, I really like the product. Do not be put off by the fact that you only get 1.7 ounces in this jar. Believe me, just the tiniest dab on the tip of my finger is sufficient to cover my entire face. At this rate, this jar will last for a very long time and will be a true bargain.The makers of Eucerin Redness Relief encourage users to give the products four weeks to make a difference in their skin color. As I have already stated, I am seeing a marked result after only two weeks. I will continue using all three products and will update this review after the full four weeks. I could only find the cleanser at one store and the lotion at another and could not find the night creme at all. I opted to order all three products from Amazon in order to begin this trial. The order was shipped very quickly and the shipping charges were almost completely offset by what my state sales tax would have been.I hope this information has been of help to you and that you will have success with these products if you decide to try them.*****April 26, 2008****I’m back with an update. I absolutely love this product. I have never been one to use cosmetics of any sort (just not interested) and so I don’t know an awful lot about them. This night cream is so light, no fragrance, and no greasy oily feeling whatsoever. I will continue to use this even if I don’t continue on with the other two Eucerin Redness Relief products I’m currently trying. And still, a TINY bit goes a long, long way. I may have to ask my store to order it in for me when I run out because this is the one product I cannot find on any drugstore shelf in town.*****August 12, 2009*****I’m still absolutely sold on this product. I can order it from Amazon and have it delivered directly to my door so that’s how I do it now. Still light, non-greasy and fragrance free. REALLY good! I even use it for daytime and the “night creme” police haven’t gotten me yet.

Nikki Mineral Wells, WV

Better that the $50-a-jar creams

I have extremely sensitive skin, that is also reactive to many cosmetic additives. I have tried many moisturizers, a lot of very expensive ones even, but this moisturizer works best. I have no reaction to it at all, no redness or stinging. It does seem to help lower redness over time, but most of all makes my skin feel nice and calm. I quit using it for a few weeks in the summer as I ran out and could not find more locally, and my skin was not as nice.I recommend this product highly.

Kari Newhall, WV


I am not formally diagnosed with rosacea, but I do have the bumps, redness, sensitivity and all that is tied to it. I hate thick, fragranced creams, so finding this was a relief. It’s a nice gel-cream moisturizer, has virtually no scent, and applies smoothly and does not feel heavy on the skin. It’s too soon to say whether it’ll fix the bumps and redness, but already I really like this product. It feels soothing and my skin looks a little more relaxed.

Cora Bernardston, MA

Not as advertised

This product did not do anything for the redness and bumps on my skin. So I had to rate it low. However, I did like it as a moisturizer and continue to use it for my dry face.

Terra Woodbury, KY

It caused me allergic reaction to skin and eyes. Very oily.

Well this lotion is definitively the worst I have ever tried in my life.I attempted 3 times to apply it on my skin and each time after about 20 minutes it started causing a terrible redness and burning in the eyes (I had not put it around the eyes though). This is certainly limited to MY OWN skin, so this reaction should be taken as a rare exception. The weird thing is that I tried probably hundreds of lotions of any types in my life, even some very cheap made in china ones, and this is the very fist that causes me such a reaction. Not sure which ingredient is responsible for that. Or maybe the product was very old (I bought it on Ebay from an overstock seller).It is also very oily, it does not look like it absorbs well and you might find your pillow oily too if you apply it just before bed.

Jami Middleport, OH

Good cream

I use this cream every night after I wash my face and it helps with my dry skin. I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of the redness of my skin, though, so you probably can find a different product that costs less that will do the same job.

Nettie Udall, KS

Nice cream for those of us with redness issues, but don’t use under makeup

I have chronic dermatitis/eczema issues, notably on my cheeks and bridge of nose. I keep this cream not for night use (I have my Kinerase Ultimate for that), but for use after plucking/exfoliating/depilating my face. (Yes, middle-age means more hair removal for face, dangit!). It works very nicely to moisturize and soothe after any sort of facial attention (whether it’s plucking, shaving, exfoliating, or removing a whitehead/pimple).It does “pill”, though–you know, if you rub your face, it will roll up into little flecks and balls. So, this is a cream you apply gently and leave alone. Don’t fuss. Hence, yeah, a night cream. 🙂 But if you need some extra-soothing after facial treatments of any sort, this is very useful.I do think the S/H on this seller is excessive. Hopefully, amazon will carry it with prime to make it simpler and cheaper to get this.

Josefa Milford, CT

I wanted it to work so much…but it didn’t

I have rosacea, so when a product came along that promised to reduce redness on my face, I had to try it!Redness is often caused by blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin that become enlarged or whatever. It seemed a long shot, but I had to try it if there was a chance.I took “before and after” photos of my cheeks so I could check if this product was really working for me. It was obvious after 3 and 4 weeks there was no change.

Elnora Lincolndale, NY

I am noticing less red.

I am noticing less red. Nice creamy moisturizer. I would recommend for any face it is not heavy or oily.

Evelyn Lower Peach Tree, AL

It works

Seems to be working. It is creamy, easy to apply and helps with the redness . A good moisturizer.

Kerry Mather, WI

redness relief lotion

This works pretty well. It’s a little greasy but it’s for night time so that’s okay. After using it, I looked pale…compared to bright red! It’s worth the money to me.

Kate Kinzers, PA

Great for dry sensative skin

This cream is amazing! I have dry sensitive skin and this cream does wonders at night. Even my esthetician says that Eucerin products were created by dermatologists, which is maybe why they are so good. I also use their spf 30 day cream too and it’s pretty good too.

Holly Brownell, KS


The Eucerin Redness Relief Night Cream is very moisturizing without being heavy or greasy. However, I only gave it three stars as it didn’t do a lot in terms of redness.

Sherry Climax, CO

Calming, thick and great for night

Very nice and creamy. I tried the green-colored day version cream and didn’t like it at all. This has helped a lot to soothe my skin at night. Don’t use it on a sunburn though! It will burn and irritate the skin. While this isn’t my 100% solution (I don’t know what is!), this has definitely helped cool and calm my skin at night.

Joanna Gallion, AL

No redness reduction here…

Eucerin’s redness relief night creme, third in the redness relief lineup, is a light oil-free gel-creme that claims to be non-irritating despite the company’s use of parabens which can potentially irritate sensitive skin. Granted the parabens are almost last on the list of ingredients, but the issue remains. Personally, I did not see any redness reduction and found the cream to be too heavy for my post-accutane skin that is slowly but surely returning to normal after a raw red dry spell. I wish I had known about this product sooner. I suspect that during my course this product would have been perfect. As it stands however, I found the cream to be too heavy for myself and probably anyone with normal, combination, or oily skin.That said, the consistency is silky smooth and while the night creme does feel ‘heavy’, it does not feel the slightest bit greasy. Like I said, no redness reduction for me, but if you suffer from chronic dry skin (and rosacea) I’m pretty confident you’ll benefit from this product.

Taylor Clarion, IA


Mom says this stuff really moisturizes her skin and is soothing. She likes it the best of the 3, but she says it can build up with frequent use.

Mary Barnum, IA

Eucerin Creme

This is a great product and a good value for a night cream. Works as well as some of the really expensive brands.

Loretta West Milford, NJ

Just right for Mild/Moderate Rosacea & Dryness

I’ve been using this cream for about 6 months now. I have mild rosacea (subtype 2) with redness, very very dry patches, some bumpiness and a few visible capillaries. I’m just turning 40 yrs old. I have tried many creams and lotions/potions and so far this is the best one. My cheeks are so dry there are rough scaly patches on them, so I use this AM & PM. It moisturizes well, and seems to decrease redness, scaling and bumps. It has caused no acne or rash/reaction of any kind and I have extremely sensitive skin. Seems to work well under make-up if you give it that time to sink in. I find the price very reasonable, considering some of the high end creams I have used that did absolutely nothing for my skin.Only drawbacks to this cream and the reason it didn’t get 5 stars, is it is a little greasy going on, and you need a few minutes to let it absorb. I also avoid using it on my eyelids prior to eye makeup application because of this issue. Plus I dislike dipping my fingers in a jar of cream and wish it was in a pump of some sort.I recommend this cream and will be purchasing more on Amazon as it is hard to find in my local stores.

Lucia New Riegel, OH

I think it works

It works when I put it on, and seems to reduce redness on my skin, but you have to apply it all the time to keep your red skin clear. That makes sense, but in order to see the effects you need to be pretty disciplined in its application.

Arlene Kanona, NY


I ordered this with the redness relief cleanser and daytime moisturizer, the night cream is very nice, it is a smaller jar than I expected but a little goes a long way. I have combo skin that has reddish tones, large pore areas and can be sensitive, so Im pretty picky about moisturizers. this cream is perfect for night, i dont wake up in the morning feeling like my face has gotten all oily like other heavier creams have done, and the small amount that i use in any other product would leave my skin feeling parched, but even the cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced before I put this on. The three together defenitely take out the redness and leave my skin soft, the instructions say best results after 4wks but I was pretty shocked at how much better my skin was doing after one day. Also very fast shipping

Kimberly Des Lacs, ND

Great Product

I purchased this cream about 3 weeks ago. I have very dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin due to severe environmental allergies. My skin is easily irritated and breaks out in a heart beat with the wrong product. This cream is very moisturizing and calming. I wish it came in a bottle, rather than the jar. If not for the packaging, I’d have given this 5 stars.

Mara Raeford, NC

So far so good

I’ve been using the product for a week now. I’ll try to remember to update my review when I’ve been using it longer. There are not really any cons other than maybe my expectations were too high. I’ve been dealing with Rosacea for about 3 years now and am OVER it. I used metrogel (didn’t work), I’m currently using a sulfa wash daily which for a while almost completely cleared it up, but here lately, it’s been bad so I reached out on here and found this. Just for clarity, my rosacea is red (duh), on my forehead, cheeks, and nose with tiny scaly bumps localized on my forehead. My cheeks are more prone to pimples, but they’re not horrible.So, I’ve been using this nightly for a week now and that is the only difference to my routine. It’s a very heavy moisturizer which i thought was going to be problem but wasn’t (most of things I’ve been using is very light). After 2 days, I could definitely tell a difference in the redness and irritation which is worse right out of the shower. It’s still there, but it is better. I think it’s working, but so far (for me) it’s not a miracle cure. But anything that just helps a little is better than nothing.Oh, one more thing. This stuff goes a long way. I can see this one little jar lasting me a couple of months.

Aileen St John, VI

I Love Eucerin!

I have all the Redness Relief products and I couldn’t be more pleased! I have used many expensive (Lancme and other European brands) as well as not so expensive (Avon, Olay, etc) brands, but for my sensitive skin, Eucerin Redness Relief is my favorite.

Lola Sarasota, FL

Cure for dry skin patches

This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist to cure my dry skin that I started developing all of a sudden. Overall I love the way my face feels the next day ( a little goes a long way). It may be a little oily fro some people, but thankfully I don’t mind it, since I use it overnight and it doesn’t make me break out or anything. I didn’t have any red skin to begin with, so not sure how well it works to alleviate that, but overall a great moisturizer. Amazon is great, always in stock and ships fast. Sucks that I am only able to find this product online, since for whatever reason, many drugstores don’t sell Eucerin Facial products. The only improvement would be if the container could be less delicate and less heavy. The container is almost porcelain like, so it is very prone to breaking and just overall very heavy.

Rebecca Fairview, MO

The magic bullet! At least for my face.

This stuff is magic! For the last ten years all I have seen in the mirror or in pictures of myself is RED RED and more RED. I couldn’t get past the fact I looked like I had a permanent sunburn. And I got tired of constantly being asked if I had been in the sun. I mean, I haven’t gone outside without 50 SPF block and full body coverage plus wide brimmed hat for at least a decade. I couldn’t understand why my face was still so darn red.Also, my skin has always been so sensitive that most lotions and other treatments cause worse skin problems than the redness.FInally I got turned on to this product. After a month of using this faithfully plus the day time redness relief and the redness relief cleanser, the redness is vastly improved.A few more important notes: if you have rosacea and your eyes are itchy or dry or if it is hard to see out of them sometimes wearing your glasses or not, you may have “Ocular Rosacea” even if your eyelids are not red. I didn’t know this existed but after reading about it, I have been treating my eyes every night (simply wash your eyelids with diluted baby shampoo or with one of the products sold for the condition) and I am no longer having the problems I had been having. This can be a serious condition AND the treatment is simple so please check it out! Your eyes will appreciate it.ALSO, rosacea can cause the bulbous red nose that older people can get (Think classic fisherman’s red nose), even if the rest of their skin is not red. My husband who NEVER uses sunscreen (Dumb, but I can only make hubby do so much) and never burns (at least visibly) noticed his nose is getting bumpy and bulbous. I have convinced him to start treating his nose for rosacea and it is starting to return to normal shape.This product will be in my beauty routine for the rest of my life.

Carly Sycamore, OH

relieves redness but leaves grease.

as the title of this review says, this product relieves redness but leaves grease on your face. I started to notice the change after three consecutive use of this creme every night.

Bettie Potlatch, ID

Helped some…

I originally read about this cream in a book I have that is written by a dermatologist. My husband has rosacea and his face as well as neck area get quite red in the summer months when he gets overheated (this may calm down some when he cools down, but not completely). Since he needed something to address those issues I decided to order this for him. He applied this cream in the evening after his shower. It did help after a while to calm down some of his redness on his face, but not on his neck area which just had too many years of accumulated sun damage. He is a “true” redneck.

Kay Caney, OK

Redness reduced in only a few weeks

I have problems with facial redness, particularly around my nose. I started using this around 3 weeks ago and my skin is looking better. It’s still red, but has improved. Hopefully I’ll see more improvement. I also love how rich and moisturizing it is!

Brianna Tariffville, CT

Not too greasy and excellent for night use

I really like most of the Eucerin product as they don’t add fragrance and they work really well on my skin. My face is rather sensitive and often reacts to facial cream with added fragrance. I’ve never had a problem with any of the Eucerin products, including this one. Another good thing about this night cream is that it is not greasy at all – it soaks into the skin very well.

Josefa Ward, AL