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Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion, Broad Spectrum SPF 15, 1.7 Ounce

Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Revolutionary Skin Care System For Visibly Red Skin Eucerin Redness Relief is a revolutionary, clinically proven skin care system that provides immediate redness relief and improves the condition of visibly red skin in 4 weeks. All Eucerin Redness Relief products are safe and appropriate for sensitive skin, redness-prone skin and Rosacea. What is Licochalcone? Licochalcone is a licorice root extract with skin soothing properties. Use The Entire Eucerin Redness Relief System For Optimal Results Eucerin Redness Relief system helps visibly reduce facial redness in 4 weeks. Step 1: Cleanse with Eucerin Redness Relief Facial Cleanser that gently yet effectively cleanses as it soothes visibly red skin. Step 2: Apply Eucerin Redness Relief Face Lotion With Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for intensive or daily facial redness. Step 3: Use Eucerin Redness Relief Night Creme to soothe your skin at night. Eucerin Is The Sensitive Skin Expert For over 100 years, Eucerin has pioneered skincare innovation, and today we are recognized and trusted by dermatologists as one of the leading and most recommended brands. Our products are designed to protect, repair, and enhance the health of skin – Giving you and your family the feeling of confidence that comes from radiant, healthy looking skin. Key Features Gentle formula that minimizes the risk of irritation, and calms sensitive skin prone to redness Formulated with natural Licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of licorice root and Subtle green Color Neutralizers immediately counteract visible redness for an even-toned complexion. Improves the condition of visibly red skin in 4 weeks Contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to help protect the skin from redness provoking UVA/UVB rays Fragrance-free, Oil-free, Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Key features

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  • Gentle formula that minimizes the risk of irritation, and calms sensitive skin prone to redness
  • Formulated with natural Licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of licorice root
  • Subtle green Color Neutralizers immediately counteract and diminish red skin tone
  • Helps protect the skin from redness provoking UVA/UVB rays
  • Fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Honest reviews


doesn’t work for me

I purchased this because I have broken capallaries in my cheeks from sun damage. Most people say they don’t notice it, but it’s something that bothers me. I hadn’t realized how strongly tinted green this was. You’re pretty much smearing mint green all over your face. It doesn’t sink it for me, just smooches around making my face patchy green. I used only a small dab and it really wasn’t for me. As just a regular lotion without the tint I’d probably like it, but I just couldn’t get past the weird green. I just live with my slightly red cheeks, and consider it built in blush for now. I think using a tinted moisturizer is easier to use then this stuff. I continue to look for a good moisturizer with spf(preferably 30 and over).

Mai Hillsboro, AL

Only Thing That Worked For Me

I have rosacea, not the pimples, just the annoying redness. My face looks like I have a permanent sunburn.Every foundation I have tried does not give me enough coverage. Since I have been using Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion, I have noticed a real change in my skin. If I use it daily, my skin the next day appears more even-toned. It is still red but not nearly as much as before I started using the lotion.I take a little lotion, not much, and rub it in all over my face, let it set for a few minutes, then puff on a little corn starch (face powder makes me itch). The results are flawless. My skin looks almost the way it did when I was a teen only without the acne.If you have a lot of redness, try this product.

Carmella Milford, IL


After trying the Eucerin Redness Relief face wash, I was very eager to try this product. I had the highest hopes, but, as with most skin care products that are supposed to help rosacea, I was deeply disappointed. If you have rosacea that is anything past looking like a mild sunburn, this product will only make it worse. I think a lot of us would do just about anything to have their rosacea be simply a flushed face, as most of us have to deal with things that are devastating to our self esteems, and at the least uncomfortable and painful. This cream uses our frustration and willingness to try anything against us to sell their product. Take my advice and do not use this product. I had much, much better luck with Triderma MD rosacea repair cream.

Gayle Morris, GA

not for me

This product broke me out. I LOVE their face wash and night cream, though, and my skin is overly sensitive, so I can’t give it less than a 3 star.

Lenora Horsepen, VA

Florid Face

Right now I’m suffering with hives on my face resulting from a bug bite. The welts are quite red, so I thought I would try this to suppress their appearance. It does a nice job of toning it down, and like another reviewer commented, this would work well under your foundation. I like the design of the glass bottle, and the dispenser spits out just the right amount. The lotion is very mild and causes no irritation, which I was skeptical about. Some complain about the green being visible, and I really can’t say that was my experience. This lotion also has a SPF 15.

Rosemarie Monmouth, OR

Good results, annoying smell

It was easy to apply and stayed on well. My only complaint is the smell. It smells exactly like sunscreen, whish is not that attractive in my opinion. Now that I think about it, extra must be applied to the reddest areas. If too mush is applied to white areas, the skin turns green. it took practice, but eventually it helped. I also liked that there was no real perfum added, so it is good for my sensitive skin.

Gwendolyn Delaware Water Gap, PA

Ok but not very moisterizing

My skin is has a trifecta of issues; sensative, reddish and dry.Although the “green tint” in this does seem to diminish the appearance of redness, it is not moisterizing enough. I found myself layering on another coat of moisterizer, therefore defeating the purpose of the green tint. (My skin seems to be redder when it’s dryer.)It was okay, but I think the daily moisterizer and night cream are far superior. (As a side note; the Garnier BB tinted moisterizer is great. I add a little to the daily spf 30 moisterizer by Eucerin with great results. I only wish Eucerin had a tinted, sensitive skin, spf moisterizer! haha, I know I’m asking a lot…)

Sally Bessemer, PA

Eucerin Lotion

I gave this 2 stars only because it will cover up the redness; however, it will not cure it. I put it on my face and because it is such a heavier consistency it will cover up the red because it is green.I looked in the mirror and it made one side of my face look pale because of the consistency of this product. I like the Dermarest much better, it actually helps the redness itself and gives a nice glow to your skin in the morning.

Louisa Dove Creek, CO

Great Skin Product!

When I was little I remember my mother had this thick creepy green makeup that I never understood why she used. Now I totally understand! I have tried a lot of products including one by Proactiv that are supposed to tone down acne scars and dark spots. Now, I know this is actually a product that is to diminish redness but I have found that it actually makes my old blemish areas look much less noticeable when I use it under a dream whip foundation. I don’t even have to use a concealer or any additional moisturizer first. I am REALLY happy with this product and you get a lot in a good sized glass bottle. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with a redness issue like from broken veins or Rosacea.

Autumn Mineral Point, WI

Not as expected

While this product may, in fact, remove redness, I don’t believe I would use it. It’s a matter of consistency. When I finally got the pump to work- during which it squirted all over me- I noticed the green tint the product mentions, but was not pleased with the consistency of the lotion. It feels a little dry, even after application on the skin. I would be hesitant to use with makeup because of the consistency. Luan Gaines/2013.

Tami Camptown, PA

Wholly Incredible Hulk Face! Worst Product I Have Ever Tried For Redness

I tried this product based on pretty good reviews. It seems you will ether love it or hate it. I am fair skinned with mild to moderate Rosacea & gave it a try because it was fairly inexpensive. I can not stress enough how much I dislike this product & I tried many ways of using it, finally gave up & threw it out. It is very heavy, greasy, pasty, & even when using a very small amount you just can’t blend it into your skin. It may take away some of the redness but you look as pale as a ghost, even when applying powder or foundation over it. It comes out EXTREMELY GREEN & thick out of the bottle & leaves a nasty residue on your face. Also, the SPF may be a bonus to some but if you have sensitive skin like me, don’t even get it any where near your eyes unless you want runny, red, bloodshot eyes (& no I don’t stick it in my eye balls, just couldn’t get it anywhere near them making this product even more useless). I am SO done with ANY Eucerin products. They are all so heavy & greasy & this ones no different.A great product to try is Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, tinted green. Yes, it’s allot more expensive but it lasts a long time & works wonderful. You can always try a travel size sold on many sites at half the price.Bottom line..if you enjoy looking like a pale version of “The Incredible Hulk” then go ahead & give the Eucerin a try..Sorry but I have absolutely nothing good to say about it.

Marisol Baldwin Place, NY

Doesn’t moisturize my skin very much.

So this lotion has a distinct smell of sunscreen. Though it’s tinted green, I don’t notice any actual reduction of redness on my face. Also, it isn’t very moisturizing. I still have to use shea butter before applying this. If I apply only this lotion, my face will be peeling off still.Will not buy this again.

Pearl Topping, VA

More makeup than moisturizer

This isn’t a terrible product, but it’s marketed a bit deceptively: It claims to “improve the condition of visibly red skin in 4 weeks” (with licorice root)… but it’s also green makeup. As someone who doesn’t typically wear makeup, that was a bit surprising. Even when applied very sparingly, some green particles remain visible, particularly on facial hair. I can’t really recommend this product unless you’re already comfortable wearing makeup and want to simplify your routine.

Erma Saint David, IL

How green was my face?

Just a bit of background on my skin: I’m middle-aged, fair skinned and have rosacea. My rosacea is pretty mild most of the time but this spring I had to take prednisone for a few weeks for hives (another long and tedious story) and when I finished the course of prednisone I found out that steroids exacerbate rosacea, so every since April I’ve been slapping on the rosacea cream twice a day and trying to cover the redness. Fortunately, the redness has faded a good deal, but I need some help to counteract the red. I have always used Eucerin products, so was psyched to see that the good people at Eucerin had come up with a good product to use on my somewhat red face. The cream is made to be used under makeup, not by itself — it is really green. You don’t need to use a lot of it at a time — I used about a dime size for my face and neck. Then I apply a BB cream with a sunscreen (rosacea really doesn’t do well with sun) and make up on the really ugly spots. I’ve been happy with the cream, but it took a couple of applications to get the right amount, so not as to look green. I would purchase this product — the 1.7 ounce bottle looks like it will get me through at least the fall, so it is a good size and really does the job.

Jamie East Jordan, MI

Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

Ive been using this lotion for awhile and I’m very pleased with the results. I have very sensitive, oily skin with slight redness on my cheeks and chin. This lightweight lotion absorbs quickly into my skin, it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy, contains SPF 15 and hasn’t caused any breakouts. This moisturizer is mint green to cancel out the redness for immediate results. Use it sparingly because a little goes a long way but it’s very easy to blend into your skin. I’m pleased with the results and I will continue to use this product.

Annette Bemus Point, NY

Great for facial flushing

I don’t have any serious skin problems, but my water has terribly high rust from old pipes and so my skin has become sensitive and started flushing.This lotion is perfect for me. It evens out my skin tone and gives everything a nice matte, porcelain finish. My husband pointed out that it look a teeny bit green at first, but my usual powder evens the tone out just fine. I would definitely recommend this product!

Manuela Garden Grove, IA

so far so good

I bought this for my boyfriend who has rosacea because he, understandably, doesn’t want to use makeup to cover the redness. The product smells great and goes on smoothly, without leaving any green tinted streaks. After a few days we noticed his dryness and flakiness had improved, and the texture of his skin was smoother. The only comlplaint is that it’s a bit to thick to massage evenly over his facial hair.

Sharron Harborcreek, PA


Just a pea size of this green perfecting lotion is all you need per day. It goes on smooth and makes my skin feel silky. So far, it seems to be reducing the redness I have with rosacea. I gave it 4 stars because the smell is medicinal-which I don’t care for, but the results are worth the smell.

Esther Windsor, CO

Wow! No more red face!

This stuff works! Don’t let the green tone fool you. It didn’t work very well the first time I used it, but after that it was great!

Angeline Brownsville, MD

Works for everything

So my face stays pretty pinkish red all the time, especially my chin and cheeks. The thing is nothing has worked. I have quite a few expensive creams that guarantee to rid me of redness even the Clinique and Elements products have not worked. Mostly, I ordered this just because it was free through my Vine account and would be out nothing if it ended up being like all the others.The thing is though, this cream (Eucerin Redness Relief Daily) works and works fast. I only had used it three days before the redness in my cheeks was barely noticeable. Also, I have used it while having a sunburn and rubbed raw nose from a cold and it worked on both of these problems too. You do have to apply it regularly and consistently at night to see results last most of the day. It’s only good for about 12 hours, but when you apply it, there is a difference within 30 minutes on the level of redness. I call that a major win.If I had to complain about something, it would be the greasy levelness of it. The cream goes on like sunscreen, streaks like it too. It lays heavy on your face and you will be reminded that it is there even when it is blended in thoroughly by the weight of it on your skin. However, I feel this drawback is worth it in comparison to the result. Also, if you don’t have other things going on such as runny nose or sunburn, you can put it on at night before you go to bed and have the results last you most of the day for just regular redness that comes up from airborne irritants.For the price and easy availability, if you have any regular redness on your face, I’d say give this cream a shot.

Molly Covington, GA

Sunscreen yes, but immediate redness relief?

I have that trademark fair skin that redheads have, and it gets more and more sensitive as the years pass, so the idea of “redness relief” in this product intrigued me. I gave it a full month trial. The bottom line is, if it provided any redness relief at all, it was barely noticeable.The green color of this lotion didn’t bother me, but it also didn’t counter the redness of my cheeks upon application as seems to be one of the ideas behind this product. I do appreciate that it has sunscreen in it — great for daily use — but is it really fair to say that the sunscreen essentially accounts for its “redness-relieving” quality (since the marketing here is carefully worded)? Just the fact that it can prevent sunburn? Hmmmm … The implication, of course, is for help with conditions such as rosacea, as other reviewers have noted, but that was not my experience with it, at least not after a month.The lotion comes in a quality bottle of glass, which I appreciate, and I like that it’s fragrance-free. It was kind to my skin, leaving it soft. So overall, not a bad experience. Just not quite as good as implied. 🙂

Melisa Notasulga, AL

Creamy with a green tint perfect for under foundation

Rosacea is one of those conditions that I’ve found get’s more annoying over time and as we age. I have the type with both redness in certain areas and also bumps. This moisturizer looked very promising, as both a cover and a treatment. After over 1 month use, I have found, however, it’s more effective as a surface color correction under makeup because of the green tint, but not so much as a real treatment over time.The consistency is thick and took some time to work into my skin. It has a pleasant smell, not perfum-y (important for sensitive skin that can react to perfumes with more redness). If you already have a green tinted makeup to counteract redness, then I don’t see this product doing anything different, except for the moisturizing component.

Ophelia Hague, ND

Left my skin oily and the non-red regions looking a little green

To start, let me describe the sort of skin I have: I’m fair-skinned with medium-to-dark blonde hair. When I go to a tanning bed, I’m the “sometimes tans, usually burns” type. I have struggled with acne and oily skin since I was a teenager, but now that I’m older, I tend to have clear skin except for breakouts at certain times of the month, which coincide with my menstrual cycle. I don’t have rosacea, but I do turn red often: when I’m stressed, when I’m embarrassed, when I’ve been in the sun, when I’m hot, etc. The redness tends to make a butterfly pattern: it runs from just over my eyebrows down over my nose, and across the tops of my cheeks.Now about the product. First, let me say that the product does do what it claims it does. I applied it every day for a week just after a shower in the morning, and the lotion does reduce redness noticeably. However, I used it all over my face, not all of which is red, and the regions that are NOT red came out with a sickly green tinge to them. (The lotion is a mint green color.) I was actually asked by a coworker one day whether I was unwell. In addition, it left my skin feeling far oilier than I like, and I had a minor blackhead breakout on the 5th and 6th days I used it.Overall, it’s not a product I would purchase for myself. It might work very well for people whose skin is dryer than mine or has more redness, but I don’t want to have to use one lotion for the red parts of my skin and another for the rest of my face.

Berta Gurdon, AR

Works for a short time

I have always had a red tint to my skin and have searched for products to tone the redness down. I knew that a green tint will help so thought I’d give this one a try. It goes on smoothly although is a bit thick so you have to massage it into the skin. It does help tone down the redness at first but will not last the day through.

Patrica Mcarthur, CA

Feels rich when spreading, truly non-fragrant, just don’t sweat

This green-blue colored lotion requires very, very little to spread on skin area. It’s amazingly efficient, as it spreads thinly and one doesn’t need to use much at all.It’s strength is it’s weakness though, like many things. It spreads so much because the skin can’t absorb any of it. And when I sweat, which is what I do a lot, it trickles down and reminds me it’s there. The trickles show the color again, at least on me.

Maryann Baxter, KY

Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion

I have what I consider to be a light case of rosacea, along with sensitive skin. I have used powdered green face products before and they have worked well.When you first see the bottle, it looks to be a VERY LIGHT GREEN…the bottle hides some of the greenness of it. I would suggest you put a SMALL amount of this in your palm and work from that, as it goes a long way…seriously I bet I didn’t use the size of a large pea. I dotted it on a clean face, and proceeded to lightly rub it in, the greenness of the product lightened then, it covered the pink of the rosacea well. One day I ONLY used it and my eye makeup just to see if it looked like I was the wicked witch of the west or not! No one stared…so I took that as it was not obviously green in appearance to anyone else either, once rubbed in. Since that one trial, I do put my powdered mineral makeup on over it, it covers well. The product itself is not so ‘creamy’ as another reviewer said, at least it wasn’t to me. It has a very FINE texture to it, I mean VERY FINE but its not creamy smooth like a liquid makeup or moisture cream, I think that is due to the mineral that is used in it. I did not feel it changed anything with having that little bit of texture to it, just don’t want you to think its going to glide on, its not that kind of smooth. It did the job, I was pleased with it and after this is gone I will purchase a bottle. I can not stress enough though to be careful as to how much you pump out, you can always put more in your palm, as this really does not call for a full pump of product unless you WANT to have a green face =) so be light handed to start till you see how much you’ll personally need.

Nannie Enoree, SC

Wanted to like it sooo much, but big FAIL instead

I have very red cheeks, sometimes with bumps, but mostly just red flare-ups from weather, heat, spicy food or alcohol. I can control it most of the time but sometimes they just heat up so much, I can’t get them to cool down.I was reading the reviews and hoping this would be the ticket. But unfortunately, this has a VERY GREEN color and I have large pores. My pores just look full of green gunk. I had to rub and rub to get the cream to blend and soak in. By then, I was all red just from the rubbing.Lotion is nice though and not too thick. If I didn’t have big pores this might work okay. But also they have found yellow is better than green at making red go away. Who knows, but this didn’t work at all. So sad. Back on the hunt.Update:3/27/14Try the night cream! I’m having much better results and NO green color! It’s actually slightly yellow! Yay!

Odessa Du Bois, IL

Helps with redness

This product has a built in tinted green concealer which is used to combat redness in the skin via camouflage. It’s basically a love it or leave it mechanism that will be well/ill received based on your personal taste. I happen to like it and can see an immediate difference after application. It’s a great day lotion if you are on accutane and need something that is non-comodegenic, non-irritating, and oil-free. I had the most difficult time finding a lotion that fits the bill, but this product delivers on every front. I’m quite pleased with the way it absorbs as well. Just make sure not to slather it on, blend well, and you should be good to go. Hope you enjoy this product as much as I have.

Mandy Bryceville, FL

Works Well, but Didn’t Care for the Smell Very Much

This product works amazingly well covering red areas of the skin due to sun damage, etc. The redness just vanishes – the product is pale green and this cancels out the red somehow. Once it went into the skin, the green color was gone and did not rub off.Felt like a conventional, light moisturizer when rubbing it into the skin – it is supposed to moisturize.Haven’t used it long enough to see any long term improvements though. I think it is supposed to lessen redness over time beyond the color cancellation.The one thing I didn’t like was the smell. It has sun screen in it and has that odd smell that sunscreens often have. Fine for the beach, but this is meant for everyday use. Some people don’t mind this smell, but I don’t care for it very much.But, it does make the red spots vanish, so maybe the smell isn’t so bad considering.

Ella Deep Gap, NC

Sometimes it’s hard to get the green worked in

Mom says she likes this lotion but that sometimes it’s hard to get the green worked in. I can vouch that it’s VERY green but that it truly makes her face look less red.

Kendra Woodland, AL