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Eucerin Original Healing Rich Creme, 16 Ounce

Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme (Pack of 2) Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme, 16 Ounce (Pack of 2) This formula with rich emollients uses simple, trusted ingredients, and no irritating fragrances or dyes, to soothe and help heal even severely dry skin, for noticeably healthier-looking skin that’s moisturized all day long. Overview Heals & protects sensitive skin. Non-irritating. Fragrance free. Dermatologist recommended. Eucerin, the dermatologist-trusted brand for dry skin care. Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme provides long-lasting moisturization that helps to relieve extra dry, chapped or chafed skin or dry skin associated with eczema or psoriasis; Contains no fragrance and won’t clog pores; Can be used safely to help relieve dry skin associated with certain prescribed medications. Key Features Dermatologist recommended Seals in moisture to heal and protect very dry, sensitive skin Relieves dry skin associated with eczema, psoriasis, or drying medications Free of fragrances and dyes, and won’t clog pores

Key features

  • Formerly named Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme
  • Dry-skin therapy; heals and protects sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting moisture; dermatologist-recommended
  • Helps alleviate dry skin associated with eczema or psoriasis
  • Non-irritating, fragrance free; won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Very greasy on the skin, but more restorative than most other “moisturizer” lotions…

I don’t like using this creme on my skin. I’ll admit that. It’s so greasy that I will only submit to applying this lotion when I’m crawling into bed. Any other time, and I just can’t stand the feeling of leaving grease marks on anything I touch. When I’m in bed, at least I know I won’t be touching anything that can’t be easily washed. That said, when I DO happen to use it, it seems to repair my skin better than any other topical lotion I’ve tried. OK, I guessAquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy, 14-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)is about the same. Still, compared to most moisturizing lotions, this stuff is great. There are some days when I am drywalling, and I spend hours using joint compound, washing it off my hands, sanding it off walls, and scrubbing clean my tools. All the repeated washing and exposure to dusty compound really sucks the moisture out of my skin and leaves my hands a swollen, dry, rough mess at the end of the day. On those days, I need stuff like Eucerin to help heal my hands while I’m sleeping. Otherwise, after a few days of this kind of work, the skin on my hands is so badly chapped and cracked that I don’t like them touching anything at all. If you are in any sort of occupation that has resulted in dry, weary hands, you should give this stuff a try. It can really work wonders!

Hannah Munising, MI

way too thick and greasy.

This product is extremely thick, greasy, doesn’t blend into skin well at all. It also has done nothing on my dry eczema spots because it truly seems like its not even penetrating the skin. Unfortunately I have 2 large tubs of this and no clue what to do with it- maybe I will use it as a foot cream with socks over it for deep moisturizing- I guess thats all I can recommend this for.

Susana Roaring Gap, NC

Terrible paste like

I dun know how you can use this crème. It’s texture is more like a mud paste (but white in color), thick and sticky, so hard to spread! I do not recommend this at all.

Della Henderson, WV

The only thing that helps my psoriasis. Love it!

I usually just buy generic eucerin in the tubs at pharmacies, and I usually spend $9.99 at least on one tub. That is probably a sale price so I would say on average I spend about $10.79 or more. Here on Amazon, you the brand name and 2 jars. It’s a really good price here. I was diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis about a year and a half ago. Initially, Cetaphil helped but not for too long. Even after using Cetaphil, my skin would become itchy throughout the day. I was blown away with the results of using Eucerin. This stuff is absolutely amazing! The worse spots I have are currently on my hands. I wash a lot of dishes (you can’t always wear rubber gloves), do a lot of handwashing, from changing diapers and just trying to be a clean person. I cannot live without Eucerin. Also, two of my four children, have a little bit of eczema on their upper arms. Use this stuff on the areas that have the eczema and it will go away within a day or two. There is nothing out there that works better, brand name or generic. It’s a must have for dry skin, eczema or psoriasis.

Denise Providence, RI

Great for Eczema Sufferers!

I have bad eczema, especially in the summer months, on my upper arms and my feet and have suffered for years with this. Eucerin is the only cream that my dermatologist has recommended and that has worked for me without irritating my skin. The Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme is VERY thick- almost a cross between an ointment and a mousse. It’s not a traditional lotiony feeling and it does not have a floral scent which sensitive skin users will appreciate! I usually use my Eucerin lotion when I have an eczema flair up and within a few days it’s gone. I usually use the medicine underneath and then put some Eucerin on top for good measure like my dermatologist recommended. It’s very soothing and calming to my skin. It does feel a little “thick” right when you put it on but as it absorbs into your skin, that feeling goes away. I also put it on my feet at night, alternating withAquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy, 14-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2), and then put my feet in thick, cotton socks. If I’m having an eczema flair up though on my feet, I don’t put my feet in the socks as this could just worse the effect. I highly recommend Eucerin to anyone with eczema!!

Wendy Durand, WI

Good for winter

This cream does a great job at keeping my skin moist in the dry winter air. I keep a jar on my nightstand and apply it every night before I go to bed. My doctor had advised me to use only products that are unscented so I had to switch from my usual lotions and body butters. The Eucerin creme is a bit too heavy for me at other times of the year, but I definitely recommend it for winter use.

Desiree Saint Francis, SD

My Eczema Improved in One Day

I was desperate from a bad case of stress-induced eczema (my wife and I just had twin girls) so I decided to spend extra money on a hand cream. Within one day the Eucerin worked its wonders. The embarrassing scaly red look of my hands became less virulent. The cream is soothing and odorless and leaves a thick coating on my hands. So far my experience with this product has made me a believer.

Marquita Round Mountain, TX

Eucerin is the BEST

I have switched to Eucerin for everything for my sensitive/dry skin. I didnt think this product was going to be so thick, it can be a little tough to spread over your body, however, it is great for dry skin. I have been using it on my knees, elbows and ankles mostly, andI prefer the calming cream for everyday full body use.

Natasha Gotham, WI

Very hard to spread, didnt help eczema

I’m sure this lotion helps some people but we do not like it. The cream is extremely hard to spread more than a couple inches at a time. It takes FOREVER to try to lotion an entire limb. Additionally, it did nothing to help my son’s eczema. After trying eight or nine lotions and creams, the Cetaphil Restoraderm really was the winner. It kept us from having to use steroid cream all the time.

Opal Muscatine, IA

This is wonderful stuff

The skin on neck used to breakout in reaction to chemicals in facial lotions and creams. I couldn’t moisturize my neck without risking a severe chemical reaction. The last time that happened, I had to go see my doctor because the breakout was so severe. My doctor recommended Eucerin and it worked like a magic. No more breakouts and my neck stays nicely moisturized. I’ve recommended it to my daughter and my sister for their skin problems.

Earline Alger, OH

The best for sensitive skin!

I have been using this for 30+ years. My dermatologist recommended it to me for sensitive, easily irritated, and sometimes dry skin. I’ve used both lotion and cream. The cream is best for body and limbs, the lotion is better for hands only. My doctor’s words to me of ‘don’t bestingy’ with it were a good guide. I tried everything else on the market, nothing soothed my skin like this cream. Yes, it’s thick. It’s wonderful!!! It helps in allergy season, in the winter when the heater is running and every other time of the year. When we were in WY and the dry wind sucked all the moisture out of my skin, this is what I used for relief. I can’t live without it.

Tasha Painesville, OH

An Excellent Repair Cream

Eucerin is an excellent cream to use if you are trying to repair your skin. I was battling with several skin issues when I used this product and thought that it started me on the road to healing. It is thick, and at the time, I wanted something thick. I also like the convenience of the jar. You don’t have to worry about a pump failing.

Patty Wakonda, SD


this is one of the best creames out there which help keep my feet softer which I use at night

Petra Lula, GA

Excellent Nighttime Moisturizer

Having been told I need to use a moisturizer, I narrowed the choice down to two for daytime use: EucerinEucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme, 14 Ounce Tubes (Pack of 2)and Cetaphil.Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion, 8.0-Ounce Tubes(Pack of 2)I use them for nighttime if I am in a hurry but now that I have discovered the Eucerin original, I use it most of the time just before bed. This is a “hard” moisturizer unlike the others mentioned and you have to exert a little force to work it into your skin. But there is something about that process I like. It stays on well, but not heavy, throughout the night. It also provides a nice variety.

Karla Byron, NY

Perfect for Really Dry Skin

My kids have suffered from eczema for years. This is what we have always used to get deep in the dry skin and help it to heal.It does not disappear quickly but we keep gently rubbing it until it gets in good enough. On your dry feet and cracked heels, you can put socks on to keep it in. When their eczema gets worse in the winter, we use a prescription creme but supplement it with Eucerin.It is a very thick cream, not a lotion so this tub lasts a long time. Perfect for those stubborn dry spots that need more than the average moisturizing lotion.

Jodie Centre Hall, PA

Eucerin is a great brand

This is the original skin repair cream formula. It’s great for very dry skin and sensitive skin, a terrific moisturizer. Once you use Eucerin you are likely to get hooked on it. Amazon is now offering a nice value on two pack, better price than my local store.

Eloise Sycamore, SC

Drastically improved how my hands look…

I love to use a little bit of this on my hands. This is great for dry hands. When I first used this, i thought it was too thick but now I love this. I keep a tiny jar of this in my handbag, for when I go places. I keep a large jar of this in my bedroom, so I use a little before leaving home.

Penny Huntington, MA


This a a great product for severely dry skin. It helps moisturize, heal, and protect my kids skin which is excessively dry due to eczema.

Vicky Remsen, IA

A Little Goes a Long Way

Lines disappear and best of all you don’t need much but it’s rich. But I bought two for one deal.

Brianna Dillsboro, IN

Eucerin Soothing Repair Cream

I love Eucerin products! They really help with my extremely dry and sensitive skin. My dermatologist started me to using Eucerin products to help with my excema. I have many skin problems first of all I have year round allergies and the excema and my allergies seem to be in sync with each other. I have to make sure and not use a lot of fragranced products on my skin. It seems like I am always getting rashes for some reason or another so I alternate between the calming cream by Eucerin and this soothing repair cream. They both work well. The repair cream is richer, and I need that for my super dry skin. I am a diabetic and I have thyroid problems so my skin is super dry, flaky, itchy, and very sensitive, and easily irritated. I like this cream because it soothes my skin and never irritates my skin even if I have rash, splotches, or sore spots on my skin. It works well especially on the hard dry skin on my feet. It is expensive but because the itching from the excema and dry skin can be miserable I will always use this product to help protect my skin.

Isabella Broadway, NC

Good for super dry skin

Bought this as when I worked in dermatologist office we used this as a "base" for many of the prescription cremes we made. The creme is VERY heavy and there are better alternatives that have since come out which make application easier. Is does really work well for very dry skin but just know it is very heavy to use and you might want to reserve for night use.

Essie Reserve, LA