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Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizing Body Lotion 13.5 fl oz

Eucerin Every Day Protective Moisturizing Body Lotion, SPF 15.

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  • Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15 by Eucerin for Unisex – 13.5 oz Body Lotion

Honest reviews


Nearly Perfect Daily SPF Lotion

As a lifelong Florida resident, I’m well aware of the damage the sun does to the skin. Even though I’ve given up sunbathing, I still get lots of sun just from walking to and from the car, driving, playing with the grandkids outside, and so on. I know I need to put sunscreen on every day, but most sunscreens are so heavy and sticky and smelly that I just can’t stand to use them every day. I use them when gardening because I need the heavy duty sweat resistance, but for general daily use I just can’t handle them.So when I heard that Eucerin was making a SPF 15 body lotion I decided to give it a try. It’s now a part of my morning routine – get out of the shower and put on the lotion. It has a faint bit of stickiness to it (which is why it got 4 stars instead of 5) but otherwise is a wonderful lotion. It’s relatively light-weight and has a barely noticeable but not unpleasant scent. I have to take their word on the sun protection, but assuming whoever regulates these things is doing their job, it should be helping a lot. It’s not a super-silky lotion like some of the expensive ones are, but it’s doing a good job of keeping my skin moisturized and feeling softer.I have normal, 51-year-old, lots-of-sunbathing-in-my-younger-years, skin and I think this is a wonderful product. Everybody’s skin is different, but for me it has worked out well and I recommend it.

Letha Lindley, NY

Perfect daily body lotion

This is a lotion that has the perfect consistency for me, my skin gets dry while at work in an air conditioned environment, so I need a lotion that protects it and it is thick enough and not greasy after it air dries from my hands. I had tried other lotions that were too thin/watery or too smelly. I also get some strong sun while walking to work so it protects me from sun damage. Not smelly and barely any fragrance, after it dries it feels like there’s a protective layer on my hands that is moist but not greasy. It is a rather expensive purchase but I think it’s well worth it.

Antionette Reinholds, PA

Good protection and moisture

I have been using this Eucerin product nearly everyday for a year for protection against the hot desert sun in the Southwest. I keep a bottle at home, and one at the office. It goes on very clean and settles fast, so you only feel greasy for a couple of minutes. Best of all, it definitely helps protect against the sun. It’s only SPF 15, so to me, that’s good for everyday protection without getting the sunscreen smell or the white sunscreen look on the skin. The scent is light and not overly sunscreen-like. Good product, good protection. Recommended!

Rebekah Hollister, CA

Sooooo greasy feels gross on

I don’t understand why this is so greasy. It’s slimy and feels gross on. I’m afraid to touch anything so I rub the sunscreen off my palms first and it doesn’t seem to go away, it remains sticky on my body all day. I bought this one because I wear sunscreen on my body daily and I don’t like chemical sunscreens so I was looking for a body lotion/sunscreen with both a chemical and physical sunscreen since purely physical sunscreens are really thick, white and drying. Even the micro zinc ones go on kinda’ white-ish and I just don’t like that. The ones that go on absolutely clear are too expensive for me.Eucerin only has 1% titanium dioxide but at least that’s something. None of the other sunscreen lotions I looked at had any physical sunscreens in them. The Lubriderm one feels much better on, less greasy for sure but it’s a chemical sunscreen. So, reluctantly, I use the Eucerin until I find a less greasy, reasonably priced alternative.

Dale Easton, WA

Less is More!

As long as you comply with the less is more quote you will love this product. I have extremely sensitive and fair skin so sun protection is a must. Rain or shine, if my skin is exposed I use this lotion on my body. It may take a couple of tries to figure out the right amount to put on but it is well worth it. I used Aveeno products before and found that Aveeno was waxy feeling. I want moisturized skin and I wanted my skin silky soft to the touch. This is a staple to my home!

Marianne Spickard, MO

A must have for dry skin

If you are "blessed" with extremely skin in winter, then this body lotion is your best remedy. It "fixes" any dry skin by providing the necessary nourishment and moisture. It absorbs really well, without leaving any nasty white residue. Skin feels smoother and energized. Plus, the SPF doesn’t hurt, even if you are fully covered.

Jeanette Duenweg, MO