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Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme, 5 Ounce

Your skin is much more than your body’s protective shield. For over 100 years Eucerin has pioneered skincare innovation and today we are recognized by dermatologists as one of the leading and most recommended brands. Our products are designated to protect, repair, and enhance the health of skin – Giving the feeling of confidence that comes from radiant, healthy looking skin. This unique formula with Oatmeal, Ceramide-3 and Licochalcone intensively moisturizes and helps relieve dry, irritated skin and itching due to eczema. Clinically proven immediate and long-lasting relief of itchy, dry, irritated skin due to eczema.

Key features

  • Natural oatmeal calms, dry, itchy, irritated skin
  • Ceramide fortified formula strengthens the skin’s barrier and improves the skin’s condition
  • Fragrance, dye and steroid free
  • Licochalcone enriched formula, soothes and improves the appearance of red, irritated skin
  • Appropriate for babies and children

Honest reviews


Excellent option for adults also, ingredients list included

Because the standards are much higher for children’s products, I often consider them when deciding what to use on my skin. This one does contain mineral oil, which I try to avoid. Since it won’t be going on my face or hair, I’ll continue to use the product.I have been dealing with a patch of eczema on one arm that just does not want to go away. Often the products I put on exacerbated rather than helped, especially with the almost unendurable itching. I could tell within seconds that things weren’t going well as the itching would either increase or start up again and the area would quickly become inflamed.I put this over the patch as soon as this arrived at my doorstep. I am happy and very relieved to say that no inflammation occured and no itching started. All I felt was soft moisturized skin. I can feel a layer of moisturizer but it does not feel sticky.If anything changes, I’ll update this post. But for now it seems to be working and doing no harm.Scent: very light, it reminds me of some other baby product but I can’t identify it. Also slightly medicinal.Ingredients:WaterGylcerinRicinus Communis (Castor) seed oilMineral oilCetyl AlcoholGlyceryl StearateCaprylic/Capric TrigycerideOctyldodecanolCetyl PalmitatePEG-40 StearateGlycyrrhiza Inflata Root ExtractCeramide 31,2-HexandiolPhenoxyethanolPrioctone OlamineCaprylyl GlycolEthylhexylglycerinBenzyl AlcoholCitric Acid

Candace Lindsay, NE

Love Love Love This Cream!

I selected this cream for my 18 month old, who had been having some rashes due to dry skin on her legs. I don’t believe the rash she had was related to Eczema but when I had the opportunity to pick up this cream, I had the feeling it would do the job, and I was right! I had been rubbing Aveno Lavender Body Cream on her legs for a couple weeks but her legs still felt dry and flaky. I used a small amount of this cream for two night and BOOM the rash and dry skin was gone. This stuff is awesome!

Deann Sauk Rapids, MN

Wonderful moisturizer, and not greasy feeling

I’ve been using the Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Cream for several years. My hands get incredibly dry, cracked and itchy year round. That stuff works great, but my one complaint about it is how oily/greasy it feels, for a good while after I put it on. This product, though, is an excellent alternate from a company I already trust. It doesn’t feel greasy, but it’s still thick and rubs in easily. It feels like it sinks in pretty quickly, without really feeling coated on your hands for awhile after application.There’s not really any scent to this one either, which I also really like about it. If anything, it just has a natural ingredients sort of scent (which I know makes no sense but hey). Nothing added, though.With one application a day, this creme helped the dryness on my skin and keeps my hands smooth and soft. I’ve also used it on my elbows which tend to get really elephant skin-like, and it has an awesome softening/smoothing effect there as well. So this is not just for eczema, or for babies, and a wonderful entire family product.

Melva Houston, DE


I have sensitive skin and this product works well on my hands and behind my knee caps. It goes on smooth and does not leave a greasy residue behind. My skin soaked it in well and left the dry ichy patches smooth and moisturized. There is a very slight grainy feeling on applying the cream due to the oatmeal ingredient but it was not gritty.

Sharron Charmco, WV

Continues to be the Gold Standard in Moisturizing

I’ve been a huge fan of Eucerin Original Soothing Repair Creme for 4 years, which I discovered when my twins were born. I suffer mild eczema and Eucerin is the only thing that works.So I was eager to try Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief. While not as thick and pasty as the original soothing repair, the baby eczema relief is not watery or greasy and applies well. It is also odorless, as is the original version. Also it has the advantage of blending into the skin more quickly than the original soothing formula.I’ll be using the Baby Eczema formula at work where I need fast absorption and the thicker, more intense original soothing creme at home.Both are highly recommended.

Iris Hood River, OR

No significant difference from Aveeno offerings

Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a 5oz Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme and a 2oz Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Instant Therapy for review over the last month. Since the two products are very similar, I am writing this as a joint review.I am not an infant. I have been an ezcema patient for over thirty years and I have tried more cream than I can remember. I am familiar with the Eucerin brand, but I think these are their newer offerings since in the past Eucerin is more of a competition to Cerave. However, these two Eucerin offerings are in fact more of a direct competitor to Aveeno because their active ingredient is Colloidal Oatmeal 1%, which is a skin protectant that is also used in many Aveeno creams.Since they have the same active ingredient, there is really no significant difference in their performance in my experience with them over the last month. I don’t think there is any surprise here. The two Eucerin offerings have reasonable smell (in fact the body cream smells quite like Aveeno), which is important: there is no fragrance since fragrance can potentially cause unnecessary skin irritation. Honestly, if you are already seeking out for ezcema treatment, that is the last thing you want. :)The only difference between the two Eucerin offerings here is their thickness but NOT their concentration (both list the active ingredient at 1%). The body cream is thinner, while the “instant therapy” is thicker. In other words, the body cream creates a thinner moisture barrier, whereas the latter creates a thicker barrier. Personally I prefer the body cream since I don’t like thick creams, but it is true that the body cream wears off faster since it is thinner.As for the overall effect, well, I have to say that they are ok for everyday use. Honestly, I have already accepted my “fate” and I don’t expect there is any cure to my ezcema. In this regard, these Eucerin products do not disappoint. They are good at keeping the skin protected, but they do not stop the itch or helps with the condition in the long term.If I were in the market to look for moisturizers and if I want to use a colloidal oatmeal product, I would essentially price-compare between these and Aveeno and just buy the more affordable one. For what they are, I happily give them 5/5.

Beverley Abbott, TX

Great For Eczema-Whatever your age!

I love this cream! I have eczema, and I hate lots of the creams I have tried. Many are heavy and hard to rub into the skin totally, they tend to leave an oily layer on top, or a sticky one. I received this item to review from vine, hoping against hope that it would not leave a residue, either on the skin or the fingers used to apply it. Hurray! No nasty residue of any kind, and it works great. The price through amazon beats the local retail price by quite a bit. Will keep buying this, for sure.

Maxine Claflin, KS

Soothing, emollient relief

I have dry, scaly and itchy skin in the winter and find eczema moisturizing creams work the best to both fight the dryness and the itchiness. So I was very interested to try this out. It does a great job locking in the moisture and calming down the itchiness. I used it both on my body and as a hand cream. The only qualm I have about this is it is a little greasy/sticky. I have been using Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy for awhile and still prefer that as it seems to leave a slightly less greasy residue, yet still does a great job moisturizing the skin and calming itchiness. But the Eucerin product is a good one, especially if used right before bedtime at night.

Etta Severy, KS

For Babies, For Mommies, for Daddies, for Everyone!

My husband saw a dermatologist years ago and it was suggested that he use Aquaphor. I have tried it as well, but found it a bit too thick for anything more than a tiny area of skin. This product seemed to be "Aquaphor’s Baby", quite literally (they originate from the same company). It is marked on the tube as 4 out of 5 on a richness scale, and it is really quite perfect. Not too thick, but still a very smooth, long-lasting emollient feel.I will admit right now that we no longer have any babies in the house. The reason I was drawn to this formula was the simplicity of it since I have multiple allergies and my husband has very sensitive skin. The lack of needless additives (scent, etc) makes it a nice, simple choice.I not only use it on my dry skin patches, but on my legs after shaving. It goes on smooth and lasts many hours leaving only softness behind (no tacky, sticky or greasy residue).Love it.

Rosetta Combs, AR

Don’t let the word “baby” turn you away from this cream

I have eczema, and it’s especially nasty in the winter time. Scratchy and flaky, and lately my face has been more irritated than usual. I almost passed on trying this product as it said "baby" on the label, but I’m glad I went for it. The cream is nice and thick, but not greasy at all and it lasts longer than some other products I’ve tried. This is a product I will buy again, and I will look at other products in the Eucerin line. Does anyone know if there’s one specifically designed for adults? Pretty please?

Jodie Adel, IA

Not just for baby!

Took a chance on this and love it. Have very dry skin, don’t know if I would call it eczema or not. This creme soothed all the little bumps and flakes and seems to be in your skin the whole next day. Yes, it is thicker than alot of lotions and you have to rub it into your skin but it is easier to apply that the regular eucerin super thick stuff in a jar..which is an excellent product also! I just like this because it’s easier and I love, love the results!

Robert Dresden, ME

Nice improvement on the gold standard for eczema

We have a couple of people with eczema in our household. We agree with our physicians that Eucerin and similar products are the gold standard for effective control of eczema. This Baby version is a nice improvement:Likes:- Thinner than classic Eucerin (which is the thickest). Just a bit thinner, but it goes on easily, especially on very delicate skin.- Adds colloidal oatmeal (1%) to the standard formulation.- No added fragrance, but I smell a slight sweetness from the oats. I like it.- 5 oz size: big enough to last, but still portable.Dislikes?None. A good tweak on the standard thick eucerin.

Matilda South Sterling, PA

Gentle and light, but less effective than some others on the market

Everyone in our family has some type of dry skin or eczema problem, so I was excited to see this new cream from Eucerin.It’s definitely gentle and has a pleasant scent. It also feels light after application (at least compared to some similar creams). Ultimately, though, I found that this was less helpful for eczema than other creams I have used.In particular, I have had the most success withDML Forte with Panthenol Moisturizing Lotion 4 Ounces. The DML Forte cream is heavier (and goopier) feeling upon application but it is extremely effective in moisturizing skin. My pediatrician originally recommended it for our first child when she was a baby and had dermatitis, and I have found it to be very helpful as well. It is a bit more expensive than the Eucerin cream, but it is worth it.

Tommie Brighton, IL

Not just for babies

While I do use this on my granddaughters slight Eczema when she is here visiting, I mostly use this for my own. Unlike many other Eucerin products this cream is sheer and easy to apply. I don’t feel my fingers still sticky after washing my hands after application to the skin. That’s a good thing.Would I recommend this product – I would. Have actually purchased several tubes for my daughter, so that she will always have it available when needed.

Sheena Sibley, IA

Works Immediately

Eucerin is the ONLY cream that relieves my infant nephew’s extremely itchy dry skin due to Eczema. A calmer and happy infant keeps the entire family calm and happy.I’ve discovered that this body crème works well on adult skin as well. I’ve suffered from Eczema since infancy. During the winter, the Eczema seems to be worse. Luckily, my dermatologist recommended Eucerin and I’ve used this product (along with a prescription drug if necessary) for the past 20 years. Other than it being expensive, Eucerin products rule! It’s truly worth the money!

Joann Grafton, WI

5 Stars, but what makes it a “baby” formula

We have used the regular Eucerin Eczema cream for us and the baby with good results. We are comfortable with using that on our baby’s face and body with no concerns. So I see the "Baby" Eczema relief, I don’t see any difference in ingredients to make it a baby formula. We used this on our dry hands and feet and it works just as good on adults and babies.

Therese Idaho Falls, ID

Great for adults

I usually use Eucerin Original Healing Lotion for my dry skin. It works well and seems to keep my eczema at bay.I did not use this cream on a baby, just on myself. I’m not sure why this is being marketed for babies as this lotion works well for adults. It is fragrance, dye, and steroid free. It felt slightly greasy but it absorbed quickly and felt lighter in comparison to the Original Healing formula. And it helped to clear up my slight patches of eczema.Overall, seems like a great lotion if you’re looking for something to help with dry skin and eczema.

Nell Chandlerville, IL

Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream

Ok…I am not a baby. I LOVE THIS product and will be using it on a regular basis. Its what I call a "plain" or "simple" product, not a bunch of stuff added to it to make it pretty colored or pretty scented…its simple enough its made for babies,and to me that means its good for ME to use too. I have very sensitive skin and I have used this head to toe, my feet felt great after a couple of nights of using this, honestly I really am so pleased with this product…I am sure it works for babies and children too…just letting you know it works on "people of a certain age" too.

Antoinette Carrboro, NC

Works quite well.

My wife has been using various Eucerin products for years and recently I have joined her. As I have gotten older I have more and more of a problem with dry skin and mild eczema. This is sort of nasty stuff to treat even in its milder form. I must say that this Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Crème does all it says it will do.It is practically odorless which is a big plus as far as I am concerned and when applied it almost instantly soaks into the skin bring relief rather quickly. Unlike some other product; different brands, I have had no allergic reactions to this stuff.This cream is a bit more costly than some I have used but as far as I am concerned it is worth every penny.Don BlankenshipThe Ozarks

Sheri Sevierville, TN

Only OK

It does stick to the skin and is thick and creamy. I don’t like that it feels tacky for so long on the skin. It doesn’t have any real smell so that is good especially for skin that is sensitive to perfumes and scents. I tried this on myself and it didn’t really help my dry skin much, it seems to lay on top and doesn’t get fully absorbed. But it is gentle and it seems to provide a protective layer.

Brandie Twin Mountain, NH

I wish it came in a giant tub

I wrote an extensive review of the Eczema Relief Therapy Creme in the 2oz bottle and how well it worked for us. I’ve not noticed much of a difference between the Body Creme and the Therapy Creme, only that it comes in a larger size. The ingredients and instructions are the same, and the product inside looks, smells and feels the same. So I’ll attempt to summarize: our baby had very bad eczema and still suffers from flare ups. This was not a cure, but it moisturized him like nothing else we tried (and we tried a very long list of things: elimination diet, detergents elimination, natural moisturizers, botanicals, adult moisturizers, wet wraps, baking soda baths, oatmeal baths – if someone suggested it we gave it a shot.) It keeps him moisturized all day so we can slather him in it in the morning and his skin is soft until bath time when we slather him in it again. This didn’t sting him like some of the other creams we tried, and we noticed he was less fidgety after we put this on his itchy areas. Ultimately a prescription from the pediatric dermatologist was what we needed to get things totally under control, but now we can use this alone for maintenance with great success.As I mentioned in my other review, I’m pretty sure there is no difference between the baby version and the non-baby version of this lotion. Like the baby Aquaphor/adult Aquaphor bottles, it’s simply branded differently so it can be easier to find in the baby section of stores. The ingredients are identical and the description and active ingredients are identical. Both say they can be used on babies, children, and adults. My only complaint is that I wish this stuff came in a giant tub the way other Eucerin creams and Aquaphor creams do since I go through this stuff so quickly.

Cornelia Millbrook, AL

very effective

I’m using this on adult eczema, not baby eczema, but it it seems to be just as effective. It soothes the skin almost immediately, and it does not leave behind an oily residue.I have found that only a small amount spreads well over a fairly large patch of skin, so I will not go through the tube as quickly as I initially thought.

Jesse Wittensville, KY

Definitely effective

My husband and son have very dry skin and problem like eczema and psoriasis. I’ve been using Aveeno Eczema on my son since he was small to clear up his dry patches, and when I had the opportunity to try Eucerin via Amazon Vine, I was excited to try it out.I like it a lot. While the bottle says it’s unfragranced, it definitely still has a smell to it. It’s thick, but is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. There is no greasy feeling afterwards. It’s been very effective at healing my son’s patches, as well as a contact dermatitis issue I had crop up recently. I’m just as happy with it as I am with the Aveeno, and will definitely keep it on my shopping list.

Esther Bremo Bluff, VA

Works great, non-greasy, no scent

This lotion is a great product for that extra dry winter skin. Because I am sensitive to smells, I love that it is fragrance free. It is thick, but absorbs nicely. It does not leave your skin feeling greasy. The price is right too for such an excellent product. Highly recommend for extra dry skin/eczema, even for kids and adults.

Katy Claverack, NY

Yes, real relief!

I use this cream on some area’s of eczema and very dry scaly skin. This works wonderfully! No fragrances dye’s to cause any extra irritations. Stops the itching immediately and brings relief when I feel like without it I would itch it raw. It’s a true cream, I like how it goes on without that feeling of paste that some products have that are petroleum based. Great product!

Elisa Tye, TX

Good lotion, for babies, little kids, anyone with severely dried out skin

My kid has developed very dry, itchy skin this winter. He doesn’t really like having raw shea butter on him, so this lotion has really been wonderful– he can rub it in himself (raw shea butter is a bit difficult to work with even when warmed a bit), and it doesn’t have a scent that bothers him. This lotion also seems to promote quick healing– a real plus when the skin has been scratched raw. I’m very pleased with this cream– will purchase more!

Anastasia Poquoson, VA


This is a body creme with:Colloidal oatmeal – very finely ground oatmeal in a suspension. Known for its properties to sooth itching and irritation of the skin.Ceramide-3 – A lipid (fatty molecule) that is found in the skin. It can be topically replenished for those who have a deficit of it in their skin.Licochalcone – A calming liquorice root extract that helps dry skin.So this lotion has 3 ingredients which are very soothing to those with eczema or otherwise dry and irritated skin. It goes on quite thick and does not have much of a smell other than one which is associated with oatmeal. It’s quite soothing and not greasy. Highly recommend to those with dry and irritated skin.

Gwendolyn Clay Center, NE

Good relief for itchy skin, low scent. Babies? Not so sure.

This is a very nice cream for adults. It works on itchy, dry skin and gives relief. It’s not too greasy-feeling and has a very light scent that goes away quickly. BUT it is full of ingredients that need exploring before putting on your baby. My feeling is, if I can’t pronounce a word, and have never heard of it, I need to look it up and check on safety first.Good cream for adults. I like it very much. But I’m not sure I’d put it on baby without a lot of research.

Lelia Ione, WA

Very helpful for scaly patches

I’ve had eczema for years, and am constantly trying new things to try to clear it up. The thing I noticed right away when I used this was that is almost immediately soothed the scaly patches on the palm of my hand and the edges of my fingers, making it all but disappear. It is a very thick and rich, creamy lotion that nonetheless soaks into the skin nicely without leaving one’s hands feeling greasy or slimy. This is listed for use on babies, but adults with eczema should go ahead and give it a try; hopefully it’ll work for you as well.

Valeria De Kalb Junction, NY

Top notch product!

Eucerin products are amazing and this creme is no exception. This product is marketed towards babies but I actually use it on my own dry, cracked skin and it has been very effective. The creme is thick and rich, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t have an obnoxious fragrance. This is one of those products that is pricier than the competition but you are absolutely getting what you pay for here and this creme to me personally is worth every penny. I have no complaints about this product!

Tanisha Leavenworth, KS