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Etude house TOP 10 Tear Drop Liner #4 Sun Light by Etude House

Etude house TOP 10 Tear Drop Liner #4 Sun Light – Bronze eye tear drop liner makeup with pure sparkling pearl, bronze effective pearl and opal effects

Key features

  • Tear Drop Liner
  • Sun Light
  • Sparkling Pearl
  • Etude House

Honest reviews


Tricky but worth it

I thought it would be more like Benefit’s High Beam, but it’s a bit thicker with more glitter than irridescence. When applied to the lower lashline and inner corner of the eye, it creates a cute, brightening effect without the need to wear much other makeup. I wore it all day today and it didn’t flake or smudge. All in all, it’s a worthwhile product.

Eileen Buffalo Gap, SD

Love it!

gave it 5 stars because it’s not runny. You can apply multiple coats and it doesn’t look cakey or anything. Adds a very cute look to your eyes. No matter what your eye shape is, you’ll be pleased with how good this looks. Plus, the shipping was fast! I have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you !!

Michell Port Costa, CA

Beautiful Color

This is a very beautiful eye liner. You do have to play around with it, I don’t have a very steady hand, so it took some practicing. It delivers the color and gets the job done.

Rosanne Zion, IL

Very nice and sparkly!!

I can use this to line my eyes a million different ways and it looks great!It’s very sparkly, but not like those cheesy, chunky kinda sparkles that fall off and float around your eye all day.lolIt goes on really smoothly and when it dries, you’re left with like a highlight of white with sparkle…Really, it’s very flattering and illuminates the inner corner of the eye really well. I love to reapply it in the afternoon to get that wide-awake look, even though I’m ready to crash.lolI’ve never used a sparkly liner or anything sparkly that went on as smoothly as this does.If you’re looking to brighten up, this is perfect!

Candy Treloar, MO

Been Looking all Over for This!

I’ve been using white eye shadow before I knew this existed. This is WAY better than the eye shadow substitute. It glides on smoothly and has a subtle sparkle. It makes my eyes look bigger and compliments the whites of my eyes, making a deeper contrast between my pupils and therefore making my eyes “pop out”. I’m not a make up guru, eye liner is most I can do on my eyes but the addition of the white eye liner really makes my eyes prettier.Benefits:Bigger eye effectDeeper contrast with whites of eye and pupil (makes your eyes pop out)Wide awake lookCute/Innocent look

Essie Wahoo, NE


It’s a very pretty color (White Tear). However, in terms of wearing it daily, the sparkles and glitter in it make it very childish.

Claudia Cedarville, AR


It is an OK product that promises way more than actually delivers.The biggest issue for me is that after a couple of hours the liner just flakes off from my skin. My skin is normal to oily (combo)

Lynette Montclair, CA

Love how this makes my eyes look.

I love to line my eyes with this liner lol. ^_~They look sparkly and it’s just so lovely. ^_^

Suzanne Santa Fe, NM

Etude house TOP 10 Tear Drop Liner #4 Sun Light

Ive tried to like this product, I really did. It is hard for me to apply this, I dont have the best steady head, and you would have to appy enough pressure to get an even looking line.

Corinne Montevallo, AL